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My greatest difficulty in having an OBE is getting the pre-projection signs/ getting into a trance. I have absolutely no fear or worries about having an OBE. I also believe in them 100%. I've been trying everyday. The only chances I've had of having an OBE have been once in a lucid dream, and 2 times in the morning where I didn't even try to induce an OBE. I just immediately got projection signs. In those 3 "Almost OBEs" i haven't felt vibrations. I think im the type of person that doesn't get vibrations.

Everytime I attempt a projection at night my body gets super relaxed. My whole body becomes heavy and numb. I just lay down in my bed for like 30min-1 hour and nothing happens, no pre-projection signs. All I do is get relaxed and heavy. I also keep saying "I will have an OBE" and "God please help me have an OBE" and "Please help me induce an OBE, guardian angels." I also visualize sometimes getting out of my body, but NOTHING. Do I have to clear my mind of all thoughts to get the pre-projection signs? Because nothing happens and this has been my biggest problem of having an OBE. Since im on break i've been doing nothing but researching about OBEs. I am reading
Our Ultimate Reality, Astral Dynamics, and the Robert Peterson book. I also write my dreams sometimes when I can remember them. Still no OBEs.. I'm still gonna keep trying until I have an OBE and hopefully it will be a pleasent one because after researching for 4 months on the subject, I think I am definetly prepared.


Well I can say that your focused, which is great. I dont get vibrations either. You should try practicing in the morning instead of at night (after your body is rested). Ive never been able to project at night but that is me. I have tried and I have felt a complete dis attachment to all my physical limbs and the only thing I really felt was my mind but I could not separate. I also tried different binaural CD's but no luck with those. Have you tried drawing images in the blackness of your eyes when you feel your body is really heavy? Even if you catch a glimpse of a light or anything--if you learn how to focus on it you could be getting somewhere.

Keep trying youll get there :) This below post is not to brag but to keep encouraging you to try =)


12/17/2008 – *Recording experiences underneath my bed*. I lost the recorder and was forced to wake up. Between hours of 10am and 10:46am I had multiple OBE's without intention on leaving my body. Later in the experience I was sitting near my bed during the experience in my other body. There were many long periods of dis-attachment from my body where I simply just sat inside my room on the floor near my bed. During this time I felt a connection to my physical heartbeat and I was trying to maintain a normal breathing pattern. There was a light on in my room and I saw a shadow against the floor. For some reason I had 6 legs (like some chinese/bhuddist statues).   It was very strange and at this point I had the clarity of an OBE but I was consciously wondering if I was having a lucid dream invade the experience. The most vivid point of the experience was when I exited my body. I took my astral hand and grabbed the side of my bed to pull the rest of my astral body out of my physical body (my hand had a bluish/clear haze to it). I could actually see my real physical hand while I was pulling myself out of my body. I stood up and walked over to the door. Everything was in monochrome color. No forced commands helped the experience. I went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door and that is when things came into color. First thing I noticed was the color of the ginger ale bottle. I decided to go to the table and try to read mail. Once again I saw tons of symbols on everything that littered the table. I always try to read stuff on my side of the table because its always very cluttered. I was frustrated and gave up trying to read again (I KEEP TRYING THOUGH). At this point I went back into my room and sat on my floor (which is what i referenced earlier). It is as if I am not supposed to read things. This experience was very vivid and reminds me of the one a few months ago where everything was in a bluish haze but there was something in front of my vision. For some reason I felt it was unsafe to go outside today. This experience happened because of 3 days of sleep deprivation during finals week. After the experience and my initial recording I tried to go back to sleep like normal. I noticed that I was also lying on my side and was trying to fall back asleep. I noticed a presence come in my room and I believed it was male. He put his hand on my forehead and he gave off a feeling that everything was alright and I could go to sleep then. I felt reassured and felt this really warm sensation. I thought it was my mother at first because of the oscillating warmth. I do think it was a higher power then my mother. I did actually fall back asleep then. I woke up and asked my mother what she was doing around 10:30am and I found out my mother was praying for me intensively around the same time I felt
I wandered slowly there
I saw a field where a thousand corpses lie
Angels sang the hymn of the end
About monsters which they fought
Over our world


I agree with KaOs. Morning is best, or set an alarm to wake you after 4 or 5 hours sleep.
If you attempt OBE when going to bed at night you're much less likely to succeed, because your mind wants to enter a deep sleep phase. Once you have got most of your deep sleep out of the way, REM sleep becomes much more dominant and this is the perfect time to project. I prefer the alarm method, because if you wake after a few hours you're still tired enough to relax back into sleep. Then just hold onto your awareness as your body goes back to sleep.
As for the vibrations, some people never get them. I used to get them very powerfully when I was first learning, but now they're much weaker. I think this is because your astral body naturally loosens when you've been projecting for a while. It may just be that you have a naturally loose astral body, which will probably make it easier for you to project.

Good luck.


Yea every night I set my alarm clock in the morning after 4 or 5 hours of sleep. What happens is I wake up, I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep because im so sleepy lol. I just get lazy to wake up. Like 3 days ago I woke up at 4:00 AM naturally and thats when I almost had an OBE twice. I gotta wake up when my alarm clock goes off and not go back to sleep.


Today I slept for 6 hours and let my alarm clock wake me up. I went to the bathroom then I went back to bed and tried to induce an OBE but I just fell asleep.