"mark" of the third eye?

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well i don't have on in the third eye position, but i have a mole on my chin, just off to the left side by about an inch from the middle. not too big either.

but i also have tons of other marks around my body, but i'm pretty sure they are just dead cancer cell-clumps or something (i'm very healthy :) ). but i guess they could be birth marks(?), except they are all in the shape of just a small dot and i've got SOOOO many of them.


What Tha Phak

I don't know if marks or moles and birth marks have anything to do with what your talking about, but there is one thing i have always wondered.  You know people like Charles Manson and devil worshipers and stuff?  Well it's weird to see most usually an X carved into their forehead during like a ritual or something, right in the middle of the brow (the third eye).  Does anyone know what that means or signyfies?


I've got a dent/scare in the middle of my forehead.  I also have what used to be a small hole on my chest about 2 inches down from the soft spot of the neck.

I am an empath and have had moments of what I beleive was clarivoyance.


i was doing the NEW full body circuit for quite a while the other night, and when i woke up the next morning i had a small pimple exactly in my third eye, and i rarely get pimples.


I have a spot on my forehead in the third eye position a few months ago...
it faded but there is still a mark if you look closely

Although, it doesn't really interest me as to what it is :)


When i was about 4 I fell off a tricycle and it left a dent in the middle of my forehead, maybe about a half inch higher than i think the third eye should be.
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I don't mean to rouse any flashbacks to the days of witch trials where people were inspected for the "devils mark," however...

I watched a television special about a pretty black girl who was a talented clarvoyant, and she had an odd birthmark mid forehead, it was a white spot. Right where the third eye would be.

It was pointed out that I also am a "seer" and have a small raised mole on my forehead mid-brow, in the "third eye" position.

This could all be coinsidental sillyness- but I've read some things on moles/birthmarks and spirit attachments etc, just enough to entertain the possability that there could be something to it.  

Anyone else have an interesting looking birthmark in the "third eye" position?