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Validation thread!

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Ok, here's another one then, though it's not really AP as such.

As a teenager I used to hypnotize people, and one of my best subjects was my mother.   Somebody had given me a little "cuddly toy" which was a small white scottish terrier dog wearing a red tartan beret.  Sounds odd I know, but that was the cuddly toy - small white little doggie with a red beret on its head.    

Now, prior to hypnotizing my mother, I placed the cuddly toy on my bookshelves, turned on the desk light, and turned all the other lights off in the room.  Then I went downstairs, asked my mother if I could do the hypnosis thing, and she said Ok.  I always gave suggestions of well-being and calmness during a hypno session, and she felt a lot better for it so she actually benefited from the sessions.  She said "Ok" and (as always) protested "but it will never work".  Then I looked at her, counted to 10 and she was flat zonked out..

I asked her to "travel in her mind" to my bedroom.  "Are you there?" - "Yes" came the answer.  "Is the light on?" - "Yes" came the reply.  "Which light is on?" - "The desk light is on".  "Is the ceiling light on?" - "No".  Then I asked her to look at the bookshelves.  "Is there anything unusual about the bookshelves?" - "Yes" was the answer.  "What's unusual about the bookshelves?" - "There's a little white cat on them".  "Is there anything unusual about the little white cat?" - "Yes.... it's got a plate on its head".

That's about as far as I could go, because I'd exhausted the small number of special features I'd set up in the room!  But basically i think it rates as a 100% success.  Lights, white cuddly toy, beret (although my mother described this as a "plate").  I think that's close enough!

My mother has passed over now, bless her, but there were other validations I did with her, and she was an amazing psychic when hypnotized.  Whenever I hear about Randi's dumb 1 $million challenge, I think of my mother.  In theory we could have lifted the $million dollar prize, no doubt, at all.  But I know that under Randi's skeptical glare, the "magic" would have dissolved away...
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Has anyone been able to tell you what the object on your desk is yet?


I dont know exactly what kind of validation this is, i know its not astral projection, but its some kind of psychic ability which had me shocked.

When i was like 14 or 15 (i am 18 now), i met a group of new friends in a WICCA chat room, one was in her mid 20s and there was a man in his like 40s.

The female asked me to help her test something she has been practising, dont know what it was called.

She told me to take a empty cup, and put it anywhere in the room i wanted.  (She didnt know what kind of room i was in, size, bedroom, living room etc... and didnt know anything about me or my PC)  She told me place it where i want, then focus all my attention onto the cup so much that i could almost see where it was when i closed my eyes.

About 2 minutes or so later she said "ITS BEHIND THE PRINTER ON THE FLOOR" and it was, i was finding it hard to focus on the cup and kept focusing on the printer, and thats exactly what she told me too.

This was a big shock for me.

Another wierd experience, was when the man, wanted me to astral project and he would come meet me, he was really experienced (and abit crazy).  I couldnt manage to do it, he said it would help if i opened my third eye chakra, but i  cudnt do that either, and then i felt some burning on my head, where my third eye is suppose to be, just a lil warm tickle, i then glanced at the screen and he said "do you feel that, i am trying to open it for you"  I confirmed i did feel something, but i still couldnt do it.

Anyway, my PC broke about a month later, and i forgot about all those things i was told about astral etc.... and have just gained interest again recently.

Can anyone shed some light on these experiences?


I wonder if this is validation.

I dream that i answer the phone, and its my grandmother, she speaks to me in Italian, saying- sorry to disturb you, but he is not going to make it!

I said, ok thanks.  I wake up and think maybe she is talking about my aging father.

I mention the dream to my father without suggesting it could be him.

Two days later, my father phones me and tells me that my cousin in Italy has overdosed and died.

My grandmother and this cousin used to spend winters together before she died.
She was very attached to him.

As for myself, i was born in australia, and didnt really ever meet my cousin

Why would she tell me?


Hi Paola

This may or may not actually be your Grandmother contacting you.  It could just be a form of ESP in which you are aware of significant events happening in your family.  Maybe you just "sensed" the passing of your cousin in Italy, and your unconscious mind represented this to you as a dream of a phone call from your Italian grandmother.  On the other hand it could be a communication from your Grandmother. Maybe she tried to communicate with quite a few relatives and you are the only one she succeeded with.  In any event it's an interesting story....
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A while ago I posted this:

Quote from: Stookie on February 14, 2007, 11:50:54
I have a silly story of what I thought would be validation:

2 nights ago I had and conscious-exit OBE and wandered around my house. I was so sure that I had was fully focused in the RTZ - I've been in my new house a few months now and everything was exactly as it was before my OBE attempt that night. It was all very solid, everything being in place. Then I noticed a crack in one of my new blinds. I inspected it and was sure this would be my validation. I made a note of which set of blinds and the area it was cracked.

So the next morning I get up and check, and the blinds are fine. I was positive it would be cracked. I checked all the blinds in the house, but nothing. Oh well.

and TVOS told me this:

QuoteThat would have been cool to see that the blinds were indeed cracked. Maybe this was a future event that you saw? If I were you, keep a tab on the blinds, maybe if you can remember draw to paper what the crack looked like. When the time does come when the blinds do indeed crack, compare the two. Something to think about!

Well, a few days ago I was grilling, sippin a few brews, and a fly got in the house. I'm pretty good at snapping them with a dish cloth, so I follow it over the the window and SNAP - got the fly AND the edge of the blind, cracking it EXACTLY as I saw it before. As soon as it happened I remembered seeing it broken in my OBE.

Seeing as how I was the one with the premonition and the one who broke it, and I've never had anything like this happen before, I don't necessarily call it a validation. I may have unconsciously broke it (with unnatural extreme precision that matches the experience perfect) to make my prophesy come true.

But I can throw it into my x-files evidence cabinet for future reference.

Thanks to TVOS or I would have probably forgotten the OBE and never made a connection to a future event.


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Hi everybody,
This validation thread is very fascinating, it's nice to get all this confirmation that these things are not just imagined. I've got something to share with you too.

One night I got out astral and went exploring the garden around my grandma's house where I lived at the time, when I found a really beautiful rock right next to the house.
It was big, about the size of a plate, had a roughly triangular shape, the surface was even and polished and it had 3 round inclusions of a golden color in the form of radial rays.
This image left a strong impression on me.
Two days later in waking life I was on a kind of market where a friend had a stall.
As I was having a look around, I came to a stall where someone was selling all sorts of crystals, minerals and petrified stuff.
And guess what. There was that rock from my astral-dream for sale.

Here I tried to draw a picture of it (so far I haven't seen anything like it again):
The inclusions were a bit more golden and sparkling in the dream than in reality, though.


The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


No, it cost more than 1000 $, and I couldn't afford it.
I tried to chat a bit with the guy who sold it, but he was quite terse,
like he didn't want to waste his breath on someone who won't buy anything
expensive... :|
Anyway, this dream happened 10 years ago, it just got stuck with me, because
back then the shock kind of turned my world upside down.


The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


Woke up in the middle of the night to vibrations... I found this weird bird walking around on the floor of my room wearing half of an egg shell on its head as a helmet... Its body was all gooey, it looked like it was made out of jello. It got upset and let out this amazing volume of feces all over my clothes and the floor... so I walk out of my room to get something to clean and I notice that my sister's sitting on the living room couch with her bed covers... So I show her the bird, she tells me it's a "cotton bird" and these things like to make their nests in people's houses...

Anyway, this morning, I wake up, and my sister's in the living room, sleeping on the couch, just like in the OBE... First time I've seen this happen since we moved in here two years ago... Maybe she made noise and I subconsciously guessed that she was there, but I was surprised to see someone asleep there when I came out of my room this morning!
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Maybe i will read all of the validations carefully here. Then i will create groups: real and solid validations, not so good validations and very week ones.

You know, lots of the validations here are not good i think.
I love you!


Good morning.  It is wonderful to have found a forum in which to express myself openly, which I do always, but I find other forums that I am a part of not very conducive to the idea of OBE. 

One thing I have become very interested in is the neural aspect of OBE and the calming effect that it has.  As far as a validation or confirmation of my ability to experience an OBE, I have not sought it.  I have, however, silently observed the actions of the people around me and used that as a personal confirmation.  I am not 'new' to this.  What is 'new' is the amount of interest I have in the OBE.  I can, at will, travel out-of-body and I have experienced what I would consider 'visions' of deceased persons; my brother, my mother, and step-mother.  And I do have very bright and lucid dreams.  And I use the dreams as a guide to the development of the mindset of my aquaintances.  They, also, are seeking validation and I become the channel in which they can use in their attempts. 

There is one recent confirmation that I have given to a friend of mine who is practicing Reiki and she is a practitioner/instructor in the field.  We have been discussing certain aspects of the Astral-Mental and we both share the belief in the use of crystals and vibrations.  There is a group of 5 to 8 people who meet regularly at a business that one runs trying to heal using natural means.  We are starting to use the technique of sound and fine-tuning the chakras of the body. 

The confirmation had to do with the type of dreams I am having.  We had been discussing what we could see during the OBE and I explained that I can see outlines and shadows only with no color during my OBEs.   There are dreams that I have had where I would be running and I would rise a few feet off the ground and keep running without my feet touching the ground; such a wonderful feeling and I can see clearly during my dreams.  The dream I had a couple of nights ago, I was running and rising a few feet and going along and suddenly I rose above the trees and was looking down seeing everything clearly.  And then I descended rather abruptly and it scared me a little, enough to start saying 'Slow down, slow down.' 

That to me is a personal validation of the techniques that we are trying.  I don't really rely on other people to validate something I have done as far as seeing me during an OBE.  I do look like a lot of people and I have had people come up to me and say they saw me when I wasn't there in the body, but I don't consider that confirmation. 

There is one more though.  And this involved police work and remote viewing and terrorism.  And I got confirmation, validation, and whatever else you want to call it.  So, this stuff is real!

Y'all have a great day!


i saw a ufo one night in my astro


At some point in yesterday's dream, I was in a schoolyard/parking lot and there were several cars trying to leave, but there were too many kids there for them to exit... One guy in a small black car got angry and started banging into another car, going back and forth... Eventually he backed up into me, but I flew up a little and avoided it...

Tonight we were outside, and a couple of yards from me, a car lightly rear ended another one... Then there were three more hits.. I didn't see it, because it was behind me, but my sister told me the guy got angry and accelerated several more times to hit the guy who had stopped in front of him.. When I turned around to look, I saw the car... It was a small black car, just like the one in my dream... He turned and sped away from the scene after his little road rage episode...

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Coincidence? Doubt it.

I've made the point several times that if the dream FOLLOWED the incident rather than preceded it any psychologist would assume that the dream was caused by the impression the incident made on your unconscious mind.  No doubt.  Just because the sequence of events is reversed, ie dream preceded incident, the principle of cause and effect is not invalidated, ie the dream was still caused by the incident, even if it preceded it....?!
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Sounds like clairvoyance to me, simply because of the symbolic nature. In de je vu's, the scene remains the same.

You've got to love having an ability you haven't yet learn to control. :lol:

Truth exists beyond the dimension of thought.


Hi All,

I used to have many astral experiences in the past, but have had to put them on the"back burner" for some years now.

One in particular experience that I could call validation of an astral experience was when I was attending high school.  I had left my body and found my conscious awareness at the top of some trees.  It was night time and I saw a fire burning below.  I could see a definite red glow and smoke was billowing up through the air. Below I saw firemen scurrying about working on putting out the fire.

The next day I relayed this experience to my close friend from high school.  He was astonished at what I told him and he then told me that there had been a fire at a school mates trailer that night.  He said that himself and other volunteer firefighters were there that night, and the scene was very similar to what I had relayed to him.

One other time was when I wanted to visit this same friend at night during an astral travel.  I remember hovering over his bed, but him just seeming to sleep, not responding.  The next day I told him what I did.  He said "that was you!!!  Don't do that again, you scared the cr*p out of me, I thought you were a ghost!!!" 

He he, I didn't bother him or anyone after that.



Dream #1- I saw myself getting free tokens from an arcade machine.  The next day my parents announced that we were going to be attending my sister's soccer banquet.  When we went I discovered the arcade.  Before long a coin/token got stuck and the guy opened up the machine and handed me a bunch of free tokens.

Dream #2- I was living in Italy and I had a dream of my family at Medieval Times (I had never been there and neither had my family).  A few weeks later I received a letter from my mom in which she noted they had gone to M.T. for dinner.

Dream #3- Early in the am I had the most frightening, realistic series of dreams in which Middle Eastern terrorists broke into my house, destroying things, yelling about jihad, etc.  That was Sept. 11th.
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I've had 150+ projections over about 4 years and there hasn't been anything conclusive but I've had some experiences that were suggestive that they were validations.  However, I never really tried to validate AP or really do anything meaningful, I usually just experiment with my senses and doing things like floating around and flying and trying different things to enhance lucidity and longevity of the projection.  Also most of my projections don't seem to be in the RTZ.   

1.    I don't remember if this happened during SP or after projecting when in 3d blackness.  I started to hear what sounded like radio broadcasts which happens to me sometimes.  One of the radio broadcasts was a weather report and it said something about it being cloudy and raining and it gave the temperature.  It doesn't rain where I live too often and the report that I heard was right because it was cloudy and did rain.  I went on to verify the temperature that I heard and it was correct even though at the time that I heard this it sounded off so I could have picked up on some sort of ESP while in 3d blackness.   

2.   I saw my dog trying to jump up on a chair of the kitchen table which I've never seen him do before.  I went upstairs right after the experience ended and he had actually gotten up on the same chair and was trying to get at a bowl and this is the only time that he had ever done something like that with the kitchen table chairs.

3.   I was experimenting with remote viewing and I decided to try to get impressions from a random image generator for RV while OOB.  I forget where I was initially during the experience but when I focused on trying to get impressions from the image that I was RV'ing I found myself surrounded by imagery standing inside what appeared to be a church looking at a stain glass window.  After I woke up and generated the image that was the target it was a picture of a church from the outside.   

These ones aren't really related to AP and there is probably more that I'm not remembering. 

4.  I was RV'ing a random image and I got impressions that sand and water were involved and it turned out to be a surfer. 

5.  I was RV'ing another random image and I got impressions that the picture involved some kind of foreign or ancient language, some kind of stone object, a bright blue sky, and while attempting I got a fairly clear image in my mind of a coliseum like building with a large stone pillar to the right of it.  It turns out that the image was a large stone pillar with some kind of foreign writing on it and a bright blue sky in the background.

6.  While playing a game I had a playlist of over 14,000 songs in Winamp and it was set to choose tracks randomly so I had no way of predicting what the next track would be.  Suddenly a song popped into my head that I hadn't heard in over a year and I had a strong feeling that it would be next and it was.  The chances of that happening were about 1 in 14,000. 


Hi j360 and welcome.  I get the radio broadcast thing too.  It happens in the morning during a false awakening.  I hear the sound of a radio station even though the radio is off.  I often recognise the FA state and discount the radio broadcast as a curious hallucination.  It feels a bit spooky though...
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Hi catmeow.  I get the radio thing fairly often it seems that it can happen to me in either SP, 3D blackness, or during a false awakening.  A lot of the times I'll start to hear it when I'm barley conscious and my mind wakes up more as I pay more attention to it.  When I hear music it usually sounds very coherent and sometimes it's songs that I recognize and when it ends I'll sometimes hear a DJ start talking which is usually a little startling.  In the experience that I mentioned I was very shocked when what I heard for the weather broadcast turned out to be exactly right.     


Yeh, I hear people walking around the house too - which is well spooky - especially since I then have to decide whether I'm being burgled and actually hearing someone physically walking around.  These sounds are extremely realistic.  It's a difficult call when this happens!  Radio is easy by comparison!  I've heard the radio thing reported before, it's curious that many people should share this experience.  If this is just a hallucination why the archetype?  If it's not a hallucination what does it mean?  Thanks for the validation btw, I find all validations interesting...
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


I just wanted to add that if anyone is interested in validations from authors I've read a lot of AP books and Bruce Moen seems to have the most impressive accounts of validating the non-physical.