Merry Christmas Everyone!!! (Funny Version)

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I wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year here. It's been an amazing 2022 year here at the astral pulse. Much love, energy, and reiki from everyone. I hope all your dreams have come true in the astral plane and beyond. Shout out to my boy Xanth for holding this joint down. Love the new layout here. Really digging the plain retro vibe look.

Santa Clause said he'll be out of town after Christmas visiting the astral machine elves in DMT hyperspace. Apparently they've been really busy ever since Joe Rogan mentioned them on his podcast.

Shoutout to my guy the Buddha, I saw him about a month ago on his cell phone 3 dimensions away from nirvana ordering a pizza for him and his followers. He said he wanted one with everything.

Wanna give another shout out to my man, Jesus Christ. I ran across him in the astral plane, Upper realm,  somewhere between Bob Monroes and Frank Kepples inner dimensions. I saw him fishing. I told him he should use better bait from Bass Pro Shops instead (I use to work there). He said he hopes Russia and Ukraine doesn't get out if control otherwise he'll have to return and rapture a bunch of Christians kick Satan's butt and then rein and rule the earth with an Iron Septor for 1000 years.

Ok all jokes aside. Hope you all had a great Christmas!! Happy Travels!!


LOL, thanks for the chuckle. Merry Christmas
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


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