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Some people here understand that the astral has many different height's kind of like octaves on a piano which are commonly referred to as higher planes usually. Saying that is so then it would be equally true to say there are lower planes.

I doubt anyone would want to go to such a place purposely but someone could have stumbled there... My question is has anyone been to what they think would be a lower plane.
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There are only "lower planes as they think they would be".  :)


To me the lower planes are those closest to earth...there seem to be many depending which body you use to exit the physical with......but they are all the ones we go to with astral projection while in physical.  We also go there upon returning from 'distant' elsewhere visits to other dimensions etc during each night...in preparation to return to body at close of nightly sleep cycles and waking up. 

Sometimes you will dream of falling asleep there in order to release consciousness to a higher body to go elsewhere and conversely might bring back a memory of returning somewhere to sleep ...to return here.

From close astral planes we seem to be highly organised ...in groups....to further distant levels depending on our work or visits to relatives/close ones already gone.  That's why you will often recall some train or plane or bus trip.  The few that are awake and know how to go and return on their own can and do....but generally we are all 'managed' since we are on 'off' mode. 

These lower places are for current earth inhabitants use and access from further off areas (or higher as you would call it), or dimensions is strictly monitored.  No 'dead' are allowed back down there for example.  When we go...it's a one way trip out ...we are reconfigured and can no longer pass back down and the closest we get is the halfway house area where we accept visitors.  Helpers or protectors of course come and go since it's their duty to look after us.

Hope that helps.

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