I need to get back, any ideas?

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I joined this forum in 2009, at the time I was hooked on Robert Monroe and I was reading about anything I could fin about OBE's; needles to say I had amazing experiences for the next few years but then life happened.  kids, and raising kids basically life changed and the experiences just faded away.  I've tried to get back in by meditating, or reading other books but I can't seem to be able to have any more experiences or to just be in a trance state.  I used to practice the Frank Kepple method of noticing and it worked for me several times but now that I try and I just fall asleep.  Any books or meditating methods anyone recommends to be able to get back in?

Thank you.


 You've taken your first step back in. Now you need to do some daily/nightly affirmations stating your desire. Say them as "already done" though. Ex: I am consciously aware in my sleep knowing I am sleeping. I learn from, remember and write down my experiences when I awaken for the day." Always see it as a command of sorts. This constant affirming your intent will be accepted sooner or later by your "higher self" once again.

You lost your "mojo" for this because like you said "life happened". It's never really lost though, just misplaced for a bit!  :-)

There is no harm in returning to what got you there in the first place. Sometimes a look at your past notes, a walk down memory lane, a bit of "rehashing", will prime that pump again. I would start with your posts here that made when you were first new on this Forum.

You may find out though that you have "outgrown" what got you there in the past. If this is the case, have a look at this SubForum. It's loaded with all kinds of useful tips and techniques.

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Yes, everything Lumaza just said. I would add also that you remember you can always ask for help. Whether you pray or meditate or prefer something more like a conversation doesn't matter. In your own way ask your guides/God/whatever to guide and help you.


William Buhlman's books and techniques were the kick starter for me.
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In addition to the good ideas already presented-

You may have had enough experiences that you are now at a significant crossroads, an inflection point, a decision point. It appears that many of the more experienced people here, and others I have met, and including myself...that we all eventually came to a point where our experiences slowed or came to an absolute halt.

The realization was the same for everyone, including me...that in order to move forward, a recognition was needed, and an expression of sincere commitment to my service to the Non-Physical Community and the effort to improve the overall condition of our human existence, our spiritual development. And in my own case, this involved a series of affirmations that offered my commitment, over nearly a year. I'm not sure when or where the acceptance was granted, but in retrospect, I think that it did actually occur. And my experiences began to progress once again.

So that may be something to consider.
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I'm in a pretty similar boat.  At the time I was doing this initially, I was slightly depressed and relatively young.  I got a bit overwhelmed and impatient that I wasn't really discovering anything (just more questions).  A family happened a while afterwards and I'm just getting back to doing this.  It's not as easy doing it as it was, but I think it'll be easier to get back to doing it consistently than it was back then.

I personally know what works for me, which is exiting while lucid dreaming, so I just started reading everything again starting from scratch.  At worst, it's a good refresher, but it should hopefully help.