Tips on how to voice record scripts in book?

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I bought the kindle version of Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook: A Manual for the Art of Retrieval and Afterlife Exploration and I also have a physical edition from my library. I want to know tips on how to voice record the scripts in the book? One of the reasons I'm asking is that I notice that certain scripts in the book are separated by other pages.




Quote from: floriferous on October 14, 2022, 17:17:00
If you have a spare $45 you could buy the companion mp3s from his website...

I was considering it but I don't think I can afford it for now. I just wanted advice on how to record it because some of the scripts are multiple pages and I wouldn't know how to record it. Also the second hand versions of the physical book are very cheap. In addition IMO recording it is cheaper.



I looked at the title of the prerecorded scripts on the site. If I were to record them would they be effective once I record and do all of them. The reason I'm asking is that the titles don't look as detailed / has anything to do with AP / OBEs.



On your phone there should be a built in recording app. if not, try texting them to yourself and then forwarding the texted recordings to your email address. Hope this helps.
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Quote from: Kodemaster on January 29, 2023, 00:32:20
On your phone there should be a built in recording app. if not, try texting them to yourself and then forwarding the texted recordings to your email address. Hope this helps.

I did a past life regression and recorded my notes. I want to know if anyone could give me advice on how to balance trying to do the Gateway experience along with Moen's book and these which I also have.


This is an answer to the general question-

Do not try to combine four (multiple) different perspectives into your efforts; this is over-complicating and self-defeating.

In this case, work on the Gateway exercise as it is presented. A possible addition is to maybe add the essential ingredient of the Moen technique which is the "Priming the pump" method to jumpstart an experience. Priming the pump means you spend two or three minutes actively imagining how you would like your experience to, you imagine the walk through the park, you imagine the conversation with a Guide, you imagine the first several questions and responses, you begin and continue the conversation...if the method is successful, the experience takes over and no more imagining is necessary...when this happens, there is no question, the experience takes is a quite magical thing. I initially rejected this "Moen" technique...I absolutely rejected the basic idea of "creating" a false narrative...I was wrong. It is a technique that you keep tight, aware control always know that you are creating the narrative...but then it takes off by itself.If it isn't working after a couple minutes, then abandon it and try something else.
So, I would compare it to running alongside a bicycle and jumping on it as you get the speed up.

Short of that, you work on getting to what you think is the purpose of Gateway, which is to get you into Focus 10.

If you get into a deep or "high" Focus 10, there is no feel the disconnection to your sleeping or unconscious physical body. Then it is simply a question of where do I go from here?
If you hear your physical body snoring then there is your confirmation, lol.

Short of that, you feel deeply relaxed, but none of your techniques is working. You are in Focus 10, but it is a low or medium or lesser version of the F10 you expected. Some work can still be done here, some affirmations may take a deeper hold within your awareness, but no, you will probably not get the OBE you were hoping for. That often happens almost by accident, but you can help the situation with WBTB techniques and experimenting with finding that "sweet spot" in the middle of the night to have your first few OBEs. Then, your energetic system kind of learns what you are looking for and maybe responds more appropriately in the future.

Honestly, this was my problem. With the early F10 tape exercises, even when I went to the Monroe Institute for an in-person experience of the Gateway Program. I didn't get much at all. While there, I did learn of the idea of different levels of Focus 10. High and low.

Even with that knowledge and experience, when I returned to Monroe, I found that most participants, including myself, needed one or two or even three days to "get up to speed" or maybe to actually increase our vibrational frequency to begin experiencing results. Some people got up to speed on the first day, many others including me, usually needed two or three days before we got results. I am just reporting my observations over five visits. I wish I was quicker at getting up to speed, I wasn't the worst, I was probably average. It is not easy and it can be quite frustrating- part of the process, you might say.

There were times that I got nothing everyone else was getting, very frustrating. Then, at other times, I had insights and observations that everyone else missed, it was indescribable.

None of this is easy...otherwise everyone would be doing it...right? WBTB is a great technique to accidently bounce into the right circumstance one night.

Understanding that F10 is not some magical mindstate; everyone passes through lower and higher stages of it every night and morning. You just have to start somewhere...just start. Get to work.
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I remember one of the first times I did the first or second track in Wave I and went to sleep. I read somewhere on Reddit or YouTube that you're better off doing the techniques in a sitting position (on a couch or chair). I also recall doing the obe4u technique I think from either 2019 to 2021 and gave it up because it never worked (I think the technique is a variation of the wbtb technique). I also have to have caution doing them since my doctor (psychiatrist) told me not to, and that it could interfere with hallucinations. I've been doing YouTube PLR videos / audios with no problems. Thanks.