The Vehram System is truly brilliant!

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Hey everyone,

It has been many months since I last posted on this forum. Many of you may recall me as the creator and destroyer of

I have been practicing OBEs for over 8 years, after having an NDE. After 2 years of diligent practice, I had, maybe, half a dozen experiences. They blew my mind; the most awesome thing I have ever experienced. I then got a little complaisant, cocky actually, and felt I had mastered the technique. Just to let you let you know, my OBEs only happened while sleeping – something to keep in mind while reading my insights below...

Because I stopped practicing, I stopped having OBEs, and my daily life started to consume all of my energy. I returned to practice 2 years ago, on and off, with little success.

Recently I stumbled upon a copy of The Vehram System ( stashed away in my backup hard drive. I studied it carefully and have new hope that OBEs are within my grasp again.

I've been working on some fresh interpretations and alternate methods of the Vehram System over the past week.

Before sleep, I reinforced that I would awake numerous times during the night/early morning hours, and it has worked 5 nights in a row. I think this has been successful due to my conviction that the basic concept behind the Vehram System is sound. My intention has powered my subconscious mind to obey my command. Only by studying the System was I able to generate the enthusiasm to produce results. The System is designed that way, and I highly recommend downloading it.

Before sleep last night, while in bed, I picked a position that kept me awake longer, into the hypnogogic stage - better than any other method so far! This is not in the System but something I came across on my own. I'm sure I'm not the first one to discover it. I lay half on my side, half on my back. Not quite cuddled up in the fetal position but halfway relaxed on my side. I didn't stay fully awake, like when lying on my back, or crashed into sleep, like when I'm curled up on my side. I felt that consciousness lasted longer than usual, being more aware of the hypnogogic. I am quite confident that I will be able to select a perfectly balanced body position for prolonging the hypnogogic stage in time.

Following the System, at the right time, when I breathed out, I would relax my body - when I breathed in, I would imagine drawing energy from the Vehram Array.  The Vehram System .pdf download is only ten bucks and well worth it. I have intentionally not given the system away here because the creator deserved the credit and business. The 34 pages of knowledge is tantamount to breakthrough OBE technology!

I will be practicing this new method for the next several weeks and update this post.

I would very much like to discuss the system in detail, via PM, with others who have studied the ebook.

In conclusion, I think approaching an OBE from the hypnogogic window of 3 - 10 seconds, numerous times a night, is so incredibly exciting. Finally, the Zone has been mapped! Gone, for me, are the endless hours of pre-sleep practice sessions, week after week, month after month, year after year!



Welcome back OBEvideoguy,

I just bought the book after reading your post here. I will read it over the next few days and let you know what I think. I will be more than happy to discuss results via PM.

Thanks for this information.

Best Regards

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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Very much glad you've made it back OBEvideoguy.

Its always good to have more incite, and I will be checking out The Vehram System.
I do have a question for you. If your waking up several time during the night, how do you get any sleep? Do you not feel tired and sleepy all day long?


I finished reading the book at approximately 8:30 PM and then went to bed around 9:30 PM. I fell asleep at 10:30 PM while running the mantra "I will wake up at 3:00 AM" through my until I fell asleep.

Sure enough I woke at 1:15 AM which is my normal 3:15 AM because normally go to sleep around 12 AM. I began the breathing technique outlined in the book and created the sensation of getting heavy as described. I continued this for about a minute and then I clearly remember passing into the hypnagogic state. My body got heavy and I felt my body lose the ability to move and I was left in a totally paralyzed state

While laying in blackness I did exactly what the book suggests. I willed energy from the Vehram array and directed that energy into my body and within less then a second very strong vibrations consumed me.

I was not able to exit at first so I relaxed and then rolled out to the left side and found myself standing next to my bed. Everything was all distorted at first so I asked for total awareness and clarity and almost instantly I was seeing the room and the house EXACTLY how it is in waking life.

I made a conscious effort to stay as close to the physical world as possible this time and then I walked down stairs, through the closed front door and outside. I continued walking until I was out in the street in front of my house. I turned and looked northeast towards downtown Austin which is 6 miles away and hidden behind trees. I commanded my vision to zoom in on the skyline and instantly I could see the buildings with crystal clarity. I was completely amazed by this new ability and was very excited. I looked down at the street and I could see every detail of the pavement.

Next I turned and faced southwest because I remembered once again that I told my friend that I would visit him next time I was out of body for validation purposes. I started imagining his face and for some reason I felt a rushing and could not stay focused. I woke up and it was 1:20 AM. I went down stairs and wrote up a skeleton version of this and then went back to bed to try again. I could not go back to sleep after the experience.

This new found system seems to work very well and I really don't know what to think about it yet. I would like to do some validations and then report back my findings.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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Yes please try and work on some validations as you are able to view your physical surroundings very exact.


Oh, I believe that the astral world is very real, in fact I think it's much more real than waking life. The validations will be with the energy system itself. For example I would like to reach out and feel the orbs power flow through me.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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Quote from: phxsun on March 19, 2009, 09:05:34
If your waking up several time during the night, how do you get any sleep? Do you not feel tired and sleepy all day long?

As it is, without using the System, I wake up a couple of times each night to answer nature's call. Waking up 5 - 10 times a night is no problem really, as the time to practice getting into the hypnogogic state takes less than 15 seconds. No signs of sleep deprivation so far.



So what is the fundamentals that make this Verham system please. How is it different to other techniques? ty.


You Should read the book, but the fundamental difference is that the astral body and any other vehicle that your consciousness creates is created by 6 energy orbs that surround you. These orbs bind your body to your soul and your soul to other bodies such as the astral body.

Plus I found that the technique works much better than any that I have tried. I suggest spending 10 bucks and buying the book.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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Quote from: OBEvideoguy on March 19, 2009, 13:04:42
I wake up a couple of times each night to answer nature's call.
What's the reason behind the above. Nocturia 2-3+ times a night. Are you on medication that would cause this otherwise if you didn't drink heaps of water/ETOH close to sleep i would be getting investigations done as to why nocturia more than 1x/night?

Is the Vehram System only useful for achieving OBE or can you incorporate it into other methods ie. Meditation etc


Actually, yes, I am on medication where drinking lots of water is necessary, so yes, I do go to the bathroom often throughout the day and at night too.




Have you read anything about the chakras or the "The Lattice"? Take a look at the video below, I think that the guy who discovered this Vehram system may be awakening to something others are awakening to as well.

Feel free to PM any time.

Best regards

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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I just checked out the link - Awesome! Almost identical energy array.

I emailed Vessen Hopkins, the creator of the Vehram Energy System, gave him the link, and invited him to join this thread on Astral Pulse. We shall see.



Good idea OBEvideoguy.

It's funny you mention this because my friend Matt and I already reached out to him this morning about this very thing and here was Vessen's response.

QuoteFrom: Vessen Hopkins <>
Date: Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 12:46 PM
Subject: EMF and the Vehram Energy System

Thank you so much for taking the time to share information about EMF.

There would appear to be striking similarities in the Vehram Array and EMF, particularly in the lateral points located to the left and right, front and back of the body.  However, it is important to note that the 7th chakra is too close to the body  to be a part of this array as is the foot chakra.   Also, Chakras are generally considered to be centers within the body (most are) within which to focus energy and through which to channel the body's spiritual energy.  They are not power sources in the sense that they generate the kind of energy that is being generated by the Vehram Array.  (Direct contact between the ethereal body and the Vehram Array causes massive shock to the ethereal body and these centers must therefore remain separate from the body, hence the Vehram Array's external location)

It would appear that we may be  looking at two different poles of a spiritual magnet, if you will.  I have come to the conclusion over many years of practice and research into this energy system, that the Vehram Array is the source , or well-spring, of the energy that we in turn utilize through the chakras.  At the very least you have spurred my interest in EMF phenomenon and I will have to look deeper into this.

Of particular interest was the EMF lines and how they encompass the region outside the body, intersecting in points above the head and below the feet, as well as creating the intersecting crosses with branches to the front, left, back, and right.  My question would be, how are these lines established and are you able to draw energy from ALL of these external locations?  Is that energy drawn in along the paths indicated by the intersecting cross illustration? 

Something to consider: might it be possible that the foot chakra and the crown chakra are not chakras, but rather Vehram orbs – sources of the energy – while the chakras inside the body are true chakras, centers where the energy may be concentrated or focused, where it is then able to have corresponding affects on the individual spiritual centers of the body?

What an incredible facet of this phenomenon it would be if you were able to channel the amount of energy that is emanating from these individual power centers.  It is important to note that each of the Vehram Array's power centers generate what I call an "ethereal-static discharge" upon contact with the ethereal body.  Direct contact results in an immediate jolt of such tremendous force that one cannot maintain or sustain the flow of energy for more than a split second.  The kind of power that emanates from just one of these orbs is equivalent, on an ethereal level, to the kind of power running through a 220-volt electric socket on the physical level.  You would experience about the same level shock in either case.

The chakras inside the body do not have the effect of causing severe ethereal-static shock by virtue of simply coming into contact with the ethereal body, and for this reason, clear distinctions must be drawn, but these distinctions only serve to help us better understand the nature of what we are dealing with.

You asked specifically if I would include information regarding EMF in the guide to help spur progress toward serious research.  I am always happy to help garner attention to worthy research endeavors and I would be more than happy to include information on this subject.  I will explore this in greater detail, as I do not write about topics that I have no actual experience to draw from.  It would appear, however, these topics may already be inextricably linked!

Thanks again for sharing this information.  May you find your heart's desires at every turn in life.


Vessen Hopkins

Author, "Out-of-Body Experiences: the Vehram Energy System"
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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Here is Vesson's last response about the chakras and how the Vehram system may fit into the studies of such.

I think that further discussion should go to PM.

QuoteI have thought about the issues and questions you raised and it occurs to me that we are dealing with a very peculiar set of phenomenon, here.  The chakras do in fact have differing vibrational qualities (the Vehram centers do not) and I believe represent the focal points through which we may channel Vehram energy.  Living in the physical universe, we are of course bound by the laws of physics, particularly the second law of thermodynamics which governs the conservation of energy.  While it may be argued that the ethereal is not physical, I would argue that the physical is ethereal.  What I mean by this is that the physical world is an extension of the ethereal.

The manner in which we are locked into the physical body is an issue that has to be considered here.  We are independent of the bodies we inhabit.  For example, your consciousness is not dependent on the body, ethereal or physical, for its own existence.  So the ethereal body is really a necessary manifestation that occurs as a result of the integration of consciousness into the physical body.  Through the ethereal we bind to the physical.  The ethereal is not consciousness, the ethereal body is not the soul and so is not, in and of itself, "spiritual."

The ethereal most probably therefore must be at least moderately compatible with the existing laws assigned to the physical universe.  Conservation of energy is one of the laws of physics that has never been broken, and so I believe that energy comes from somewhere specific (in the physical world.)  The power that courses through our body, through the chakras must come from somewhere.  It, too, has a source.  The Vehram Array could well be the actual source of so-called "ethereal energies," while the chakras are the power centers where this energy is channeled and focused for the purpose of opening and expanding conscious awareness, healing, etc.

Over the years of exploration into the Vehram Array, I have had many experiences where I have been able to examine the energy that comes from each of the points.  It is the same in each of the power centers.  In all of my experience, the Vehram Array has been used for the purpose of fueling the vibrational surge. However, it can be channeled through the body to obtain different results, exciting the physical organs. Therein lies the key to how these systems may be related.

If the Chakras are a system through which energy is channeled, the Vehram Array may be a source of the energy being channeled.  The spacing of the chakras above the head including the 9th through the 12th are of considerable interest and it is also of interest to note that the author on the website link made a distinction between the purpose of these higher level chakras and the lover level 0 through 8th. Normally these chakras are not active and were only recently discovered.  While new discoveries are coming to light, we must be careful to not dismiss something simply because we do not understand it, so I do not doubt that these exist.

It occurs to me that expanding the Vehram Array, outward, literally pushing the centers away from the body, might serve to energize these higher level chakras.

On the other hand, while it may appear on the surface that these chakras would interfere with the Vehram System's configuration, it is not necessary that these energies even exist on the same dimensional level.  Scientists currently believe the physical universe consists of 11 different dimensions.  One might could argue that our consciousness is shifting into a slightly alternate dimension when we enter a state of ethereal, and it is quite feasible to also suggest that these systems could interact across multiple dimensions.  So we are essentially left needing further research to study how these systems may be linked and/or interact.

I am much more inclusive in my way of thinking than exclusive or dismissive.  I have every confidence that however these phenomenon manifest, they are not at contradictory odds with one another.  We must simply understand how they relate.

To address some of your questions specifically.  Each of the orbs are always the same size as all the others, although they may collectively change size.  As the orbs expand, the radiation field around these orbs may expand to engulf the body. This results in the onset of the vibrational surge, if the mind and body are in a state of hypnagogia.

In my own direct research, the intensity of the power emanating from these points have always felt uniform in nature.  If for instance the vibrations were barely present, then they would be that way throughout the body (this refers only to cases in which the onset of the vibrational surge occurred automatically upon entry into the hypnagogic-state, suggesting that the radiance was barely engulfing the body, but doing so relatively evenly from all directions.)  If they were there of a strong quality, you will feel them throughout your body evenly.  You can draw from each one or all of the orbs and you feel the same amount and kind of energy entering your body from all locations.  It is neither weaker nor of a differing vibrational quality regardless of where it was coming from.  It is interesting to note that the system does seem to operate as a collective, suggesting a universal driving mechanism governing its level of power.

I believe where we must draw distinctions between  these systems, the EMF and the Vehram Array, is in the unique purposes of these systems, the quality, nature, purpose of the vibrational energy(s) associated with them, and so I would have to make a clear distinction between 6 power centers generating the "vibrational surge," used to separate consciousness from the body, and the system of focal point/channels through which we may achieve completely alternate functions relating to reiki energy work within the system of chakras.

While, it is also possible to project consciousness through the charged chakras, this would still require the vital release energy to be present either way.  Ultimately, I would have to conclude that these systems are separate but no more so than the ethereal body is separate from the physical.  They both work in tandem with one another and are complimentary.  I lean toward the idea that the Vehram System is the source of ethereal power which fuels the charging of the chakras and what we are seeing is the north and south pole of a magnet, so to speak.  The Vehram Array serves as the power source while the EMF may hold the true potential for this power beyond the out-of-body experience.

It is certainly a very interesting subject matter and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.  It helps me understand answers to questions I have long held in terms of how this system may be governed.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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First, I just want to say thank you to everyone for giving this very important metaphysical breakthrough an open public forum for discussion, and also a special thanks to OBEvideoguy for the invite here to share in the exchange of ideas.

The Vehram System serves as the fundamental release power to enable consciousness to break the ties that bind us within the human body.  Externally configured at key points outside the body, the Vehram Array comprises six ethereal power centers.  Each center is composed of a central orb approximately the size of a basketball, engulfed in a radiant field of energy extending up to several feet in all directions from its surface.

The field of ethereal radiation surrounding the individual power centers may occassionally expand to engulf the human body and in such cases results in the automatic onset of the vibrational surge.  These natural cycles are known in the literature, however their underlying cause is only now becoming apparent in light of research into this external array.

The vibrational surge represents the formation of a viable ethereal vehicle consciousness may utilize to achieve separation.  It is possible to achieve separation without this energy present as many people do so from dream-states and through alternative projection methods such as in astral ejection.  However, there are still governing factors at the heart of any successful separation, and what the Vehram array does is enable us to understand at least some of the fundamental principles that allow consciousness to separate from the physical body, enough so that we can state that there is a fundamental approach that will, if conducted correctly, result in success each and every time.

There is a clear cause and effect relationship between being in the hypnagogic-state and what this energy does when it comes in contact with the ethereal body.  The basic effect is to provide a charge that neutralizes the ethereal bonds that hold the ethereal body within the physical.  The practitioner feels no resistance to separation wherever this energy is present within the ethereal body.  On the other hand, voluntary separation becomes difficult, nearly impossible without this energy present.

Also of particular interest, scientifically, is the unique behavior and properties of the energy centers themselves.  The field of radiation surrounding each orb, along with the jolt that occurs when contact is made between the central core and the ethereal body, are two independently identifiable properties that are of a non-subjective nature.  These properties will exhibit themselves regardless of what the practitioner believes, knows, or thinks.  Also, of course, is the exact layout and configuration of these energy centers, all of which are outside the physical body, proving that we must have the ability to reach beyond the physical body in order to physically interact with this system.

Because there are scientific principles that govern the behavior of all known forms of energy, we must ask whether the behavior of the Vehram Array may constitute a new set of scientific principles.  It would in fact appear to abide by at least some known laws of physics in terms of how energy emanates from a specific source - stronger closer to the source, weaker the further away.  The jolt is very similar to an electric shock in that the individual is subjected to an extremely powerful vibrational current of energy that enters from the source, travels through the conduit of the ethereal body and disperses throughout to regain equilibrium.

This phenomenon is testable under scientific laboratory conditions and should serve as a starting point for those in the field to begin understanding the scientific principles that govern consciousness' ability to exist separately from physical.  Through this work we will begin to more fully understand how we are integrated in the body, but at the very least, we can now see that we are indeed separate.

All the information anyone may need to explore the Vehram Array is posted on the site, so please take the time to explore this incredible breakthrough and share your experiences with others.  Thank you to everyone for taking the time to be a part of this!

Vessen Hopkins
Author, "Out-of-Body Experiences: the Vehram Energy System"


Hi Vessen,

Welcome to the forum and I must admit that I totally concur with ignoring teachers in high school. I was kicked out of physics and computer programming class on more than one occasion when I questioned the teachings and challenged the teacher's reality with nothing more than pure logic.

Your observations seem to fill in many gaps which include where the "vibrations" come from and then how to induce them at will.

Although my belief is that the astral travel does indeed exist and that we are more than just a physical body, some people need scientific validation to accept such a thing and then incorporate it into their belief system. This in no way means that I think the scientific research is not important. I think that a scientific approach will lead to a better understanding of how astral projection works and what else may be possible that we are surely missing. This understanding will give us greater control and will speed up the evolution of humans.

I will begin testing your observations each time I am out of body and then I will write down my findings. I think that together we can bring this to the next level.

Thanks again for this information.

Best regards

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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Hi Vessen,

I want to thank you so much for the detailed email you sent; helping me with getting into the hypnogogic stage. I am so excited about the possibilities. I've waited 8 years for this! I am going to share it here for the readers of this forum because I think it is so incredibly valuable:


What I try to do, and I feel like I have good success with this, is when I focus on my body and my breathing, I am being actively mentally engaged in what is going on, and I know we touched a little on this, already, but just to expand a little.  What you succumbed to last night was the "tug."  It can be strong, but it only lasts for the split second it takes for your body to cross the threshold. You have to be prepared for it.  There is no way around the natural physiological tug your brain is being subjected to. It's caused by the release of melatonin and a shift in brainwave frequency.  With practice and familiarity, the transition gets easier.  I feel very little tug because I can so acutely control the process, but I have done it many times, as well.

What you want to be attempting to do, as you cross the threshold of hypnagogia, is "play an active part mentally" for that split second.  Hold on to the present moment, along with the knowledge that you are aware of everything that is going on, you feel your body going to sleep.  If you get passive during this critical moment and are not focused specifically on being in control, your mind forgets what is going on and you fall asleep.

By maintaining an active mental role, you also generate alpha and high-level beta brain-wave frequencies that are characteristic of EEG scans taken from test subjects under hypnagogic-induction.

If we understand that the fight is against the brain slowing down too much (i.e. the mind wants to fall asleep,) then we understand that the best way to combat that is to inject a little lucidity.  Lucidity being awareness, you simply want to remain aware of what is happening.

You do this by asking yourself "What is going on?"  What is my body doing? Where am I?  What time is it?  What position is my body lying in? When you are this mentally engaged in what is going on, while also simply allowing your body to physically relax, the end result is that the body goes to sleep and the mind stays engaged and lucid.

Now, there is also the challenge of making the body go to sleep.  This is where the breathing technique overcomes your obstacle.  First remember that you are controlling what is going on.  The whole purpose of the breathing technique is so that you can actively control your body's level of relaxation, so that you can actively participate and be engaged in the process and because each time you exhale your breath, your body will slide closer to hypnagogia.  It does this because of specific physiological principles and it may even slip across on the first exhale, though not likely.  If you will take a moment between breaths, only after you exhale, (try this right now, while you are awake and see how relaxing it is) wait just a brief moment before breathing in and during this moment allow yourself to relax deeply.  So breath in, breath out, wait a second, breath in, breath out, wait a second.  During this "second", this is the moment when your body will go to sleep.

When your body is going to sleep, you will feel that "tug," again.  Just focus on your body, focus on being aware of it going to sleep, continue to relax physically.  You will see that it works like magic!

Entering Hypnagogia -  Steps in "1,2,3"
After you wake up:
1)      relax your body
2)      focus on controlled breathing technique
3)      As your body crosses threshold, maintain awareness by actively focusing on your body relaxing and going to sleep

Once you have reached the hypnagogic state, give a split second for your body to relax, then pull in the vibrations from the Vehram Array and lift out of your body.

Now, unfortunately, any movement of the physical body, limbs, etc., will push you away from the hypnagogic-state. However, because the lungs are semi-autonomous organs, that also happen to be our source for oxygen delivery to the bloodstream, they can carry this very critical function of being used for the purpose of actively forcing the transition into hypnagogia.  During the exhale of breath, the body does not have as high a level of nervous activity as when you are breathing in.  The transition never occurs on an in breath.  When you are breathing out, and you wait for that second at the bottom of the breath, your body is starved of oxygen, just a bit, just enough to shut down your nervous system!  BAM! Your body goes to sleep! Hehe...

Good luck tonight!

Vessen Hopkins
Author, "Out-of-Body Experiences: the Vehram Energy System"


OBEvideoguy and Vessen,

Thank you for sharing this! This is much more detailed than what's in the book. I will refine my technique tonight and pay very close attention to the pause in breathing after the exhale.

Best Regards

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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Hi David,

I worked with the breathing method recommended by Vessen and had interesting results last night. Because I had to wake up early in the morning, I limited my attempts to only one (after a bathroom break, around 3am). I went back to bed and curled up on my side. Usually I fall asleep within 2 seconds, literally. This time, however, I focused intently on the breathing, in and out. There was one moment, about 5 seconds into it, where I almost felt my mind slip into sleep, but caught myself and focused on the breathing again. But soon after that, maybe a couple of seconds later, I was out.

These results give me great hope that I will be able to watch my body fall asleep while maintaining consciousness. I don't have to get up so early tomorrow morning so will take several stabs at it during sleep tonight.

All day today I was so excited about the possibilities with this System. I know I have to master getting into the hypnogogic before working with the Vehram Array, but one step at a time...



Hi OBEvideoguy,

You will do great and the beauty is that it will only get easier and easier and become second nature.

I tried again last night as well but the cat left it's hair in my bed and I was itching too much to keep focused on anything and my 3 year old daughter crawled into bed with us. :)

I will try again tonight and I will see results if all goes well.

Best Regards

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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This is an interesting topic:
before i post please know that:
"i am not a Christian and practice no form of religion" but i believe that Jesus was a man that did walk in this realm to teach us things & still is - probably the spiritual figures of other cultures/philosophies were around also - just using Jesus here cause i FEEL it. I believe he used a gateway to cross over into higher realms....

I felt something a few yrs back and about 3 weeks or so ago i was reminded of it again. I will describe my experience of this energy like this...

It centres in the heart - beams down through the legs & out past the feet - energy here travels mainly downward from the heart.
It also comes from the heart and extends out my arm just below my medial deltoid if my arms are by my side & if I extend my arms out (like Jesus did on the cross  :?) - The energy travels outward through my arms/hands. I believe it could be the same Energy channeled through the hands by some hands on healers...
the energy also extends upward from the "centre" - (heart chakra) - out of the crown Chakra & also travels in downward through the Crown chakra - this area seems to have the most 2 directional flow.... It obviously extends forward & back through the Heart Chakra - anterior side - energy mostly forward. posterior heart chakra - energy mostly received in through the back (possibly past).. ... almost posted this experience on my blog lately but never...

I believe "the way" - Jesus quote...  is through following this energy - which requires becoming more at one with Love, openness & self..
Just a few thoughts :)
This Vehram System seems to be related to the same energy that i have been noticing lately. - haven't read the book yet to know though



Hey everyone,

Just wanted to update those following this thread, on my progress with the Vehram Energy System (I am now going to call it: VES for short).

Due to an intense desire to practice VES, I am waking up more than 5 times a night now, with no signs of sleep deprivation. That gives me multiple opportunities to practice getting into the hypnogogic, the prerequisite to working with the Vehram Array. My subconscious mind is now totally primed, and I think the reason for this is the immense amount of excitement and confidence I feel that this System has all the makings of a revolutionarily discovery in the mechanics of OBE induction. In motivational terms, it's called Intention.

If you've been following this topic, you'll notice a great deal of emphasis on the breathing method, while falling back to sleep. Although I have only been working with VES for about a week, I can honestly say that I have been able to stretch my ability to stay conscious while falling back to sleep. I know that all is required to stretch this to the threshold is practice. Each extra conscious breath I can take, as my body falls asleep, is progress.

I am a professional magician by trade and the concept of practice has been part of my language since childhood. The two rules I grew up on as I worked my craft were:

1. A real magician never reveals the secret.
2. Practice, practice, practice.

Having worked with the fundamentals of OBE induction for 8 years now, I am confident that VES is conceptually sound. It makes absolute sense. And I know that the first major step, getting into the hypnogogic, simply takes practice. Whether this will take weeks or months, I don't care - success is inevitable. I do feel that VES is the fast-track to having conscious OBEs at will, and I am determined to master it!

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Okay folks,

I'm quite confident that the initial stage of VES, intention to wake up during the night, is working for me. I awoke over 15 times last night. I stayed awake for less than 10 seconds, 90% of the time, before I fell back asleep. I feel well rested today - NO signs of sleep deprivation, and I've been waking up numerous times for several nights in a row.

On my bedside table is an RCA Digital Voice Recorder and a digital clock. Apart from missing to note the clock a few times, I was pretty good at saying the time out loud into my voice recorder. I made it a habit to voice my plans before going back to sleep. Because a couple of nights ago I fell asleep very quickly, lying on my side, I tried to lie on my back the majority of the time last night. Still, focusing on my breathing was not a strong enough exercise to keep my mind awake as my body fell asleep.

I just read the post "Focusing on my breathing wakes me up completely" and Stookie had some awesome advice - try "noticing" instead. I posted my reply under that topic if you want to check it out - it's an awesome idea and I'm excited about trying it.

So here's my sleep log for last night. I did not want to bore anyone with the details of my dreams and since waking up repeatedly during sleep is my goal, there's no point sharing my dreams in this post:

- 11:02pm - Bedtime
- 11:42pm - Still awake, new bedtime, trying to stay awake and focus on my breathing, conscious attention.
- 2:41am - awoke - bathroom, new attempt, lying on back.
- 3:47am - awoke - bathroom, dream recalled.
- 3:50am - awoke, moved onto back, head slightly tilted to the side.
- 4:05am - awoke - dream recalled - on my back again for next attempt.
- 4:18am - awoke - dream recalled - back to sleep.
- no time noted - dream recalled.
- false awakening - thought the time was 8:50am - plus dream recalled.
- 5:20am - awoke - dream recalled.
- 5:31am - awoke - another attempt.
- 5:56am - awoke - detailed dream recalled - bathroom, then back to bed, concentrate on my breathing, lay on back.
- 6:08am - noted time again, staying on back, not quite to sleep, try on my side this time.
- 6:51am - awoke - wonderful dream...
- 7:08am - awoke - noted that I just fell asleep, giving it another go.
- 7:28am - awoke - two minutes before my alarm was to go off. Then realized that my alarm does not go off until 8:30am. An hour more of sleep! Intention to focus on my breathing as I went back to bed.
- no time noted - awoke - detailed dream recalled.
- no time noted - awoke - short dream recalled.
- 8:30am - awoke to alarm and got up.


I don't wake up as many times as you Don, but I am suffering from sleep deprivation. Certainly, as I describe in the thread that Marika has just started, because I focus on my breathing but nothing happens even though I do the exercice during a long time. I don't fall asleep and no hypnagogic imagery comes, so the final stage from VES can't be reached.

I'll also try the noticing state of mind...