pressure between my brows while meditating???

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I've practiced meditation for some time now. And recently have gotten very curious on the subject of astral projection. while reading these various forums i've noticed people reffering to a chakra between the brows... now i've been meditating purely for relaxation purposes i've never tried to explore the metaphysical aspects of it.. but for years now i have noticed that while meditating or even while i'm not meditating that if i focus my thoughts on the point between my brows that i start to feel a warm type of vibrating pressure and i can make it harder and stronger at will...

What am i feeling, is this what is called a chakra?

I am very new to these beliefs and practices and know very little, but i am very interested...

I have also felt many strange things that i don't quite understand... for example: a strange feeling of my body waving back and forth and up and down while in deep meditation as if waves flowing with me or through me, complete loss of feeling to my entire body, and frequent lucid dreams...

Are these related to astral projection?
Are we sleep-walking through our waking state or wake-walking through our dreams?


this topic pops up almost on a daily basis from new people describing the same sort of symptoms.

if you do a search you will get your answers.

(btw this is meant to be mean, its just to highlight that their is a search function which is highly accurate in bringing you topics related to your questions.)


All of those things are related with the body moving into a trance state. As the physical body shuts down, many more subtle, strange sensations can be felt. Lucid dreams are pretty much an astral projection - you become aware in a different state of consciousness.

As far as focusing between your brow, pressure and tingling are very normal. It can also escalate to intense pressure and head aches if you're not careful. If you want to do chakra meditation, it's best focus on each of your chakras, keeping them balanced. I won't go into detail, but it's been discussed many times in "energy body development" if you dig through there.