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Hi All  :-)

After a confusing spontaneous experience set me on my way, I have spent the last couple of years reading and researching into everything OBE. Robert Monroe's books still resonate with me the most, and they were the first I came across. I tried his techniques, have tried many other methods and had little bits of success here and there. So recently I decided that it was time to get down to some serious development, and I purchased Monroe's Gateway Waves 1-6. I am impressed at how easy I can get into Focus 10, and if in the right frame of mind, I can do it sitting down on the sofa with no hemisync! I'm taking it slowly, as I feel that only a handful of times per week do I have the time without possible interruption. I'm yet to move on to Wave 2 and Focus 12, but I will soon. I was just hoping to share some problems and hopefully get some responses from people who have also used RM's Gateway CD's. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

I sometimes have trouble with my Energy Conversion Box. It's Wooden and like something out of Game Of Thrones. Has a black felt like lining inside. I don't know why. Initially there was no problem and I would visualise putting a black ball inside containing all my random worries, and whatever else, for example a tax bill I had recently, or some deadline that was close. I would then visualise shutting the box and fastening it shut with two brace type things and a piece of wood through two holes. Anyway, my mind seems to mess about with me, and before I can shut it, I think of the ball shooting out of the box. So I visualised 4 'Knights of the Realm' to hold it down and initially this worked, but then they weren't strong enough. I now have an elephant to hold it down as well, and this did work the last time I tried and I visualised myself turning and walking away form the box. Obviously this sounds a bit ridiculous, but sometimes it prevents me from moving on with the exercise. Any tips to stop this silly little mental blockage?

And any further suggestions or tips to help me move forward would be great. How long do people train on each Wave?


Little Bibble

If you can't help them coming out then do the exercise from wave 1 in which Bob gets you to first put things in your box then systematically asks you to remove them to convert their energy into something more positive. You could maybe adapt that so as they come back out of their own accord you could visualise them being converted into pure energy that won't interrupt your mindset. That's why it's called an energy conversion box. Initially you are storing these unwanted negative energies but ultimately you are converting them to a more pure energy.

The cliched response to 'how long do I train with each wave?' is always until you feel you are comfortable in the focus level. I wouldn't always agree because people find certain focus levels just don't resonate with them so you could get to focus 15 (wave 4) and just get nothing every time. Doesn't necessarily mean you are doing it wrong or not enough time spent on it. Maybe you just resonate more with focus 21. I exclude focus 10 from this statement. I think you need a good grounding in 10 though as a launchpad.


I visualize a metal box , with a heavy lid .  His energy balloon is basicly the circulation of white light or middle pillar . http://www.stevepavlina.com/forums/psychic-paranormal/68328-circulation-white-light.html  done laying down tho. 


You are definitely on the right path! Basically the same path I took.. I have had the same problem with the conversion box, but sometimes the lid would be too heavy for me to keep open long enough to get everything in and it would shut by itself. Other times it just wouldn't close and it would keep popping open. I would imagine chains strapping it down so it would be impossible to open. Well, it worked for a little, but then started doing it again.
Anyway after many times going back to the gateway series I've realized you don't need to spend so much time on the conversion box. It's just a quick exercise that should be done and forgotten about. Don't lay there for 10 mins trying to get all your stuff shoved in the box, because really, there is no box and nothing is going in it.
I'm not saying to totally ignore it, but just do it quickly and know that it is done.

I got this idea from someone on here a while ago, I think it was PersonalReality but I don't remember for sure. When Bob tells me to go my energy conversion box, I imagine in my mind that I leave my room and walk in the hallway, I pull down my attic stairs and go up. I see my box against the wall and a butler who greets me every time. He unlocks the box and I "unzip" my fleshly body and then he helps me place it in the box. He closes the lid and locks it up. He tells me to have a safe trip and then I fly downstairs and the stairs shut behind me. Then I proceed with the next exercise.

That was best and easiest way I learned to do the energy conversion box. And once you get the hang of it, it only takes like 20 seconds and you will be able to do it without the gateway series.
Hope that helps.