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The other night during an ordinary dream, all of a sudden I got grabbed by a huge white yeti looking beast and we started flying up really fast. We passed the atmosphere and continued flying through space. At that time I realized that I was dreaming and I started screaming like you scream when you are in a roller coaster LOL. I yelled at this furry fellow, please hold me because I don't want to fly away LOL. He put his arm around me. I felt safe. His fur was really soft. A very very  friendly energy was emanating from him. I said are we going somewhere or this is just a thrill ride. Then a worm hole opened and we were sucked in for a split second. Next thing I know we were standing on the top of a beautiful mountain, snow everywhere , glistening from the sunlight. In the distance I could see white buildings with oval shapes, but really tall. I said is this your planet? What were you doing on Earth? He never spoke, he looked at me with such friendly expression and then looked towards the buildings. Then I snapped back. My physical body was still vibrating pretty strong. That friendly energy stayed with me throughout the day.


On one hand, a tale of 'angelic' transport to a snowy mountaintop to gaze upon a far off wondrous city. On the other hand, an encounter with un-named and untamed 'beastly' power as your escort.

A lot of powerful imagery to work out there, LB! Nice one!

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Quote from: LightBeam on January 05, 2020, 02:38:14
That friendly energy stayed with me throughout the day.
I love it when that happens!  :-) 8-)
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Wow, so much to work with there LB. Great intro for the new year.
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