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Validation thread!

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Share your "validations" on this thread!

These could be

- Verifying physical events, people, or places you see whilst OBE
- Correctly reading a number or seeing a playing card whilst OBE (the "Card Trick")
- Being seen whilst OBE
- Shared dreams / OBE's
- Influencing others whilst OBE
- Meeting others who have passed over and obtaining some sort of validatory message

etc etc...

I do know that several board members have reported shared dreams, myself being one of them.

Please feel free to post your validations!   These could be anything really, even if it was just seeing a red car parked in the street and then confirming this when you returned to the physical!  Or maybe some one just "felt" your presence at the same time that you projected to them, or at the same time you thought about them whilst OBE?  I've seen a number of validations on this board and it would be good if we could collect them into a single thread?  Maybe we could get a thread going with some interesting stuff in it!
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I'll kick off with an example:

A few years ago I was living in the south of England whilst my parents lived in their house in Leeds in the north.  One Saturday morning I AP'd and decided to pay my parents an "astral" visit.  So concentrating on their house in Leeds, I soon found myself outside in the street in front of the house.  It was a bright morning.  Walking up the garden path I passed through the front door and into the hallway in my parents' house, where I discovered my mother watching in utter surprise as I came in through the front door.

I calmed her down and explained that this was just a kind of "special dream" and she had nothing to worry about.  We walked through the living room and into the kitchen where I sat down on a very flimsy wooden "sewing basket", knowing that I couldn't break it.  My mother complained, saying I'd break the basket but I reassured her that I was "as light as a feather" and it wouldn't break.

Then I decided to show off, so I started pointing at objects, cups, jars etc, making them fly around the kitchen.  My mother was pretty shocked by all of this.  At this point I lost consciousness and returned to my physical body.

A little later in the morning I got up, had breakfast, went about my business and by mid-day, curiosity got the better of me so I decided to phone home, just in case anything "unusual" had happened there.  My mother answered the phone, sounding agitated, and as soon as she heard my voice said "Thank God! I thought you had died!".  It turns out that she had a "dream" which was identical to the OBE I had. 

She remembered dreaming that she was standing in the hall when I emerged in front of her by coming in THROUGH the front door. Shocked by this and feeling certain that something was very wrong, she continued to dream the same events that I had experienced - walking through the living room into the kitchen, complaining that I would break the sewing basket and then watching as I made objects fly around the kitchen.  My mother recounted the dream without prompting.  I didn't guide her in any way.

My mother's dream was identical to my OBE in every respect, and it troubled her so much that she was sure some harm must have come to me and that the dream was some sort of harbinger of bad fortune.  She didn't have a contact number for me so when I called she was extremely relieved!

So that's it!  I have other validations but that's a good one to get started.
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


This is a great thread idea!

I've never had an OBE that was validated, considering I rarely have OBE's at all. Once I do though, I'll post it here.


One time, I woke up but did not move, and created a digital clock in my mind's eye. I saw 4:52. When I turned on the computer to check the time, it was 4:53PM. That made waking up in the afternoon much more pleasant.

Then there's the experience I wrote about recently. I had a false awakening projection where we were being forcefully moved to a house belonging to a person named _____, a friend of my mom's. I told my sister about it the next day, and she dreamt that she was invited to that same house for the night. We don't live near these people, nor have we seen them in quite some time... So it's a striking coincidence, to say the least.
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Saw my dad in the yard once and noted his shirt, tried passing my hand through him, couldnt get a reaction, awoke and found him wearing the same shirt and pants.


The most convining validation I have experienced yet involved my sister, when I was still living at home. I became lucid in a dream, which caused me to wake up. On waking I discovered I was paralysed and experiencing the vibrations. I rolled out, and for some reason, I decided to try and pull my sister out. I went to her room (in my experience the light was on in her room, but in reality it wasn't) and started pulling at her arm. When I finally got her out, I showed her how to float, and helped her float up to the ceiling (we had our heads sticking through into the loft). The experience wasn't much more than this. I returned to body and checked the clock.
Out of curiosity, the morning after this experience I asked my sister if she had any strange dreams. She went a bit weird and didn't want to talk about it. Later that evening, she opened up and told me she woken in the night to see a black 'smoky' figure (see through) leaning over her bed with its hand reaching out towards her, this terrified her. She doesn't recall any of what I did (pulling her out), but the times matched up.


Some good stuff guys!  MisterJingo that's a great one!  Keep 'em coming. I do remember reading about a couple of convincing shared dreams on the board somewhere but can't remember who posted them!
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


Ok here's another one..

As a teenager I used to regularly AP on a saturday morning whilst lying in.  I'd always go through the same routine of leaving my body, walking through the hall, down the stairs and out through the front door.  One day I mentioned to my brother that I'd AP'd but I said "You know it's strange because the front door was open this time and I know it's always closed".  He looked weird, and asked what time I'd AP'd.  I told him about 10:30 am.  He was visibly shocked and said that he had accidentallly left the front door open for a while at just that time.... Little things but still very curious...
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


Quote from: catmeow on February 06, 2007, 04:46:29
Some good stuff guys!  MisterJingo that's a great one!  Keep 'em coming. I do remember reading about a couple of convincing shared dreams on the board somewhere but can't remember who posted them!

Was it me?

Ill repost it...

"I have done it once, how ever it was not done intentionally on my behalf, Here is the run down on what happened for those whom are inclined to know, it involved me, a good friend whom live 10,000 miles away in another country, and a deceased person whom was close to my friend in her life.

What I experienced was a dream if I can call it that, I had no visual perception's, how ever I could perceive my friend and the deceased person very close to me in front of me, next to each other, my consciousness was that like in a dream, so this is no lucid experience on my behalf, I than perceived her standing in front of me and with strong intent on her behalf, stating over and over again..."Manuel, were going to verify this! Manuel were going to verify this!"

What my friend experienced, she was experiencing what many call..I guess a lucid dream, I dont like that term, but ill use it non the less, she perceived me as being quite aware of the scope of the situation, the deceased person and I went inside this small hut for a few moments and latter emerged laughing, and me telling my friend just how really funny this guy is! she than came up to me and said "Manuel, were going to verify this! Manuel, were going to verify this.

True experience that was verified between us, please bear in mind we both never planed for this experience to happen, this is just one of quite a few experiences my friend and I have shared over the last few years."


Manuel - no I don't recall having read that one before...   But yours was a great experience and exactly the sort of thing I think we are all interested in!  Shared dreams/LD/OBE are REAL. We are not just making them up! Thanks...
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda

Spectral Dragon

Validations can come in more forms than just OBE's  :-)

Not sure if your looking for any and all validations here, but through some forms of projection I have been able to verify where people where at a given time and I have had success in validating some things I have been told by spirits. These are a bit numerous but the one that sticks out the most for me is getting help finding where something was in a grocery store by being told by my guide "I've found it here."

My remote viewing validations, back when I was getting heavy into it in my early training days, had even a few hard core skeptics going. At one point I had been talking to a friend of mine for hours at work in the local grocery store without turning around. I had told her exactly where people were behind us and what they were doing without turning around. The look on her face was certainly worth more than the validation itself :)

Kraven Obscuria

Here is an old one.  When I was a little kid I had OBE experiences all of the time.  I used to visit a place called "The Boys Club" for fun in the physical after elementary school.

I was around 8 or 9 years old and had the experience of flying thru the club at night, the lights were off.  I took note that the placement of everything ex. "pool tables, ping pong", was completly different than earlier that week.  Sure enough a couple days later when I went back there in the physical, everything was exactly as I had seen a few nights earlier!

Although I was able as a kid to invoke lucid dreams, OBE etc, I dint know much more about them at the time. I was "emotionally" tied to the club as it = fun back in those days.
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I wanted to hold off posting here because I'm in a discussion with a bunch of skeptics who seem very doubtful of everything.

I will share my clearest validation experience.

This was about a year ago when I was talking to a group of people in an internet chat room. I was being a bit flippant with regards to their philosophy of how people make up their own experiences to seem more mystical. At one point I was issued a challenge which entailed finding out where someone lived. I agreed, slightly worried at what I had gotten myself into, but made no promises.

I went to bed with my goal in mind but by no means determined to get the required information. The moment I closed my eyes I was being shown a city environment, I was facing a large block of flats with a park behind it. I had no control over what I was seeing, it was being shown to me. It's important to note that I wasn't asleep or dreaming, I had only just got into bed and was wide awake. My view focussed on a window of this flat and before long I found myself inside that room. Once inside I seemed to be able to look left and right by changing the amount of curiousity I exhibited to those  particular areas. The details were strong, a bed in the corner of the room by a door, a radiator by the window and a bookshelf above it.

I reported my findings the next day and much to my amazement the answer I got was...

"that's not so impressive".

It turns out the radiator had been removed a while ago but that everything else I described was 100% accurate. Well, in any case, I had certainly impressed myself. To this day when I bring this up, in the company of "skeptics", I get the response "you only got it partially correct". In a way it's slightly frustrating but that experience got me taking things a bit more seriously. If any of you have familiarised yourselves with the workings of the RTZ you will understand how it's possible to get overlapping information from past and present. Again, people will believe what they want to if given an opportunity, perhaps even me.

With regards to RTZ exploration, my sight leaves a lot to be desired. While in the projected double the most powerful sense for me is that of touch, I rarely get clear sight and if I do it doesn't last long as I get too excited. I've drifted through the walls of my house, confused as to where I was until I came into contact with a familiar piece of furniture/architecture. This happens quite regularly for me. It's gotten to the point where I now have boxes set up around the house (put there by others) with items I have to identify inside them.

It's something I look forward to provided that I am able to stay stable/focussed while "out".

In regards to shared dreams, I've had something similar. While enduring sleep paralysis at one time there was an entity floating back and forth in front of my bed. I couldn't make any of his features out clearly but there was a large protruding area on his face and it looked like there were large pieces of cloth dangling from him. I shared the experience with my younger brother who was shocked as his dream entailed being given an audience by a fat man wearing long black robes with a long, almost cartoon-like, nose on his face.      

I'm concentrating on validation experiences from now on as I want to remove all doubt from my mind. I look forward to reading more of everyone else's!  :-)

Edit: I've had many experiences but they can be argued as being my brain recording information while awake and then presenting it in a 3D context. I do not want room for doubt but when I'm in the company of skeptics, quite regularly, it makes it difficult sometimes.  :lol:

Although, it's certainly healthy to question onself. Don't doubt outright, just question. So far it's looking pretty solid though.  :-P


I would be willing to put myself up for a subject to look in on.  I have a certain object on my desk to the right of my computer screen, it has not left the spot for over five years.. what it is?

I'll give everyone who wants to have a go two days to give guesses. 

I've become more skeptic over the years unfortunately, due to people who lie about their abilities.  But seeings how I've done some visiting myself, albeit I wasn't trying too, I know it can be done.

Good luck everyone!


TalaNay, sounds interesting. If the object has been there for that long it should be viewable by someone provided they get the chance.

I'll certainly be trying!  :wink:


Wow TalaNay.. that's a nice challenge.  Maybe I'll be able to get over to your desk, if I manage I'll let you know...

Zante.. interesting post, it sounds like you had a good validation there.  Unfortunately many people assume that because you didn't achieve 100% that makes the whole validation worthless.  That's a bit dumb to be honest.  I actually work with a bunch of "IT professionals" and I'm continually amazed at how open-minded they are.  When I do talk about ESP, philosophy etc, I almost invariably get a good hearing and discover many like-thinking colleagues.  It's quite eye-opening in fact.  It's important to be skeptical, but to dismiss out of hand at the first and smallest opportunity is as dim-witted as it is to be a blind believer.  A sense of proportion is called for, and I am seeing more and more of this these days, in the people I meet.

Kraven Obscuria and Spectral Dragon - thanks for the feedback!  Any good validation is worth posting.  I'm thinking of posting some excellent non-OBE validations I've had myself, but I'll leave these for a little while!
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


Quote from: TalaNayBut seeings how I've done some visiting myself, albeit I wasn't trying too, I know it can be done.

Would you like to expand?  :-)
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


I look forward to everyone giving it a try.  I didn't think I was going to be taken seriously. :)

As to the validations.  I don't know anymore.  I just don't need them like I used to.  I suppose that's a good thing.  As long as my life continues on the path it's on, that's good enough for me. 


I was going to ask the same thing. :)

I love to hear about people's experiences, that's what got me interested in the first place.


Quote from: catmeow on February 09, 2007, 15:23:29
Would you like to expand?  :-)

I've mentioned them a few times on these very forums but were not noticed at the time.  :lol:  I will say that I was in contact with the people on a daily basis for awhile and I did not intend to "go" to them but I guess they were just on my mind at the time.

On two occasions I was mearly telling them my dream when they freaked out that I discribed their homes and surroundings.


I am massaging my crystal ball.

I see a desk.

I see miniature garden gnomes.
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I am leary about the massaging of your crystal ball....  :lol: 

However, I do have a desk.  You don't get points for that, I already gave that away.  And no garden gnomes..sorry so, nope..try again. :)


I think he was joking, lol.


I was hoping no one would joke this time so, I took the comments to be serious. 

I do want to make an amendment to my original criteria and that is....   when I said, "I'll give everyone who wants to have a go two days to give guesses"  to, I'll give everyone who wants to have a go, two days to express on what they see.



I was being semi-serious -- as soon as I read your post, I saw miniature garden gnomes in my mind's eye... I really didn't know where that came from, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try! But if it were that easy, I'd probably have a lot more validations on my record :p
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