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I saw on another thread by Stillwater a topic about synchronicity and I decided to post about my most resent one. I posted it on another forum when that happened, I think it was about three weeks ago. I actually posted the first portion, just the OBE the morning after. Then on the same thread the TV program I watched, two days later, when it occurred, and the program on the National Geographic can be verified if you check the guide and the time.

It started as a dream. My family and I were at a resort on an exotic island. Our cabin was far from the beach, very far, but all of a sudden my mom got our attention and pointed that the water has come very close. I looked and the waves were washing just few feet away from us. At that moment we looked around and saw that the ocean level has risen so drastically that only a small portion of the island was still above. There was a hill side with statues on the top, Greek garden like. We ran to the top of the hill with other people, but the water started closing on us rapidly. I climbed on one of the statues and when the water started touching my feet, I really started panicking and at that time, in great disbelieve that this was happening, I said to my self. "This is too bizarre, it can't be happening. I just want to wake up. Please let this be a dream, please". I have a tremendous fear of drowning and as I started anticipating the lack of air I was about to experience, I started pinching myself on both arms, desperately wanting to wake up. Nothing happened, then I gave a command " I am out of body and I am flying" And so I did, I lifted myself up above the ocean and that reassured me that I was indeed OBEing. As much as I enjoy every OBE opportunity, this time I was so frightened, that I gave the command wake up.

Here is the synchronicity that occurred 2 days later. I woke up in the morning, turned the TV on and was trying to find something interesting. I was reviewing the guide, but nothing seemed to catch my attention. Then I decided to leave it on National Geographic where there was something about tsunamis.
The story they were showing was about the island Crete in Greece, which was swallowed by a giant tsunami 3000 years ago. The buildings and the statues were the same like from my dream. And the way they portrayed the event was just like I experienced it. I was speechless.
It is so weird that few days after my dream/OBE, I choose to watch a program which was showing almost the same type of event.



Your heart can see a handful of seconds into the future. (yes, scientifically tested and proven statistically significant.) it will palpitate faster before a traumatic event even occurs.

If a heart can do that, who knows what the brain is capable of.



@ lightbeam, did you have anyone elses feelings (emotions) too just before you managed to rescue yourself from drowning?
Its an experience and a half when it actually happens days later.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Regarding the heart being able to see a few seconds into the future...I can attest to this:
I was in a meditative state with a movie on in the backround and with my eyes closed.  I wasn't paying attention to the movie at all and I had never seen the movie before.  All of the sudden I get a wave of energy and amplified heart rate.  With my eyes still closed I get this overwhelming RED color in my mind's eye.  (third eye maybe).  All I know is that it went from black to all of the sudden my vision was all red.  Then about four seconds later I was seemingly directed to the movie playing in the backround and the actor says..."BIG RED". 
My life pretty muched changed after that and my view of reality is now 180 degrees from before.  It felt like I had tapped into my higher self and that my higher self wanted to give me some sort nudge. 


Yeah, its a downright spectacular phenomenon. Statistically significant proven that the heart reacts around 4 seconds before something happens to you. It literally can see into the future. You can even see your emotions play out in the beat of your heart. i.e. mushy love give that little second wave a more rounded appearance, fear gives it a jarring spike.

I believe in the conceptual framework of Chakras, but not the cultural addendum to it. That it is and science comes secondary to new age religious beliefs. They come in tandem. With that said, I will say I see a correlation between what they dub the "heart" Chakra and it existing in the middle position alongside what a lot of people say here about the energized state you get in F12 is your 'heart' Chakra acting up.

I am curious how this phenomenon works with the greater concept of projection and vibrations as a whole. Undoubtedly, there is a link in there.



I decided to bump this to the top if anyone is interested to read. It's nice tp go back to my experiences from years ago. I still have synchronicity happening often, some small and some more major. Post your synchronicity experiences if you have noticed any. If not, just ask for this to happen and be on the look out. You will be amazed how well affirmations of nay types work.


Glad you bumped LightBeam, some of these old threads are real doozies. And it's fun to add new observations years after the fact. But I'm still staying away from that 2012 thread - LOL!

I see synchronicity a lot. Most I just give a nod to and go on. Now last night I went to do a little meditation and out of nowhere a Castle flew in my face and was gone in an instant. I've no idea about that but am wondering if there will be a sync soon.
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Karxx Gxx

Yeah, its cool how synchronicity can mean so many things.
1. if you beleive in certain numerology
2. basically what you interpret it as.

Like 'i was just thinking/doing this and this happened' which leads into the question 'why?'. From there you will always seeing support in WHATEVER path you are going.
After a while im like 'ok, snycronocity' whilst doing nothing different than the usual. Then when i make (or try to make) a big change in my life and i see a synchronocity, i really instigate it further. (usually concluding i need to definetly go in the direction of whatever i was doing/thinking/feeling)

As of recently, ever after I started to REALLY TRY a technique, things started working rapidily fast. I have had more realizations and such but the most important one, is that i changed my way of being by simply sitting into a different energy. One that helps guied me. And man, in this single day (also started today) i had many synchronicity inside my own house! haha.

Anywho. Yes, they are awesome and always show nothing but support! If you ever feel you cant help in some way, supporting is enough :)
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I daily for 5 years have been seeing messages and numbers very frequently. I know 555 always brings change to me. The other numbers I'm not as clear on even though there are many descriptions from other people. Sometimes I just know things as well.