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This book I read, Silver Ravenwolf's published Book of Shadows mentioned astral travel, and I was interested. After reading a bit more on it, I tried my first trip this morning since school was cancelled from freezing rain.

For a good ten minutes(or I think, my eyes were closed), I individually relaxed each muscle and focused on my forehead. I didn't feel a thing. Then I started getting drowsy and a floaty feeling came over me. For one split second everything went silent(I thought I had gotten it at that moment), but it went back to normal. I got certain light... shocks I guess you would call them, through my body, along with some strange patterns under my eyelids, but other than that, nada.

Now I dunno if it was just from me focusing too much, but after a while, there was a pressure on my forehead, where my 'third eye' would be. It was like... the repulsing energy you feel when you put two of the same magnets together.It would spin around, and I could feel my eyeballs under the lids, as well as my upper lip jerking in the direction it went.

Can anyone explain it?


Welcome Lunarflower,

it sounds like you're getting some activity in your brow chakra; keep working with that and do some searching on these forums on 'chakras'. Also, there's a helpful 'Astral FAQs' section worth spending some time on. The more you can read from these 'Permanent Sticky Topics', the more info you will have to correlate with what you experience in the early stages of your practice. Little tidbits of what you read will eventually resonate with what you experience, and then you'll start to have some context to work with.

Go with the flow through your brow chakra; you may find yourself in the RTZ (RealTimeZone) or in the 3D Blackness. Research both those terms.

See you out there!

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