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I discovered that humans can have OBEs about 2 months ago. From then, I am trying to have an OBE. I think I've tried everything. From listening to binaural beats to just relaxing with closed eyes and using methods such as the "rope method" e.t.c., but I can't do it.

In all of my efforts, I think that 5-6 times I felt vibrations to my body, but nothing more that this. Only one time, when I had lots of time to try, I laid down and tried, with binaural beats, to reach an OBE and from the fifth second of listening I felt a very big jerk of my left shoulder. I got afraid and stopped. I know that I had to continue, but it was late in the midnight and... I'm sure you know how I felt. :-D

Please, do you know any method that it may help me? Or any good binaural beat?

Thanks in advance.  :wink:

*Sorry for my english.  :-)


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Thank you rudolph! Ill give it a try!



Thanks for you reply Lionheart  :-)
I saw Bob's videos, but he is not saying anything else than what I already know. I am out of ideas. I don't know what else to try.  :-(


You make only active OBE-Attempts, but it doesnt work for you, so you should try to make an passive OBE-Attempt. Here the Basics for it:

Quote*Active components are actions which require action from the physical body. These are not so easy like the passive components. Active are
-breathing techniques are very active
-eye movement is medium active
-constant observing (feeling) of the physical body medium active
-emotions can cause medium till high active, this includes anticipation for the expected things, fears and similar emotional feelings.

**Passive components are actions, which does not require action from the physical body. They are much easier. Passive are:
-Thoughts are medium passive, the unconscious layer (second layer) of thoughts is extremely passive.
-Hearing is medium passive. But hearing of sudden and not constant sounds and noises is very acctive.
-the pure focus on supernatural abilities (without usint anything of the phsical body) is very passive
-hypnagogig images are very passive
-visualisations and imaginations are also very passive

The OBE atempt can have two main courses. The active course and the passive course. Both are completely different. The active course leads to vibrations, while the passive course leads to sleep paralysis. Try it out!

But note: Too active courses leads to beeing awake, while too passive courses leads to fast falling asleep. But this affects only experienced users, because it needs practice too make the activity or passivity perfect.


Thank you very much for your response proyect_outzone.

Passive methods are like when you sleep to get on lucid dream e.t.c.? I couldn't undestand very much what you mean with your message. Could you, please, be more descriptive?

Thanks in advance.


The diffrence between them is, if you use only passive components, you will have an completely other course before your Exit phase, than when you use active components.

In the applying of out of body experience methods it comes to varying results. Much importance in these processes has, in addition to the choice of the basic method, particulary every little thing, that one does during the method. Does one look around or pays attention to breathing or feels the own body constantly to monitor the smallest changes. Each of these seemingly insignificant actions can have serious effects on the course of the attempt.

Active and passive components can be used to control the process of relaxation and falling asleep. Intentional use of them has much, much bigger impact, than many methods.


And where can I find information to have a passive OBE-attempt?

Thanks again in advance!  :-)


You need just to make during the attemt none of the above mentioned active components or as less active components as possible. You should make only passive components.

Example: A person made till now a breathing technique. He heared to the noises of the surrounding. This person likes it to look around for every change (with closed eyes).

I sayd above:
Quote-breathing techniques are very active
-eye movement is medium active
-Hearing is medium passive. But hearing of sudden and not constant sounds and noises is very acctive.

The person must replace the breathing technique with something other. And the person should think about to stop the physical eye movements. But the hearing of noises is already passive.


That sounds easy but... is it effective?

I'll give it a try in the night. Thank you very much!  :-D


It is more effective than the choice of methods, because you take more direct influence.


 Georgep, did you just hear about this or did you have an experience related to this? This does make a difference that's why I am asking.


Quote from: Lionheart on January 26, 2012, 19:42:10
Georgep, did you just hear about this or did you have an experience related to this? This does make a difference that's why I am asking.

You mean about astral project? I heard about it. I didn't have any experience ever.


Hi George,
Perhaps you are already on the right track with looking at what you've already experienced with vibrations and perhaps your shoulder jerking(inner sensation or actual physical shoulder moving?).
I think don't give up.  
Keep listening to the binaural beats and do whatever technique you are using and just completely relax into any sensations you are experiencing(lose all your worries but don't go to sleep).  If you feel something, try to keep being as a passive observer and don't feel fear or over-excitement.
If you get these sensations you are talking about and relax into them you will find that the sensations will become even more pronounced.  A vibration can lead to a loud roaring/buzzing noise(etc) and your inner body or whatever you want to call it, will suddenly start to rise or shoot off some where.  That's what usually happens with me anyway.
With the sensations that a person gets before AP or during, there's nothing at all to be frightened of.


Thanks for your response shivers  :-)
I am going right now to have another try, with binaural beats. Do you know any good beat that it is more effective than others that we can find on the web?

Quote from: Shivers on January 27, 2012, 08:23:00
your shoulder jerking(inner sensation or actual physical shoulder moving?).
I am not sure if it was an inner sensation or an actual physical move, but it was a very powerful jerk(!), and I got it from the fifth second of listening to the beat!


Another try, another fail  :-(
I tried to AP and then I... fell asleep  :-P

Also, I want to tell you another event that I had. I was on my bed, lying face down. I was telling myself "Now you will have an AP" again and again, with taking deep breaths... Then, suddenly my heart was beating at I think 150BPM  :-D, but as you already understood, I've been scared from this and stopped.   :-D


QuoteThen, suddenly my heart was beating at I think 150BPM  grin, but as you already understood, I've been scared from this and stopped.   

You had an rare kind of Vibration state. This kind is, of course, really scaring.


Hi George,
Uhhh, I've never used binaural beats to have an Ap :oops: Only because I've never heard of them until joining this forum just recently.
It seems that many people here tend to use the beats to help them and I've given it a try recently as well but that was not successful for me.  Seem to be getting into what's called f2(I think) and getting visual bits and pieces but haven't got any further(yet anyway :-D)

You know, I think in general people may try to have an Obe while retiring for the night or during relaxation.  If it's successful for them I think that's fantastic.  But if I try it, I only end up falling asleep too and for the whole night.

My Ap's usually happen while taking a day-time nap and then it's by accident.  Usually if I have a nap, it's because I'm bored and a little physically tired.  Halfway through the nap, I wake up yet my body is still asleep and then the signs of an Obe start happening(vibrations, visual signs, buzzing/roaring noise).

So in the end, it is worth experimenting with trying to Ap either at night, during a nap or during relaxation-you have to go with what works for you and everyone's different.  The first step I feel is to gain awareness while asleep if that's something you would try.  Or you could also try what's called "phasing", some people seem to have success with this and it's something that I'm currently trying.
http://www.astralpulse.com/frankkepple.html  Please read the section "B) What is 'Phasing', and how can I do it?"
There is alot of easy to understand information.

Lastly- I think the main point Frank Kepple may be trying to put across is to get away from constantly saying/thinking to yourself during an attempt that "Now you will have an Ap" and instead try to notice what is actually happening while your eyes are closed.  What do you see?   What do you hear?  


 That's called "noticing" Shivers and it works really well. One thing I can say to George is to try projecting from a comfortable chair or some other area than the bed. All your life you train yourself that your bed is for sleeping in. That's why it is so easy to doze off while attempting an OBE. I just posted this on another thread here and I think this will help you as well.
"Hello, it looks like you are showing progress here. But, to truly be successful with anything in life you have to go through a learning curve. This involves showing a level of commitment to your desired task. Many of your questions can be answered by the PDF's and Primers that some of the participants here put a lot of time and effort into so you could have success just like them. The key here is you need to search these for your answers. I started Phasing last year in March and still everyday read PDF's, books and watch videos on Astral Travel. There is a wealth of information to be found on this subject here, on You Tube and even with a simple Google search. Do the work and you will reap the rewards.
Good Luck and Safe Travels" 


I failed and failed and failed, and then the day I succeeded I wrote this:


...with the hopes of helping people who may have been in the same situation I was.  :wink:

I also constructed a framework for phasing:


These two tools should be enough to help you identify with what you might be going wrong. I fear it is something super-basic, like making sure you have a mature F10 state.

Good Luck



i think that I am one step closer!  :-D
Ten minutes ago, I was trying to have an obe on my bed. I tried the "passive" way. I was laying and I was seeing the darkness off my eyes. Then, suddenly big circles started to come in front of my eyes and I was trying to follow them. As I was following them, I felt my eyelids blinking and then, I suddenly could see outside my eyes. I was seeing my ceiling and my lamp that it is on it. I am not sure if my eyes were open and that made me could see, but I think that they were closed. I tried to continue, but I couldn't 'cause some thoughts came on my mind and I couldn't be concentrated at it anymore.

Sorry for my english, but I'm so excited for, I think, being closer that I can't write better now  :-D

Do you think that I was able to see without my eyes or the "blinking" made me see?


QuoteDo you think that I was able to see without my eyes or the "blinking" made me see?

Both is possible. I got the problem, that my eyes opens a bit if i observe during deep relaxation too focused.

But i know also experiences, where i saw my room with closed eyes (It looked often diffrent and not only my room was visible). 


Thanks for your reply proyect.

I want to ask something more. While I was trying to have an OBE, simultaneously, when my eyes started to blink, my heart started to beat faster e.t.c. But then, I couldn't know what to do. I think that that is the matter that various thoughts came on my mind, 'cause I was trying to find a way to "get out of my body". I remember that I tried the Rope Method, but it didn't work. Then I lost the symptoms (fast heart beating, vibrations e.t.c.). What do you think that I have to do if I reach this state again?

Thanks in advance.  :-)


QuoteWhat do you think that I have to do if I reach this state again?

Train to imagine different kinds of movements now, while you are awake. Some of them are easy for you, others are hard to imagine. Try the most easy movement during relaxation instead of the rope.

The other thing is, that you tried it too early. It will not be succesful while you still feel some thing from your physical body. This includes the heartbeat. Its part of the vibration state, but the most vibration states occurs much too early.

Practice in the next week the perfection of the passive component. Try during it to focus on hypnagogics instead of the physical view.

If your relaxation process needs too much time, try to count with this method (phase 2 or 3) till 40 before you begin with the other methods. http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/welcome_to_astral_consciousness/a_new_and_interesting_relaxation_method-t36154.0.html