Willpower's role in AP

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Karxx Gxx

Even using that angel, you dont have to prove something to know it. If you are aware, you KNOW you are aware. Now what you define YOU to be is something else.
You could say "there is awarness over there" in the same way "there is feeling here, inside the body".

What concept you put behind it is what you dont know. But going past concepts I would think it would just be really close to being aware of x y z.
Your way is The way


Quote from: astralm on February 09, 2018, 07:31:23
People's stance that they have left belief behind and now "know" the way it is has been the basis for most if not all wars and genocide.

Now you're talking about subjective matters which is a huge leap from squirrels in the garden.  :lol:
We all find nonsenses to believe in; it's part of being alive.


Quote from: Selski on February 09, 2018, 12:04:29
Now you're talking about subjective matters which is a huge leap from squirrels in the garden.  :lol:
But I REALLY REALLY REALLY DO KNOW the truth!!  ...  :-o :-D :evil:


Freedom of will is a cornerstone of everyone's right.  It cannot be denied.  It cannot be prevented.  It is respected.  For anyone to prevent in any way, would be control. 

To apply the freedom of will, you need to focus on what you want.  Intent is a key component. 

Intention and attention... produces result.

...and as they say...be careful what you wish for...!


To the OP..nobody can be prevented you ever from anything or anywhere.  There is no preferrential treatment.  Some people for some reason, have the gateway opened by early individual events...could be the person needs encouragement for a lonely difficult walk.  That awareness helps.  There may be other reasons...

However...you are not who you think you are.  Down here we are a combo of at least our lower and higher selves...our repltilian emotional automated animal selves and our real selves....and always the higher self rules.  The higher self will decide whether the intent of the lower self is within the path the higher self can support.  After all, it is the higher self that is here to experience and learn.

The negativity resulting from a lottery win for example may just not fit the pathway the higher self is creating.  Then the lower self can intend what it wishes...it won't happen.

On the flip side, the lower self can drive and force a situation through emotional demand, that the result is deemed too negative to allow to continue ...which mean state the higher self chooses to terminate that experience...death follows.