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Greetings Conn!

Thanks very much indeed for recounting your first OBE!

I think your suggestion of an area for people to post their own unique, individual experiences is an excellent one!

I have accordingly created a dedicated area specifically for the purpose.

Come along everyone. Let us hear about those memorable Out of Body experiences!


Hi, Conn!  I think your question is a great way to share and get to know each other.

I have had many OBE's over the past thirteen years(most not remembered and as dreams).  But my first conscious one was last year in January.  At the time I was corresponding with a Buddhist I met on AOL who was teaching me to meditate.  He sent me a book on Buddhism for me and I read it but I had trouble accepting some of the theologies.  But it helped me have my first OBE.  I have been trying to recreate the intense feelings of joy, peace, and love I had then but I have been unable to do it.  First let me explain how I was doing the OBE.

The man sent a phrase through an email for me to meditate on: Nam mo quan de am bo tat.  The spelling and pronouciation is not familiar anymore since I have not used it since then.  I have a story to tell about how I received the last part of the phrase but that is another story and category than OBE's.

I sat upright in the livingroom, closed my eyes, and began my meditation.  At this point I had not even thought of trying to OBE.  My intention was to meditate and go to sleep since the sun was going to rise in a short length of time.  I repeated the phrase over and over, visualizing a brilliant, warm white light filled with God's love.  I did this for quite a while.  Then when I was about to stop I had the idea to try for an OBE.  I could feel the feelings of love, joy, and peace intensify more and more as I imagined myself across the room.  Next thing I recall is standing in front of the TV.  I thought I was awake but I turned around and I saw myself with my eyes closed, in an upright position, looking like I was asleep.  My vision blurred but I forced them to clear.  At that point I thought to myself, "I did it!  I finally did it!"  I decided to experiment.  I tried to turn the overhead fan on but I couldn't get the switch to respond to my fingers.  Then I noticed the sun was rising.  The weatherman the night before said it would snow.  To have something to verify this experience with I walked to the kitchen window and looked out.  A light snow had fallen.  Feeling secure I decided to explore.  But guess what happened?  I don't remember where I went after that.  But it was my first OBE in real time!

    Well, that was my first time out consciously and intentionally.

    If your focus your life on hate, anger, and regret, it is only your fault for what you get.


Hey LadyLea,

Thanks very much for sharing with us! You
mentioned intense feelings of joy, peace and love
- did you feel this in the OBE or in meditation?

All my OBEs indeed have a very spiritual feeling
to them, no matter how boring they may seem on the
surface - anyway, I hope you can get those
feelings back soon! (me too ;)



It began during the meditation.  Since I was feeling so great and confident and at ease I decided to incorporate the brilliant white light and intense feelings into pulling my other self across the room.  When I realized I was out, I was not thinking of spirituality per se but I was focusing on being in the dream and noticing my surroundings, noting quickly that this was a grand experience.  I remembered the parts where I was just acting like I did in normal life, i.e. squelching the shock of having made it out.  Also, I put forth a great deal of energy into that time.  I knew I could do it at that time and I took a chance.  My dreams, WILDs, OOBEs have a spiritual and sharing feeling to them.  Some more than others.  To me, the dreamstate, astral planes, and RTZs are a place to grow spiritually, to work through problems, to play, and to understand.  Some people think all that is rubbish and dreams aren't important.  I disagree with that. IMO.  

I enjoyed reading yours too, BTW.

If your focus your life on hate, anger, and regret, it is only your fault for what you get.


listen, you mention a kind of etheric town, it reminds to me the book of the frenchies meurois-givaudan about SHAMBALA, they say that they projected in the tibet and saw the famous town. they described it in the book as a wonderful place full os spiritual guides who watched for the evolution of the mankind.


As one can see, im new around here. I am 14, have read Astral Dynamics twice, making sure not to miss anything, and this morning, I had my first OBE. It was actually a false awakening, kinda weird, and gross to some, but here it goes!

I had been dreaming earlier, but that dream is nobodys business :-), and I suddenly realised I was outside my home, in our front yard, using a toilet that DEFINATLY isn't there. Feeling kinda funny, I glanced at my hands. WHAMMO, i was hit with lucidity and excitement. I proceeded to learn to walk and increase my speed, by FEELING myself doing it. TOok a wihle but I got the hang of it. I had the remote eye projection problem where i was going directions I didn't want. I got around the street corner and it subsided, but not before it threw me into a house, and it was quick. I had never seen the inside of the house, but I also knew that reality fluctuations existed, and that practically anything I saw, was most likely not real. I was inside of a mans home, who lives around the corner. I found myself in his hallway, leading to the master bedroom, where I could see he was sleeping, because i noticed his feet. Deciding I didn't want to intrude on anyone really, I decided to experiement with passing through objects. I got this weird feeling as i passed through his brick wall, coming to stand in his front yard, where a woman and 2 children were sitting and playing in the street, which was odd. I decided that even if they were just projectors too, they still needed to be warned, if they weren't concious, to move out of the street, because a TRUCK heading at me down the street would probably cause me to have a nightmare too. I looked around a bit, and looked back, to find the woman and her children missing. I proceeded to attempt flying. I was able to get about 6 feet from the ground, before the gravity habit nailed me. THis was my first projection, so i needed to learn. I then heard footsteps as if they were inside my house, then i heard my mother yelling my little sisters name. Deciding it was time to end this wonderful experience, i landed back in my body, with my new journal beside my bed. WHAT A RUSH!



Since I have been missing my OBEs, I thought it
would be nice to hear other people's stories! I
realise that many people think that their OBEs
become too personal over time (perhaps not
"personal", rather of no importance or relevance
to anyone else), but if anyone feels like sharing
a fun or moving story, then feel free. I'll start
the ball rolling by posting my very first
(spontaneous) OBE. It may have not seemed like
much to many people, but for my it was a turning
point in my life, and opened me up to many new
things, spirituality (if I can call it that)
amongst other things. Anyway, here it is:

Morning, 18th May 2001:

Had a pretty strange dream in which I'm in a
shopping mall, standing around waiting for
someone. I woke from the dream at around 2am the
night before, and went back to sleep with the
intention of re-entering the dream. It worked. I
was in the dream again, and I noticed a strange
device probing/watching me. I was getting a
little agitated. I saw a woman standing near me,
and I felt like I was starting to become lucid..
then I tried to wake myself up. The dream visuals
started to fade, but strangely enough an outline
of the woman remained! It seemed to be an
afterimage, and I noticed quite a bit of REM
activity (as I was familiar from WILD attempts).

I then cleared my mind with the attempt of having
an OBE or lucid dream. I pushed thoughts away
passively, which worked, and then suddenly I felt
an incredible upwards rushing sensation! I found
myself hovering above my bed, in semi darkness -
WOW! :)

As I oriented myself, I noticed the room was not
totally accurate - my bed was in another position,
certain objects were missing and others seemed to
be there that I never saw before... strange. I
also noticed that the blind was pulled up (in
reality it was down). I decided to take the
opportunity to move through something, so I
hovered to the window. I looked at my astral arm
and tried pushing to through the window... it felt
cold! Just like a window... There was initial
resistance but I kept calm and pushed it through -
success! I moved the rest of the way out, and
found myself hovering outside my back garden.

I cannot describe in words how I felt at this
point - this was NO dream, it felt 110% real! My
sense of touch was present, I could feel the
window, my sight was clearer than reality
(although fuzzy when I first got out)... amazing.
I also noticed that really uplifting spiritual
music was playing throughout the whole OBE! Then I
looked at my garden - unlike my room, it seemed to
be a perfect match to my real garden. But
something caught my eye - a HUGE city FLOATING in
the sky not too far away! I was amazed at the
sight, and "willed" myself to come closer. I got
there amazingly quickly. When I stoped I was
literally breathless (hmm, wrong word ;) at the
absolute marvel which was this amazing foreign
city. Blinking lights, beautiful buildings (gothic
style I think) - unbelievable!

Then I noticed that I was close to the moon - and
low and behold, I huge telescope was placed in a
large square in the middle of the city! I flew
to it, and looked through the lens. I saw the moon
in incredible detail, much better than any image I
ever saw on TV etc, it totally flabberghasted me!
;) But even more interesting was the fact that I
actually somehow managed to diverge my sight
through the lens, which actually brought me
further into orbit! (OT: visualising a telescope
is a good way to transport quickly to something
straight ahead :)

At this point, hovering god-knows how high above
the planet, the "gravity" of the situation hit me!
:) I shouted out at the top of my lungs
"YESSSS!!!!" which promptly landed me on my butt
and back in my body :) I guess the emotion aborted
the OBE, d'oh!

Anyway that was my OBE... nothing special I guess,
no angels, deities or anything of the like, but
nevertheless it totally changed my perspective on

Now lets hear yours :)


PS, Regarding the constant music I heard during
the OBE, when I woke up from the projection the
music was still playing very clearly in my mind,
and faded after about 10 seconds... cool eh? :)

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