Two amaaazing OBEs this morning!!!

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I woke up after about five hours of sleep last night and figured Id have an OBE. So I stayed up for about 40 minutes, then went back to sleep. But i didnt go back to sleep ha ha. I had two OBEs:

OBE#1: I vibrated as usual, and rose out of my body. I was in my room for a minute, but it was very dark. I thought of my nanny who died years ago, and suddenly Im flying through space. Stars and wizzing by me. I look at my hands, and they are basically pure energy, no physical form about them. I Dont remeber too much about this OBE, the next one was way better. I faintly have an idea of communicating with someone but it was a dark OBE and memory isnt too good of it. the next one is better.

OBE#2: I went back into my body, and slipped right back out of my body. This time, I didnt really get much vibrations. Somehow I managed to get out of my body, I was next to my bed but it was dark, and I couldnt get myself to see. So I started spinning, around and around about 20 times. When I stopped I could see! So i floated out of my house through the wall. I felt the wall as I was passing through it. So Im outside, and its dark, as usual, even though its light out in real time. And I look up in the sky and my breath was taken away(I didnt actually have a breath lol). I saw a moon, and it was soooo big and beautiful. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever see acutally. The moon, if it was the size of our moon, was about 1/5 the distance our earthly moon is. When I looked at it, a feeling so strong filled up in me. A feeling of awe and of love, the strongest feeling I have ever felt in my life. About 10 times stronger than the greatest feeling one can feel in the physical. So I flew through some trees and looked at the horizon, and there were 3 more moons! For some reason I think I may have created those moons, I have a faint recollection of thinking wow what if there were more moons, then I saw them. At that time I went back into my body, my little bro was makin noise, that punk. This was my most memorable OBE yet, I may have had longer ones but none matched the feeling I had during this one, even if I did have those feelingsin others, I did not remember them quite like this one.
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Damn, just reading these stories really makes me want to have a successful OBE.  I can't wait  :lol: :-) :-D


Well done, outofbodydude.  :-) I'm really anxious to have an OBE too. I'm going to bed myself soon; I'll have to do some more practicing.
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