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i just finished reading some comments about dreaming, they believe most dreams take place in the astral realm, is this true?

last night i had by far the most exciting dream, i regret not writing it down,

i was in a hall throwing chairs at people i dont like, then aliens invaded, i went into a little room and there were a couple of people, one a brown haired girl i showed her the invading aliens, then i was in a room with about 30 humans, a room next door had weapons in it, the door to it started closing i tried to dive through but didnt so i pressed a button on the wall and let everyone threw, we kicked the aliens buts with the weapons ( green rods ). everyone cheered and done a victory dance.

if my dream was in the astral what are the aliens and whos the girl,

i dream of her sometimes, she allways feels special like shes my other half.
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There is a flaw in the way dimensions are perceived... Mystic projectors completely forego focuses of consciousness, while adepts of phasing don't seem to put any importance in dimensional locations.

The lucid dream pseudo-science believes that everything is physical, so it doesn't really fit into the puzzle either.

It would be great if we had a kind of super-model that everyone agrees to... I've started writing it all down, but I lack the experience to validate anything. Oh well.

In my mind, dreams occur in the etheric body, but at a low focus of consciousness (i.e. only the subjective is experienced).
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