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Well, I don't know exactly what he is going to call his organization, but Robert is going to start researching in about a year and is going to find individuals to help him in his endeavors.

Ok- I have to admit that I don't know Mr. Bruce personally and I don't know percisely when he is going to start research, but I was listening to the Art Bell interview and Mr. Bruce specifically mentions that he is going to start doing his own research.  At the time (about a month ago?) he said it would be about a year, so I assume that about ten or eleven months from now he will begin.

He said this after Art asked him about "proof" of the OBE.  Mr. Bruce admitted that although some "scientific" experiments have been done with some success, he wants to do some experiements using a large warehouse type enviornment.  Inside they would construct a huge barrier ("wall") of some kind.  The projector would then have to go and "see" something on the other side of the barrier...

Anyway, it seems that Mr. Bruce would like to organize a variety of experiments.  He even mentioned his desire to "map out" the astral realms with the help of other projectors.  Any takers?  (smile)

I wonder what the requirments should and will be for those individuals chosen to be part of Mr. Bruce's experiments?  What do you think they should be?  What specific expierments would you like to see done?  

I believe they should do some of the "run of the mill" experiments, at least intitially, such as going and seeing random numbers, describing what they see in other rooms (ie. people, how many, etc.)  I am interested to hear more about what Mr. Bruce and his associated plan to do.

We'll see...and when the results are published I think it will be a break through because Mr. Bruce has taken a completely different approach on the subject than any of the other OBE "pioneers" of the past, what with his straightforward language and "practicality" (did I spell that right?

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