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Is Frank Kepple right in saying we are all gods.

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Frank writes:

"At some point we got together, from a Focus 4 perspective, and decided to create [focus 1] a common pool of subjective energy that would manifest itself objectively in the form that we recognise as the physical universe"

Doe anyone here agree with him?


Well, I don't know about the specifics of HOW it all happened... but yes, my view is that each of us is a bit of the consciousness called an "awareness".  That awareness is derived from consciousness as a whole, so that is how we are all connected.  We are all aspects of the same consciousness interacting with each other creating this reality as we all experience it.

Essentially, for lack of a better term, yeah, we can be considered "gods".  You only have to look as far as our ability to create life here to know for a fact that we are gods.