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A few nights ago I started making affirmations before bed along with my visualization technique that I want to be shown something new during AP that I do not yet know.
Last night I got "woken up" in the middle of the night, shifted and remembered my question. I was standing somewhere in a white room, then I said my question out loud "show me something I don't know". All of a sudden everything around me started spinning, colors emerged from a tornado like formation. I felt like Dorothy being sucked into the world of Oz. These spinning colors then because strands like and started peeling off of each other, turning into different colored new strands, almost dancing into this tornado. New colors emerged, sparks were flying. I looked at my hands and I saw they started peeling layers, and changing colors, popping here and there in the space around me. It reminded me of videos of strings theory when strings pop in and out of observable view. It's like they go into another dimension and then reappear, all that really fast. Then a though popped into my head "layers and more layers upon layers". I say then myself standing in front of a mirror. I saw only the outline of my physical body and within it there were these same dancing and peeling strands, circles, all kinds of shapes. I felt like I am being everywhere at the same time. There was no boundary of perception. It felt like for a moment the entire multiverse because one small dot and it was within my core. I realized that what we have been assuming that we have a few bodies like, physical, etheric, mental, spirit or whatever most people theorize, is a very limiting perception of who we really are. We have many many layers just within a physical body/character. And then more layers just within what we think as etheric body, and so on and so forth. The spirit is a lot more complex form that we can ever comprehend. It exists simultaneously in all of these layers, in all of these probable, parallel, lower, higher, physical, non-physical, etc, you get the idea basically endless multiverse that is so diverse. And as we may picture ourselves as just one tiny part of it all, each of our spirits are so vast and integrated in every part of the multiverse that as characters this is actually incomprehensible. We currently have such a limited perception of ourselves. Even as physical characters, we are a lot richer in nature than we truly understand.


Indeed! - and what a blessing to have been shown this, given to you as an experience in this way. It is not consciousness alone that fascinates me, but how It fractals and forms and infiltrates the experience fields. Biological and mechanical life in all manner and form fascinates me to no end. This is why! I, too, have experienced this. What my own consciousness does with it, how it learns and grows from it is equally awe-some. There is no end to creation. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Engaging with what we perceive as our inner self is exactly how experience is brought about. Knowing where our interest lays, what our questions are, and asking them inwardly absolutely yields every time. Congratulations on making it back with the data.


Fascinating. It's like we know this at the same time we don't understand what we know.
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