Powerful AP Method for Inducing OBEs at Will: Affirmations

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Credit goes to Adrian Cooper for this Method in his book Our Ultimate Reality

This method may take 2 weeks or a month to work but once it starts working, OBEs can come consistently.

Get an MP3 Player and upload an mp3 file to it of a voice recording (your own voice) with the following affirmations:

"I am now out of body"
"I now travel out of body"
"I now leave my physical body"
"I now travel out of body with full awareness"
"I now enjoy an out of body experience"
"I leave my body with joy and courage"

Listen to this voice recording and keep it repeating as you listen to your own voice with headphones. Listen to it throughout the day, after you wake up in the morning, and fall asleep listening to these affirmations.

When you are successful with this method, keep on listening to these affirmations every day and throughout the night to have consistent OBEs.

Post if this method helps!


Affirmations are very powerful.   It is one of the main ingredients to ap.   What you said is excellent advice.