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I have this year had a lot more frequent OBEs or whatever you would like to call them & I feel that a journal would be better for me and reader. My experiences are at the moment usually very short, which is also one good reason to keep all experiences logged into this journal. This will be a place for people to maybe gain some insight or interest in the subject. I myself greatly enjoy reading OBE journals of frequent fliers. Those with more knowledge feel free to help me in the right direction, I always appreciate input.

2017 July 9th

I found myself in my old house, with a somewhat restricted memory hearing someone familiar crying. I thought I was maybe just dreaming or something, but kept listening and then realized with restricted consciousness that I might exit in this state. I couldn't see anything and the bed was in the wrong place, but I exited and started flying upwards at an exponential rate. I started seeing maybe Jupiter's rings and then instantly exited the universe? and saw multiple galaxies, which then seemed to turn into different dimensions as i travelled further? I got the feeling these different dimensions had different characteristics and I could easily feel the one which I currently belong to. I think I saw a handful of these and they had different but somewhat familiar symbols.

While I was flying with no sight, I just thought maybe I'll eventually see something if I keep being focused on going somewhere. I was focused on going into space, cause I couldn't see and it would be easy flying upwards while blind, also I have never been there astrally from what I remember. I also noted in the beginning of the flying as I increased the speed, my vibration seemed to increase a lot instantly as I could feel my astral body start vibrating as I increased in speed.

Duration of this experience was only about 60 seconds and I travelled very quickly.


Had a short period with not so many exits, but today I rolled out once I found an opportunity to do so. I could see clearly in the dark, I travelled to the kitchen, then out of a window. I saw the sky. It was clear and full of stars. At this point I somehow lost my piercing focus and I tuned out back to my body(maybe?) I might actually have just dreamed that. I don't think I astral travelled etherically, or how you would call it. I saw no cars outside, and neither clouds. This was one of my many short OBEs. To be continued.


This morning I woke up and thought, let's try and relax into an OBE. I later gave up on the idea and found myself in the "red void". From there I willed myself out but forgot what happened after that. Later it happened again, once again in the red void. I was kind of floating on the side but could not really control my movement, I asked if there were any guides who would come forth, and suddenly my third eye was pulled upwards by some force, I forgot what happened thereafter as I didn't take notes. I also later found myself in the red void again looking at an image, where I was a neutral observer looking out a window, seeing a Los Angeles like neighbourhood, nature and sky. I think I saw two small golden balls in the sky aswell.