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Just read a post from Karxx Gxx
who reminds us that not everyone 'hears' what we write
.... what we 'post'
in the same way our intention is in writing, and sending.

I answered: (with a bit of an edit:

I appreciate your advice. 

Yes, it can get frustrating not knowing how we are heard at point of contact.. such as

'Oh, my !! Whatever will you think of what I am writing !!"

 I am writing from my personal point of view.  I am describing what works for me.  What my grand adventures have been.  Where I am now, today (every and any day). Where I hope to go. Please take my messages with a grain of salt (throw it over the shoulder that feels most comfortable to YOU).

Suziefish : )

yes, this is a new experience for me.  What a wonderful place you have built for us to 'talk' about how we exist and operate in this life. 
A life, for me, that includes travels beyond what another person might call 'normal'.

just a caution: NORMAL is weird (to me
                I have no personal conception of that experience

having spent nearly 72 years here in this planetary space of ours
I have imagined a filter where what I say magically becomes what I mean to express

YES !! my imagination might be different than that of some other travelers, both here on solid ground,
and here in our Astral Spaces.

My travels are varied.  We have noticed changes along the way.

This space is awesome, it holds a variety of information, advice, cautionary tales, success, galore.

thank-you for welcoming me with open arms and open minds
I am grateful that this note will find the place it fits the best : )


wow 72 years of experiencing
you will have gained much wisdom of your own to share in that time and i look forward to hearing and learning from it
we all have our strengths and weaknesses successes and failures but we all have plenty to give to each other


so glad to be here
so often I have wished to hear from you, too !!

you write:

"we all have our strengths and weaknesses successes and failures but we all have plenty to give to each other"

YES !! thank-YOU :):