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Ok guys

My 2 last OBEs i ask for help, for a  guide but nothing really intelligible came at me except metaphors.

Someone know what to do or not do please ?


Many of us come into this practice hoping for and expecting guidance in a very direct manner- someone to converse with, a comforting voice, at the least some writing in the sky...it would appear that these forms of communication are somewhat rare and different between individuals.

Messages in the form of metaphor seem to be most common, so don't be disappointed. Learning to decipher the metaphor forces you not only to figure out the message, but to contemplate the how and why these messages took this form. Learning this form of communication is part of your NP development and is a unique insight into just how YOU are interpreting the energy that is being communicated to you. It can be frustrating at times when you just want a straight-forward answer, but you will come to appreciate the beauty of this learning method.

If the message is initially unclear, you might try devoting a twenty minute session to meditating just on this and see if more becomes known.

So what did you learn from these metaphors?

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*MOST* information comes to you in the form of a metaphor... very rarely will you ask a question and get a direct, verbal answer in an intellectually conforming form.
As EV asked... what did you learn from them?  Did you even bother to examine them?


In my experience, the answer to my question downloads directly into my mind. There is no voice. I ask, then I know. If my question is a little longer, or I formulate it slower, I get the answer before finishing my question. Also, the answer is crystal clear, concise, and often it is strikingly profound. I've never received a metaphor for an answer.

Don't ask questions that require long and complex replies, at least in the beginning. Break it down in smaller pieces!

Leave aside your beliefs, expectations, emotions, then record the answer as you get it, without interpretations, or completions!
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I can reinforce what Baro-san said. Keep the questions clear and short, compress them into fewer words. I guess the problem with us is accepting the response.
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Thanks all for your answers.

I have no time to develop today but all i can say is i am using the term "metaphors" firstly to describe something i dont really understand for now. (I asked for help during my OBE's and instantly something came or change but this is utterly unclear for me at the moment.)

Now is there any guys here who make OBEs regularly ? If yes, can they tell me if they are able to meet persons having with them a really accurate and proficient conversation, feeling they have a genuine person in front of them not just this strange and minimalist conversation you often have with people you create in Frank's Focus 1 when you basically navigate in your own dreamscape ?

Why so many people talk about guides who are real entities like Monroe did ? Is this guide stuff just a mumbo jumbo or a consensual reality ?


It is F2, where you are still in your own emotional or mind-interplay. Guides are non-physical entities watching your progress and training you in what you call dreams. Some may come and go according to their tasks, some are your own other versions of essence from F4, but real F3 individuals. This is a teaching system. I guess it can be very different from person to person about the "who"s.
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Thank you for your answer !

Yeah i already read this way of conceptualizing the NP.

So for you, one each have a guide ? Did you meet yours ?

But why are we supposed to "train" in our dreams whereas we also are supposed having decide to come deliberatly to the physical at the first place ?? We have decide to make a "regression" in our level of consciousness by coming dow here on earth ? (wtf) ? Why ?


We are living a physical life and maybe you noticed how the vast majority are not interested in knowing that dreams are not just dreams. Once you choose this path even without hesitating, you will develop your NP personality. For me I'm very different in many way in the NP and I'm glad I am. In this physical reality if I would be the same, I would be in trouble. Our world is just as it is and most people are still learning the basics things. I've met my guides, they changed even over some years as I noticed and they are staying away from me because they know I rather do my stuff alone. It is pain in the butt if I ask for help lol because they tend to communicate in a pure subjective way without human terms. Still I can meet a few other versions when I really work for it and I guess this depends on each person, even how others experience the same as me. Other stuff in this are personal sorry lol.

So we "supposed" to do these stuff because we need to. Like you learn conscious projection somehow or you are "lucid" or aware in your sleep life like me. After you fell asleep, you have work to do many times. Sometimes it is not obvious and other times it is. You get the memory set for the task and you do it automatically. Both party are learning from each other. A very simple example is retrieval work. According to the vast numbers who are stuck or suffering in "lower" Focus 3, we are few and if somebody is capable doing it, you will do it with them. Nothing is static and consciousness wants to experience - and this is even a said thing from a parallel version of mine. Pardon me if I left out thoughts lol.

Actually we all have certain insights about all of these, maybe religious distortions but the main thing or purpose is the same. You learn all the time and you are tested. I don't mind by the nights, I even enjoy the bad lol. I guess it starts to wear off after a while and we need a little break which guides notice and we have dry periods, sort of. Then tasks are coming back. We just think (or humanity) that there is human daily life and that's all. Born, brainwashing from school, work and die in misery. There's endlessly more to life. But not so many people look into the NP side. I think those who are like few of us, the personality to take it as a primary nature or second nature doing this is achieved over many lifetimes. Same for imagining you could be a space pilot, you can clearly imagine being one, you are already one in another reality as another version from your Essence.
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