Two straight foward experiences this week

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it's been a while.

Visiting family in England this week, kids up way too early. I go back to bed an hour and a half later, quickly get to the right point, the buzzing in forehead, look up at the ceiling, exit very quickly. Yesterday morning, the exit took longer, and I didnt even realize I was out until it was too late. This morning, the key was that I was laying on my back instead of my side.

I went outside immediately and tried to spin around to center myself, become more focused and avoid slipping into a dream, didnt succeed, but I was happy all in all because it had been a while.



 Welcome back!  :-)

Although they were short experiences, you were still consciously aware of them. Kudos for that!  8-)
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I don't think anyone ever really falls out of the game but these little experiences sure are nice to let you know you truly are. And welcome back.
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