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I was wondering what you guys do after you get out of body from the SP state and are still remotely close to your body?  Or not.  Last night I had a awesome OBE where after I floated out of my body the first thing I said over and over was clarity now.  I did this quite a few times and it was a crystal clear experience for me.  It seemed when I knew what to say without thought it worked instantly.  Do most of you just "THINK" of a intention?  Do you try to stabilize it by repeating something?  What exactly do YOU do?  Do you have a routine you go through as soon as you realize you are in a OBE or AP?  

Another thing is that most of my AP's or OBEs are pretty much on an auto pilot.  Usually I am automatically kind of floating somewhere or another.  Last night it seemed like when I was floating on auto pilot and taking in what I was seeing my vision literally seemed centered and I was 100% focused.  At any point I tried to think it almost felt like my vision was being "pulled to the side" as if I were losing grasp or the center of the experience.  Is this typical?  What are your experiences with this if you can relate?  Eventually after you LEARN how to maneuver and conduct yourself in an OBE, do you have a little more freedom without ruining the experience?

Thanks!   :-D


These early experiences offer opportunities to strengthen our awareness, consolidate our thinking and learn many new ways to operate within this new environment. For me, it was much like learning to scuba dive: a different environment where practically every sense and understanding was challenged to learn, adapt and conform.

Like you say, it is like auto-pilot...with regard to your thinking and rationalizing abilities. These need to develop and will, over time; it leads to an understanding and development of a new and different personality, like Szaxx has pointed out, a second NP personality. Mine felt handicapped and limited at first, but again it does improve over time.

You asked about freedom...and yes, you do get some freedom early on, to look around and have a little fun. However, if you are paying attention, then at some point you start to get the idea that some work or dedication is expected out of you; some form of contributing to the betterment of the group or the whole. Your experiences may actually grind to a complete halt like mine did; until I realized that I needed to ask and offer my Self to the cause (however you may define it).

It helps to have one, at the most two, operative ideas or intentions before the OBE. Early on, you spend the majority of your time stabilizing your place and mindset within the OBE and not much more than that; just trying to lengthen your stay there. These are the first lessons in learning how to remain consciously stable. As you move deeper, Intent manifests through thought quicker and quicker and you either learn this or go no further until you do. Emotional control enters into the equation pretty quickly as well, with little tests in fear, excitement, confusion and sexuality.

Early on, if I didn't have a defined Intent to go somewhere or do some thing, I was limited to my bedroom mostly, maybe my living room at most, before the OBE would dissolve into a dream or deeper sleep. When I was a kid, I could race all around the neighborhood it seemed, just naturally and on instinct; as an adult, much less so. With a strong Intent to visit someone, I did have a solid, yet challenging adventure that gave me enough evidential proof of the fact. As you attempt to venture out, the environments begin to shift and the challenge is for your awareness to keep up. We all have varying abilities in this so you just have to jump in and see how well you swim. After a number of experiences, you have enough data to place yourself on a "map" of sorts, and you begin trying to figure out just where the hell you are.

Eventually, given sufficient dedication, the experiences evolve into more complex environments and the tests become much more intricate (simulations) that will challenge you in unforeseen ways. You leave behind the "classic" OBE and find your way into Phasing; the floating out gives over to instant transitions of Focus; and again, your definitions require readjustment. The environments transform in incredible ways; it is like going from black and white television to full Hi Def Technicolor. I am somewhere deep in there, lol...
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 Excellent reply EscapeVelocity! Truly a ***** answer!

Enigmatik, this is what leads to what you have heard of as "Retrievals" and somewhere along the line you find that you are being taught all of these new "skills", so that you can become a "Teacher or Mentor" to others.

You find that every new experience "there', just like here in this physical reality, is meant to teach us something anew. 
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Thanks for your comments guys!  Most of my experiences I am limited to my immediate surroundings or the stars and I do believe this is because I don't have a really solid idea of where I am going if I get out. I believe before I had this experience one of my affirmations was to go to my higher self.  There was really no particular destination that I wanted to go to.  Do you usually set a destination as intent?  Could you give me some examples of where or what you are going to do? 

I do think I am conquering the excitement barrier and somewhat the fear barrier.  Most of my OBE's I do get a little fearful of the unknown.  This last one I mentioned I did get a little fearful and thought of skeletons for like 1 split second.  It was really awesome to see as I was floating above the yards how a whole army of them manifested in the yard below.  This was the direction I was also kind of gliding into.  The kewl thing was that I wasn't fearful at that point and just kind of floated past them.  I have yet had any run ins with confusion or sexuality though. 

I'm definitely excited about gaining more insights and learning to do soul retrievals.  I do feel that I dedicate a sufficient amount of time to this and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help people learn to experience this is they are interested in it.

Again, thanks for the replies! 


Quote from: Enigmatik on February 19, 2016, 21:58:35
  Do you usually set a destination as intent?  Could you give me some examples of where or what you are going to do? 
The only intent I use today is "to see what I need to see and experience what I need to experience". I then lie back and "allow" what's going to happen to happen. When I find myself in a new scenario, I begin to explore my new surroundings or circumstance and just play it out with full conscious awareness of my actions. I don't alter a thing there.

Also, once in awhile I will create a simple intent of going to my "Happy Place", Mine is a tranquil Island setting. Once there, I soon find something is anew and the adventure begins. Other times I will use the intent to become a "Invisible Helper" to those that are in need of assistance. No matter who "they" were. That leads to "Soul Retrievals" and other forms of assistance on either a small or large scale as well.

You are doing great Enigmatik. Your "passion" is definitely your driving force!  :-)

There is a ton of different things to learn in the other realms. The first being how to ground yourself there and how to navigate your new surroundings. Soon after that you find that a change in your "mindset", has indeed caused a change in the "realities/other realms you find yourself in. But you have to find that for yourself.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla