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During the night I was restless, waking up frequently, and at some point, while falling back asleep I felt the spinning sensation. I knew that was an opportunity for AP and I imagined lifting up and standing next to the window. Then I flew out the window and ended up in a snowy place, like a ski resort. It was beautiful, the white snow glistening and covering the hill side, the houses around. I made a snow ball and I threw it, I walked around admiring the scenery. There were many people around. I entered what looked like a gift shop and I decided to talk to the people. I approached a young skinny boy and I said to him "Hey, you can see me right?". He looked at me with surprise and said "Yeah". Then I said "well, do you know that we are in the astral?". He had a facial expression like he had no idea what astral was and shook his head. Then another boy standing nearby said to me "It's the quantum realm". Then he started mumbling some mathematical formulas that I did not understand.  I went back out but only this time, it was my childhood  neighborhood, covered with snow, as beautiful as ever. My neighbors were all outside, including ones that had passed away and my mom as well. They looked young and healthy. We have a patch of about 15 pine trees in the middle of the neighborhood, and each Christmas we would decorate the tallest tree with lights. This time the tree was lit. It was beautiful. I really enjoyed being there again, soaking up the atmosphere and knowing that nothing is ever lost. It exists in its best version somewhere in the multiverse and it's all ours to visit and experience again and again and again whenever we please, as I have revisited my childhood many times and it holds the sweetest memories. Only, the perception that they are "memories" is an illusion. Everything exists now.

At some point I said to my mom "I want to have healing powers". She said, "You need to go higher". Then I started flying up. I was standing under the lit tree, the tree branches were brushing against my face as I was lifting up higher and higher. Then I said out loud " Oh mighty God, please give me healing powers". I said it three times. Then after the third time, I heard a loud thunder in the sky, and I snapped back to the physical.


I'd say you got your wish. Have done anything with it so far?
Beautiful experience with the snow. :-)
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Quote from: Nameless on February 03, 2023, 20:53:49
I'd say you got your wish. Have done anything with it so far?

Well, I don't know if the thunder was a yes or a no answer lol. I think that if I am capable, I will be presented with the opportunity and I will know it. I don't want to force it and start asking people if I can experiment on them. It may take time for the manifestation of such abilities. But since I was a child I wanted to be able to heal people instantaneously and release them of their pain.

It's interesting that at some point during the day my mom's words echoed again "You have to go higher", and I think she meant not higher in distance, but higher in consciousness, meaning if I am to attempt healing, I have to get into a deeper state of consciousness fast, but this is one thing that is not easy for me to achieve. I will practice though and see how far I can go with perseverance.