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lucid dream/ap with goggles commercially now.

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I'm not at all familiar with this technique. What little I know is I think this place  studies the differences between regular dreams and lucid dreams.
Have you tried this link?


i have heard of the dream goggles several times. it seems that they do work for heavy sleepers although i have heard light sleepers are woken up by the flashing lights.



I think the product could work. For many years I used the technique of waking up within a dream so I can definitely say doing this is a route to achieving Astral Projection. But I've no experience of this specific product. Another thing I can say for sure is, waking up within a dream becomes quite a habit. So if the product did work then the more you used it the less you'd need it. Which I always feel is a good thing with any kind of "prop".



I have the nova dreamer which you're referring to. I have had it for about 2 years now and every once in a while after the initial push I've tried wearing it, however, I find it difficult to sleep with, and maintain throughout the night. However, for someone who falls asleep easily I think it is a wonderful tool.
Its a bit pricy though, (I paid around $225) a couple years back, and have definetely gotten more from the monroe CD's than the novadreamer.
Take Care,


do you think it was worth the money wonderboy?

i have heard some good things about goggles



You know its funny, I'm sure there are people out there that they would be much more suited for than myself. However, I do feel that they were worth the money particularly if you sleep well. Its funny, this discussion on them is making me want to put them on tonight, perhaps I will.

take care,


Hello Weagle,

I have had some experiences with the Nova Dreamer you refer to,and have the following to pass onto forum users who may be interested.

The Primary aim of the Nova dreamer is to trigger Lucid Dreams.It does this by the use of sensors that are able to Detect REM,which in turn causes 2 small Red LED's to flash in front of your closed eyes.

Now when this occurs,the flashing lights become part of your normal dream.It is by training yourself to recognise these signs,that one becomes aware you are dreaming ,which in turn triggers Lucid Dreams- which have to be experienced to be believed.They are amazing.

Prior to buying the Nova dreamer I had an average 'dreaming' night and had not ever experienced any Lucid dreams.It was an expensive purchase and at the time I was not sure if it was a justifiable one!
It was interesting trying to tell my wife.

However I did,and am glad as a result.

The mask comes complete with a course(book) and intensive instructions for preparing to LD.

It is important to realise that LD's did not come to me without a lot of preparation and hard work!It is not just a matter of putting on the mask and suddenly you can LD!-Well not for me anyway.

One of the first steps is to start recording your dreams EVERY night.Even if it is just a snippet here and there.When you can recall 10 a night,you are doing well.

The first night I wore the mask,(My wife thought I was hilarious),I can tell you I was very nervous,and slept very lightly.It was very difficult to sleep because of the expectation....

What happens is quite clever in the way that your subconcious mind tries to communicate with you,through dreaming.

As the red LED's start to flash,they are strangely incorporated to part of your dream world - you may have had the experience of a phone ringing/door banging that has found its way into your dream.This is the same thing.

Now as the mask is causing a bright light to flash behind your dreaming eyes,the sort of images that appear in your dreams tend to be lights/things flashing-the following are excerpts from my dream diary for the 4th night of wearing the mask....

I am at a friends house,and playing with a video game,lots of electronic lights.We drive in a car and I notice that the sky seems to be flashing red

In this dream! I was getting the signals but unfortunately the penny did not drop,and I did not realise I was dreaming and then become Lucid.

My first Lucid Dream occured 6 nights after wearing the mask,and only lasted for a few seconds.What is it like?

The best way to describe it,is for you to say to yourself right now,as you are reading this,

"I am now dreaming".

Look around your room.Your thoughts are clear,you are fully concious, and aware of all sounds/smells and feelings.You are truly alive.You can think clearly,and see very well.
In a lucid dream this seems magnified even further,and normally I get so excited it tends to wake me up for real.As I have said,to experience it,is to appreciate it.

It can make for some pretty interesting and unusual dreams though.

On more than one occasion I have called over people in my dream and have quite intense discussions with them over the fact that we were actually all in a dream,and they did not believe it!!

Its really odd.

I have also had a couple of incidents of false awakenings which was very disconcerting,and a direct result of experimenting with the Nova dreamer.

In all I used the ND for about 6 months and had about 20 Lucid Dreams.After that,I guess the novelty wore off,which meant I then had to work even harder to motivate myself!-It did get to the point where I was LD even without the mask-Say average of 1 per week.

The disadvantages were that
1.It can get very hot wearing the mask at night-I believed there was a design issue here in that the foam of the mask could absorb your perspiration and become damp,affecting the electronics behind.I dont know if this has now been addressed.I replaced one ND because of this.

2.Its blinkin' hard work to achieve! but well well worth it-your life will definately be enriched because of.

3.After 2 or 3 intense LD,I didnt feel rested the following day.

Finally the question of whether the ND can be used to experience an OBE.

I think yes.

On the several occasions I was lucid,and remembered to try , I would get really scared and wake up.I intend to try using the ND again soon to see.I have had 1 OBE,which was in no way related to the use of the ND.

I hope this has been of help.I would be interested to hear if anyone has used the device to trigger an OBE.

Kindest regards,



Originally posted by Mclocks

It is important to realise that LD's did not come to me without a lot of preparation and hard work!It is not just a matter of putting on the mask and suddenly you can LD!-Well not for me anyway.

Hmm it seems to me that the effort you put into learning to recognize the red light dreamsigns could be used to recognize regular dreamsigns and save $250 |)


I saw a psychology program awhile back on dreaming they showed at one university they made a person wear goggles and they knew when they were in REM sleep and then cued the person with flashing light and the person was aware after they were dreaming and was able to control the dream.  I now see a website that is now offering goggles called dreamlight the article is here at and induced 33 times over 58 nights and even improved the days a person was not using the goggles at all.  Just curious anyone has done this experimenting before?