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Hi Everyone!

Coming into the close of the year 2019, I am receiving much in the way of guidance toward the idea of writing a book.

I truly did not think I would ever write, I tend to be more a speaker than writer but the energy does certainly have me moving in this direction. In preparation for the drafting of an outline for a potential book, this past month I have been busy compiling a decades worth of "consciousness" data into PDF books. Some specifically for patrons and more that are for everyone who might enjoy the content, find it useful and/or inspiring.

This PDF is for everyone. It is just 70 pages and includes video log links that accompany many of the written logs. It is a fairly comprehensive view of my process and how it patterned out. Beginning with the guides, helpers ( and even parallel reality husbands ) who came to assist me. Working through the fight-flight mechanism, the sex center, and beyond - ultimately culminating in full conscious experience in galactic space. In conscious contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Most Memorable OBEs ( 2009 -2019 ) 🕊

Please enjoy!



Finally got your PDF to load Casey. Interesting reading and so far can share 2 instances with you though I'm not ready to discuss that yet. And I've only read to page 12! Making notes to help my shallow memory, lol. Thank you for putting that up for us. To anyone else who is wondering if they want to check this out I say she (Casey) has simply chronicled her journey and you never know what will resonate with you.
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Thanks for peeking in there and for the post, Nameless.. I appreciate your words and your feedback.

Yes I've just hand plucked a small collection of my OBEs, from the very first few to some of the last to hopefully help show a process of integration. Nothing fancy in the writing, just the logs--compiled. I am also, for myself collecting these materials to begin the process of outlining a book. Which is the most recent guidance I am receiving. It is not something I ever saw myself doing but here we are! I have another PDF coming out this week, with logs from a consciousness experiment I began in June - called : 365 Days of Dreams.

Just fascinating what we can learn of ourselves, and of reality seeing ourselves through large patterns such as these.

Endlessly fascinating.


It is the year to invest more , Writting a book  :-o wow! make it audio also  :roll:


That would be nice, right?! lol Goodness I am busy enough just collecting the material from the past decade ( 2009-2019 ) I will outline it from.

I just put out part one of another PDF today, called 365 Days of Dreams.

The collection of material is from a consciousness experiment participated in by members of our forum/message board. It is proposed that together we begin logging our dreams daily. The Idea is to create an impetus toward bringing forward with us as we wake into our daily state of awareness at least one dream, or dream fragment, or feeling. To 1 ) work the muscle required for recall and 2 ) observe any significant crossover in our concepts and experiencing. I myself am looking, perhaps more specifically for potential crossover as *evidence we may, as a direct result of our grouping be synchronizing in such a way as there is observance of our collective activity from within as a One-Consciousness; where-in our persons are entering the fields of each other. During the course of this experiment I am finding clear evidence of this occurring within my own observation point with multiple of the experiment participants.

I am putting out part 1 of the PDF now ( the first 6 months ) to perhaps help encourage more of us into the consciousness experiment.

What is possible for us to learn is endless. Anyone can join in. Maybe the members of this board could begin something similar.

Right here. ♥︎


Whoa! U surely put much work into that and I will check it out. I am curious if you have ever encountered any black robed/hooded beings in the ob and/or physical state? Thanks!


Hi Windwalker.. Yes I have. I can't say it happens alot, but, yes, I have also caught them observing my dreaming state. Such as here :

August 6, 2019

This is interesting.

On three occasions as I am passing through beta, between 2-7am, although my dreaming is elusive to me what I am able to see is a cloaked figure standing off to the left side of my vision field. The first two times I see him he is standing in right profile. I can see him fully from head to toe. I am even seeing the environment although it is not formed. He is wearing a dusty black hooded cloak and stands what appears approximately 6 feet tall. The third time he is here he is facing me head on.

This being is not local. I have never seen him before in any of my experiences. The coloration of his skin is something along the line of a deep olive green which leans more toward the green than the yellow. He is humanOID enough just not Earth human. Deep crevices line his face. Nothing else stands out. The face and eyes are perhaps a bit wide, the eyes are brown I think. flat, wide nose. thin, wide lips that sweep briefly up at the sides to form a pleasant shape. this is not a smile but a natural shape of the lips. this shape is important, it resembles a bow arc. Question : Are you here to help? ....Answer : Yes.

What about you?, have you experience with this idea?

Why do you ask?