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ahh look at what i posted in the other obe forum from this website,
the "weird experience" that happened yesterday.
i'm not sure if that was my spirit guide or what,
i'm so confused.


Hi there

Check out the posts on the psychic self-defense forum.....

The court is still out on that one LOL

Also, "The Inner Guide Meditation" by Edwin Steinbrecher is a fantastic book!


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Hi there!  I am new as of today, and I have been reading alot of the posts.  Wow, i can feel alot of energy eminating from this site! lol

Anyway, I have been practicing AP, as I want to get to know my spirit guide, but I have never seen any mention of any suchthing in this forum as of yet.  Do those of you who do project have an awareness of your guide(s)?  Or has the topic just never come up?

Thanks for your in put!

Oh and Robert, I learned about this site from Art Bell's Website, and I was wondering if you might be able to touch on the subject if you have any experiences with it.  If you already have a pre-determined outline I will understand, but I might use the fast-blast when it comes to open lines time.  Please let me know if you read this in time!


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