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Last night, I woke up after having a nightmare. It wasn't even a nightmare, but the stuff inside was scarier than normally would be.

I was awake, and then felt that massive astral parasite from a week ago. Then, all the electronics that were on acted up. My grandad's machine, and cordless phone notably.

Could the astral thing, because of how big it was made stuff act weird until it left?


It's possible, but are you sure that wasn't false awakening. I had several times where I would wake up in bed, everything is the same as in my real room. I would have no clue that I am perceiving the astral and weird things start happening. One time I started moving the door with my mind while still laying down thinking I was awake and seriously I got so ecstatic that had telekinetic abilities reality thinking it finally happened in the physical world. However, after I thought I might be in the astral, I would snap back and sadly no telekinetic abilities LOL

What we perceive in dreams are real energies interacting and affecting physical mater as well. Those energies are navigated by us whether through conscious emotions and thoughts or unsuspected fears and beliefs that we may not even be aware of. We do this all the time by the way, we just start perceiving it when we shout down our 5 senses and start seeing it through dreams sometimes symbolically. So, it's very possible to see stronger and fast manifestation in the physical. Rare though because of the "slowness" if you will of the nature of the physical matter, but possible.


Yes. I could see that now that you mentioned it.

its crucial that my grand-dad's oxygen machine works at night because he needs it when he sleeps. it's his CPAP I think its called. And of course we need a direct phone for if we have to call 911 for him in middle of the night. he's in his 90s so anything can happen. So, it would stand to reason that my deepest fears would be that the most important things during that stretch of day would act up.