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Is this right?

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I have the same problem. Whenever I get those sensations, my mind isnt able to just stay calm and "go with it". So I would have to agree that that's a major problem and I would hope someone has a good technique to keep the mind calm and almost ignore the sensations and just go with it.


I'd say don't use a technique as the challenge is not to do somethig but not to do.
A good concentration helps and practise. Each time it gets easier than before to remain detached.

2cents & L&L


just keep working at it and eventually you will manage it.



I was trying to have an OOBE last night, and I think I figured out why i keep failing and failing.

Usually, when I try to have an OOBE, I get rocking sensations but my mind always tries to 'look' for my body. In other words, my mind gets confused and tries to see whats going on.
  I think the problem with most beginning projectors is what i described above. If I force myself to go WITH the rocking sensations, will I have a bettter chance of getting out of my body?