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I also have taken some pics that show "orb-like" things, but don't know what they are.
I'd be curious what you all thought.  

The ones on the second page where from a series of pics taken within seconds of each other that seemed to "follow" one particular orb moving around the room. In the two I posted the orb seemed to have moved upwards from the first pic.
In one series I took where following one particular orb, at one point it came right at me and then shot upwards. What makes me wonder if in fact these are "moving orbs" is why I can't get any of those shots where they have like trails of movement.
Anyhoo, I'd be grateful for any feedback :)


I would have to say that the last 2 do appear to be ORBS.  Go into GOOGLE and type ORBS VIDEO.  There are some really interesting moving ORBS at various sites.  Once this investigation is over I am getting my house blessed and cleared.  This freaks me out.


Originally posted by BOATS

I had one of the investigators that was at my home tell me last night on the phone that these ORBS are intelligent.  Even if in fact they are not deceased spirits, though she believes they are she says if you do not want theM around tell then to leave and be demanding about if and they should comply.  Some believe that they are actually some type of intelligence we do not even understand and they feed off electromagnetic energy. Also not all photos that are so called ORBS are the real thing.  There are a lot of false positives.  I know last night when I got home I took some pictures and did not see any.  After about ½ hour one showed up and I told it to leave.  I did not get any after that except for about one hour later I got a small one hiding in a corner of my bedroom ceiling.  I again told it to leave and no one was photographed after that.  Most of the ones I am photographing are in doorways and by the ceiling; however the first one I saw last night came down and was by my dog in the kitchen. I have one photograph I will post this weekend that has ten and there is a small one about the size of a dime that is very bright and moving quickly and appears to be trying to catch up to the others. I had sleep paralysis this morning and was not able to exit but I thinK I would like to attempt to communicate with one if I can.


I have three photos of some really vaild ORBS I would like to display for everyone to view,however the prior site that I posted the other pictures is now restricted by a smart filter at my job.  Does anyone know how I can get these on-line.  They were sent to me via a Yahoo mailing address.



Upload it there, it is like a public directory.  After you upload it, save the links for the pictures and post the links here.

Well now, what is THIS world I stumbled upon?


After much time and effort and with help I have discovered a site to post the ORB photos I have been taking at my home.  I guess everyone will have different opinions as to what the photos actually show.  What ever the energies and ORBS are they are appear to me to be what spirit investigators believe are spirit entities.  Thanks for everyone's patience.  The investigators coming to my house also wanted me to post these. Because I have had so much difficulty posting these I have decided to post a photo of myself too.  Look closely at the ORB over my dog it moves to the left withen 1 second.

These are the links.



Ah poot, I guess those links are so old they no longer work.

Anyway to toss in my two cents. I know cameras can be weird but I have caught orbs as well. At night my daughter can be in a crowd of people and almost any photo taken will show her surrounded by orbs. Occasionally others will have one or two but usually not.

I've thought about this and wondered if perhaps some people have an energy signature that is perhaps magnetic or ionized or something that simply allows dust (for lack of a better word) to hover around them. BUT, I also know there are very real orbs as well. I have seen them and communicated with them. These are intelligent orbs and personally I do not think they have anything to do with the deceased. They are unique unto themselves.