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What Is The Most Profound Info You Have Ever Learned DURING OBE/AP?

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There are reams of stories, journals, etc., on this site going back many years. I've lurked through many of them over the years.

Regardless, it's a lot to dig through to find those perhaps not so common, high quality, specific "gold nuggets" of wisdom folks might have gleaned while OBE/AP.

I thought it might be nice to have an easily accessed "treasury" of the best of the best of your gold nuggets/diamonds of learning, if that hasn't been done already elsewhere in the forum.

I personally like to read what people have learned directly from going to the "other side." Tom Campbell, Monroe, Buhlman, Darius Wright, etc., to name a few who have shared much.

But, Tom also says, each experience is unique to what a person might learn. I'm sure there are tons of wisdom bits people here may have tucked away in their knowledge base from going OBE/AP.

So, if willing, what are one or two of your most profound, deep learning experiences while OBE/AP?

What can you tell us from your POV of how reality functions, how dying plays out, how dimensions work, healing, or whatever you might have learned from your guides, higher self, ET's, dimensional exploration, etc.?

Those are just a few of infinite paths of learning on the other side, I would imagine.

Please share if you feel so inspired? (I've not had an OBE yet, so I don't have anything formal to put in the treasury just yet. Someday soon!)

Note: I always put "other side" in quotes, because I realize there's not really an "other side," but rather an ocean of multi-dimensional frequency we all exist within and without. However, it's easier than saying all of that. Lol.


To the mods, maybe this would be more appropriate in the experiences forum? If so, feel free to move and assuming anyone wants to participate? We'll see.


The most memorable OBE was when I asked to connect to God. Link below. I experienced the Oneness, which is absolutely indescribable. It has to be experienced, and it gave me the ultimate answer to the question of the purpose of existence. I understood it completely and since then I have felt content playing the role of my earthly character with all of it's challenges. It changed completely my perception of who am, I and who all of us are.

Besides that, the endless adventures themselves have been absolute bliss to experience, and not only NP adventures, but I started looking on this life as adventurous and have manifested an exciting life. Overall understanding of my own power, the law of creation, my immortality, the knowing that nothing is ever lost, the meeting with my deceased loved ones to give me comfort here. The benefits are truly endless.!/i-asked-to-see-god/msg313858/#msg313858


I read your post and your original experience, which honestly, was quite similar to reading one of the more profound NDE's. In other words, quite spectacular of an experience to have without the dying aspect! Nice!

That is precisely one of the main genre type of experiences I would like to have someday.

The only thing I've had that was cool in that sort of way, (far more minor though) was one of my deeper turn of the century meditations, again using Hemi Sync. It was another time I awoke in the middle of the night with the binaural still playing in the headphones. I had heard the drums, chimes, etc., except they were way off in the distance as if I were nowhere near my body. Maybe I wasn't?

Anyway, after that, a "Heavenly Choir" started to play/sing music and it was incredible for the duration it lasted. Never heard anything like it before or since in meditation.

Also, you said this in your initial post. "We only observe what we currently know. Our thoughts lead the experience. That's why blind people can't see in dreams."

About ten years into my NDE study, I wrote up a study sort of essay as a different tangent of proof that the NDE's were real phenomenon, not hallucinations. I dubbed the paper "Opposite Theory." I won't type all of that up here.

Anyway, the paper basically set out to prove through people having the opposite of their life conditioning  or their knowledge base, that coming back from their NDEs with information they could not possibly have known prior, would not have been normal for their "brains to hallucinate." This would be a bit like the autistic savants who can play a piano like Beethoven despite having never learned piano.

You mentioned the blind in your comment. Of course in the NDE, blind people have been known to be able to see, which is pretty cool.

And to just give one example of several from my paper. Why does a Christian who prior to their NDE, may have believed that the NDE itself is a demonic type of manifestation, why would they come back later from their own experience with New Age/Eastern types of spirituality or experiences that is exactly the opposite of their life conditioning? They may leave their church completely. Same with atheists and others who may not even know those types of belief systems, but come back with a rather full knowledge of it afterwards.

Pretending I had an NDE back when I was religious, I likely would have come back with a lot of New Age/Eastern spirituality types of notions that fell way outside of my religions beliefs, and those notions I was not even aware of at the time. I only knew my religions teachings. Thus, how would my brain have fetched info it did not know? 


Quote from: lostsole on September 18, 2023, 15:10:38Thus, how would my brain have fetched info it did not know? 

I think our immediate baseline of experiences are based on what we know and believe, but we are able to observe more and make realizations along the way, which broaden our knowledge. The only constant in existence is change. Change and growth are inevitable. Our beliefs constantly change and expand, and so our experiences. It's a two way interchanging channel where both beliefs and experiences trigger change and expansion of one another.


Correct LB, I agree with all of that completely, but the point of my statements was for evidence that these experiences are real and not just figments of the imagination. That's all I was saying.

I may make a post about the study I did. It may help newer people to have more faith that their experiences are tangible, not fanciful.

Back on your change points, the 1000 page spiritual/fantasy trilogy I wrote years back mentioned elsewhere, was based in part on novelty, and that the God of the story's entire point of everything was to experience the new, and that change was the only thing you could count on to be consistent, as you said. Perpetual evolution!