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The following is a short list of common OBE acronyms I got from http://www.spiritonline.com/files/messages/15/330.html?965109381
Please add to this and maybe it can eventually become an official document/article here on the astral pulse!?

Spirit Online: Astral Travel & OBE: Common OBE Abbreviations

By Alfred Ballabene
Mirrored from Ballabene's OBE and Astral Pages

AAE: Alien Abduction Experience

AP: Astral Projection

ASP: Awareness during Sleep Paralysis

DILD: Dream Initiated Lucid Dream

IBE: In the Body Experience

ISP: Isolated Sleep Paralysis (not in conjunction with other symptoms of narcolepsy)

LD: Lucid Dream

NDE: Near Death Experience

NREM: no-REM (long wave sleep)

OBE, OOBE: Out of Body Experience

OHA: Old Hag Attack

PC: Projection of Consciousness

PK: Psychokinesis

REM: Rapid Eye Moving sleep

RV: Remote Viewing

SWS: Slow Wave Sleep (n-REM)

TK: Telekinesis

WILD: Wake Initiated Lucid Dream

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