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What does God look like?
What gender does God have, is it a He or a She, or maybe both at the same time? Or maybe neither?
Does he listen to prayers?
What are the true laws of God?
What religion are most 'True'?
What are the nature of 'sins'?
Is God good?
Is God almighty?
Where is He?
Have anyone seen God?
What did they tell you when you where a child?
People kill and die for a certain view of what God is, and what God wants people to do. Some people believe that they are 'chosen', others that their version of God is the Universal Truth, which other people are yet to discover. Some swear by only one book, while others may accept hundreds of scriptures, others do not accept any written records at all. Religious matters are closely related to social structures. They are often more interesting from this social/cultural view, than from the view of the mystic, who are merely interested in the true nature of 'God'. By this I mean that 'Religion' is an almost purely social/cultural matter.