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It's been several years since I last took a ride on a magic carpet. Around 3 am I woke up with the sensation of lifting up as I was in a laying position. My eyes still felt closed with no sight, as my awareness was coming clear. I said "up, up through the roof" Then my sight appeared, I saw blue clouds and I saw myself laying on a magic carpet. I got so excited, I sat on my knees, grabbed the front end of the carper and started signing "A whole new world" song from Aladdin. It was sooooo cool! Then the carpet took me into a magical world of vibrant colors. I thought that this environment was not Earth like. The nature looked different, there were bonsai like trees with very beautiful crowns and vibrant blooms all over of different colors. The followers also looked different, like they were alive. I touched them and they had a feel of a fluffy marshmallow, but they were all kinds of colors and shapes. I felt like the nature was connecting with me telepathically. There was a sense of incredible peace and tranquility.


How beautiful. This is one of the most inspirational experiences I've read for a long time Lightbeam.
I was thinking it was just about impossible to experience something as magical just now. My connection just seems to have had the plug pulled out. Can I ask, what frame of mind you were in when you went to sleep and did you send any thoughts out before falling asleep?


hi Athensis, I'm glad you find my experience inspirational!
Every night when I go to bed, I have developed the habit of saying "Good morning, multiverse! Show me your wonders". And I imagine the infinite beautiful worlds that exist just outside of our physical observational spectrum.
Then if I am too tired and know that I will pass out very quickly, I just start imagining swaying from side to side. The inner motion sensation triggers somehow awareness awakening sometime during deep sleep in the night. If I am not too tired, I imagine that I am someplace else (your choice), imagine walking, looking at objects, touching them, etc. That also triggers sleep paralysis/vibrations, or at times just astral awakening during the night. If you are just starting with this technique, you have to allow 3 to 4 weeks for your energies to adjust and the awakening to start triggering. But you have to do it every night.

By the way, right before you fall asleep, and immediately after you wake up you are in a theta state. This is very suggestable state and I typically take advantage to sow seeds of intent during that short window. You can use it for healing, releasing fears, attracting things you want in your life, etc. Ask that your higher self to show you what lessons are you learning if you are in the midst of a challenging life situation.  Ask these challenges to surface in your dream state and be dealt with in the dream state. Ask to let go of everything that is pulling you into a low vibratory state of mind. You may find that your dreams may be unpleasant when you make these requests but you are facing your fears and resolving issues, or you are seeing the energy barriers behind certain negative situations, which may look scary. But when you understand them, typically the issues resolve. I find this method very effective. In the past three months I have used it and I feel so light afterwards, like huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders that I did not even know existed. I didn't know how did it feel to be so light hearted. I also view the world as a game. I don't take things too seriously anymore and I select what to focus on depending what do I want my world to be. Even down to what do I watch on TV as entertainment, what food do I put in my body. It all makes such a difference to attract what we focus on. And at the end it all circles back to affect our non-physical life as well and our perception of existence.