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Hey Jeni, nice validations.  I hope things turned up for you since those days in 2005...!
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


A friend of mine seems to be a natural AP'er.
I told her to project and then think of me to project to me.
She said she could see that i was making motions like i was clicking the mouse on a computer, but I was the only thing in the room that she could see.
She also said that it looked like I was touching my face with my left hand.
At the time of the projection, I was on the computer, using the mouse with my right hand, and biting the nails on my left hand.


Old original post I know but was thinking if anyone thinking of doing this experiment again at all or is no one willing?


Wow. I just read through all the 11 pages. Quite entertaining!  :-D


I've had several validations.  But the most validating was the one in which my ex showed up in my OBE.  He has these experiences also, only his are more progressed.  He told me he was going to come and join me sometime.  And he did!  A few days after he appeared in my OBE, my ex came over to my house and asked me if I had seen him.  I told him, "I knew that shadowy figure on the stairs was you!"  I had recognized his silhouette----especially that of his hair!  My ex even told me that at one time when I flew past him that my and his heads had collided.  This had happened when I decided to fly through him instead of past him the second time around.  I flew through him from his neck up.  This is when he and I collided heads!

Another time, I traveled into my son's room and briefly watched as he sat at the computer and watched YouTube videos.  Later, I asked him if he had been watching wrestling videos on YouTube.  He said he had been watching UFC videos on YouTube.  In my book, the same thing!  He must have thought I meant WWE and was specific that it was in fact UFC.  I asked him if it had been wrestling cause I just knew it had been two guys squaring off in a ring.

Another time my ex came over, and as he and I stood outside talking, he nodded toward the direction underneath my upstairs bedroom window and asked me if, a few days earlier, I had traveled out my bedroom window just underneath the spot where he had motioned his head.  Again, I was excited but not shocked to learn that he had seen me.  I told him I had done that very thing because I wanted to scare the neighbor's dog that was always barking and annoying me.


Thanks UmmaGumma - very good validations and very interesting - I hope you scared the wits out of that pesky dog!!!!  It probably runs a mile now when it sees you! :-)
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


The best validation I have ever had was the day after a very intense episode of astral sex with a young woman I knew. When I saw her the following day, I started the conversation with, "You know, I had the strangest experience yesterday. I could have sworn you were with me." At that point she began laughing, and described in detail when the event had happened, and what--exactly, and in detail--had happened.

Before that, I had not mentioned the event to anyone else, so there was no possibility of collusion. The details clearly established--to both of us--that for some period of time the previous day, we had been involved in astral sex for an extended period of time.

One thing that may seem surprising. We were both awake at the time. Specifically, we were both physically awake, geographically separated, and at least marginally functional in the "everyday world" while we were also together having astral sex.

This event enabled me to gather a number of similar validations, when I realized that the "walking, talking" part of us is only a part, and that "other parts" of us are able to interact with others in the OOBE state. That is, OOBE is more a case of "getting out of one's own way" rather than learning to do something new. It may be that the key is simply accepting the complexity of our own existence, rather than thinking "I couldn't have been there, because I was reading a book/watching television/walking in the park here at that time. Perhaps the world is not as comfortably linear and sequential as we would like to believe.


Hmmm think you're making quite a few board members jealous here!  Regarding the staying awake whilst projecting thing, I had a similar experience recently.  My bedside alarm consists of a radio which turns on at 7:30am and stays on for an hour. The station is LBC - a "talk radio" station. So I normally wake up slowly to the news and other discussions. So recently I was woken by the alarm, but was still in hypnagogia. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could project with all this noise going on. In fact I visualised my back garden and phased into it quite easily. So there I was flying around the back garden and sitting on the roof etc whilst listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC wittering on! I could hear the radio quite clearly and at the same time was totally in the back garden flying around. Have to say this required some concentration, so after a while the radio "won" and I woke up in bed.  But it was interesting while it lasted.  Proved that I can project whilst there are noises and disturbances going on in my bedroom...
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


Has anybody on here tried to do some sort of "meet up" on the astral plane? Say we all agree on a set time, 6pm eastern for example, and try to meet and then write about our experiences. If it would help, maybe we could also envision a 'place' to meet as well? Has anybody on this site tried that yet? I'd love to participate.


I've never really had any projection related validation experiences.  I tried the playing card thing that RB recommends (i used a tarot card) but when I went to look at it nothing was there.  I had some experiences where I saw my fiance and cats and stuff, but the situation wasn't ever really the same, though one time i saw my fiance studying and when i woke up she was studying.  I don't necessarily think that i saw what was really happening, but a mental metaphor being projected by her energy of what her consciousness was like.  I also think that what I was really doing was telepathically connecting to her energy and reading it in the form of a visual representation.

However, I have had other metaphysical validations that could also imply the validity of projection related issues.  For example, this summer, one of my crystal skulls prescribed a ritual to do when i went to the beach the following week.  The crazy part was that my skull described the location where I was supposed to do the ritual and when I got there is was identical, and I had never been to that part of the beach before.
be awesome.


I'm going to be vague, but there you have my latest:
About two weeks ago my mom (who passed away last February) said a few words to me.  Last week I got some news that confirmed what she said.  I now realize she was warning me.
The details are personal, but that's the gist of it.


Thanks CFTraveller. I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but I do hope the message you received offered some comfort.
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


I've had a number of validations,but I'll post one that had a really deep impact on me.It's on page 39 "Jeff,September 17,2008"  I forgot to mention in the submission that the man's hair was really white in waking reality too,but he used to dye it.


I had several validations in my live.

Ill begin with some dreams of the future:

1. The green rock. Im a mineral collector and searched for a specific green mineral for several years. I knew this mineral from books, where it was pictured and described in yellow or green (malachite green). But i had a dream of a sample of a neongreen sample (like the green /yellow textmarker). And this sample was in lucite. I wondered about and thought that this dream was funny. Who would be such an idiot to enclose such a mineral in lucite. And i have never seen this mineral color in nature before. But weeks later was again time to go to berin to the big flea markets like every month. Just to look for things which wherent available in my small town. I went to the bank to take money from the cash machine. I took usually 70 Mark with me, but this time i remembered on the dream and took nearly all of my money with. On the flea marked was a new mineral trader with soveniers and geologig memorabilias, like labeled coal pieces and such stuffs. But in  the last row was a block of lucite glowing in the sun. I examined it and where surprised. A neongreen mineral glowed in front of my eyes in the lucite. There was a label under the sample, which removed all my doubts. It was the long sought mineral. I asked for the prize. The dealer sayd 100 Mark and i payd it without waiting any more second. Later i learned, that the color, which i call neongreen, is from others just called yellow. And the mineral looks on old photos also yellow and not neongreen. So i was never able to know, that this or any mineral could have the neongreen color. This mineral is even today one of my most important mineral samples.

2. A piece of ocean. I had an strange dream. I found a piece of the ocean. It was hard and glassy. In it wheere some corals, shells and a crab. On the black seebed where some kind of magic or mystic looking waves. But these waves dissappeared and it looked usual black. Some time later i found a piece lucite. Hardly damaged and scratched, with a crab, shells and corals. But no waves. But i looked unfocused through the scratched surface. some glittering particels where reflecting and there reflections are warped by the scratches to a wave like pattern. And if i looked focused, the waves dissappeared.   

I had some more Dreams like these. But they will follow later. Now its time for my OBEs.

1. OBE of the future. I should mention first, that my parents didnt know anything about my OBEs and activity in such Forums at this time. I had tryed since a year hardly to get my first OBE. I was active in a forum since some months and the users told me what to do. But nothing helped. But on this day was it different. I had my first OBE. It was a chain of several short OBEs, from which one was really strange. I woke up in this OBE and my father was looking at me. He asked me "are you ill? You got there something on your head.". I was frightened dure his sudden appearing and woke up. I looked around, no father, no light. I continued the chain of OBEs and was very happy. Next day i told about in the forum and placed it also onto my homepage. Then some weeks later at a common evening. I was trying again to archive an OBE. I was in beyond sleep paralysis and my thoughts where shut off. Then i was roused by my father. He asked me "are you ill? You got there something on your head.". It was like in the OBE.

2. OBEs are really out of the body: This OBE was a false awakening.

I waked up and wanted to go to toilet. I went through the opened door of my bedroom and became then a nausea/dizziness and fell down. After that i realized, that i was in an OBE. Then i went in the next room and i saw a fog "going" along. I focused on it, and it sharpens. A astral beeing. I was scared. It was a black men, who talked then with me. He said, he died in an barbecue accident. He had even still an sausage on his hat. Was some kind of funny.

After a few weeks i had  some OBEs, where i penetrated matter. I remembered the nausea/dizzy feeling and this OBE. The nausea and dizziness which i became in this times was the same.

Then i realized: The nausea/dizziness of the door passing OBE was caused, because i passed a closed physical door (I got always my door closed while i sleep) while only the astral image of the door was opened. And this, while i believed to be awake and on the way to toilet and so not able to know that i pass matter while beeing out of body.


Hi all, first-time poster (I think...unless I joined this forum under a different name years ago. I don't quite remember). Excuse the dumb username, I had to choose...something. Anyway, I saw this thread and it compelled me to reply with a very powerful validation experience I had in 2003. It's been on my mind lately as I hadn't induced an OBE in some years (having felt 'blocked' by something like a thick energetic blanket any time I tried) but did so very easily a few days ago, and it's something I seem to be getting back into.

Quick background: I'm a 30-year-old man from Northern Ireland. I started having sleep paralysis experiences at 16 or so, explored them, discovered that they were a gateway to out-of-body experiences. It was probably about a year of regular practise between my first sleep paralysis experiences to a full (and wildly overexcited) OBE. After that they came easier, and I had hundreds of outings between the ages of 17 and 22 or so. Just extraordinary experiences. I approached things from a sceptical point of view--I read widely and kept an open mind, but only my own experiences could be trusted. I kept careful records (which is handy now, getting on ten years later!) and I'll transcribe the last, most powerful of them all. 

It was the evening of the 19th of December 2003. I was at home for Christmas, out in my room (in the garage...really quiet and perfect for meditation/OBE practise). Left the body after only about five minutes, rolling out and standing up. Great clarity. Walked through the wall (concrete/glass sensations) and out into the yard.

I realised immediately that I wasn't alone. On my travels I'd interacted with a few individuals (including a small asian man waiting at the end of my driveway on my very first outing, who told me to relax and slow down!) but this guy seemed different--he was waiting for me, this was no chance encounter. He was a thin man, dark hair, perched on the fence wearing a crimson satin (or at least shiny) suit. "Follow me," he signalled, and flew directly up.

I was never a great flier, but I could keep pace with him ok. We went about a mile up, I would guess. I can still see it now--the vivid silhouette of the river that runs through my city, surrounded on both sides by orange streetlights. "Follow me," he signalled again, but this time he moved in a new direction--one I'd never moved through before. By some instinct, or maybe just because I was near this guy, I was able to move through time.

I didn't know it was 'time' at first. It felt like I was moving through rubber walls of increasing density, each taking greater and greater effort to push through. I was always just behind the guy in the suit. It quickly became impossible to go any further--we fell back into 'normal space' and we were in the same spot, more or less.

There was text hanging in the air in front of me. Text! White block capitals that read, "TUESDAY 23RD DECEMBER. I'd never seen anything quite like that.

He grinned at me. "Follow me," he said, reaching out his hand. I gripped it and we insta-travelled to a new location (another first--I was never very good at that either, but this was a quick and precise cut from one location to another.

We were in the air about fifty feet above a ruined street. It was night, lit by the headlights of fire engines and rescue vehicles. The street was blocked, strewn with rubble. Buildings had collapsed and spilled over the street. It was a dry, mountainous area. Low scrubby bushes. I spent about thirty seconds in the air, just drifting, and then the guy turned and disappeared. I remember asking him what I was seeing--asking for a location, asking who he was and why exactly he had brought me to this place--but he wasn't the talkative sort.

After flying towards the horizon I quickly just skipped back to my body. I swung out of bed, ran to the computer and wrote everything down. "A prophecy!" I called it, as a joke. I started to doubt it. "Must have slipped into a dream state halfway through," I wrote. "The 23rd isn't a Tuesday". But then I checked the calendar...and it was.

The experience had been so intense I emailed a couple of friends who knew about my adventures as a psychonaut. "So look out for an earthquake on the 23rd," I said--just to have some proof, if it did 'come true'. I recorded everything I'd seen. I honestly didn't believe it would pan out; it seemed ridiculous. It IS ridiculous!

All the same, four days later, I was watching the BBC news at 7am, and they led with news of an earthquake in California. If I had seen it on the 23rd, I'd seen it at night, the rescue effort after the event. There it was--the same destruction, the same date. I was blown away. Very nearly dropped my cornflakes!

The elation quickly turned to pure existential terror as all of my fun 'flying about' was suddenly REAL. I was no longer able to write it off as bouncing around in some hyper-simulation of my own creation (something I found amazing enough by itself...) It was not only real, it was important. Facts could be retrieved. Individuals met. Wild stuff. And because of all that, I think, I found I could no longer do it (until now.)

That was my verification, anyway. Don't believe me. If you're reading this, maybe you're seeking verification before you have ever had an 'outing' of your own...if you're in that situation, forget about 'real' and 'unreal'...the experience is real, and amazing, and waiting for you to grasp it. Verification might come later. If you've already done some of these things--especially visual text-based information or 'time travel'...I'd love to hear about it. I guess I'll have a look around the forum!


Very interesting post spacewrangler. Yes there is always that doubt that we are just flying around in some hyper-simulation, and a personal validation is something only YOU can know is true and everyone else has to take on trust.  But having a validation also changes your outlook: So it is REAL! 

Also I have often thought about the hyper-simulation thing. Now I have stood in my "hyper-simulation" and examined the scenery around me in microscopic detail. I have been in gardens, by streams, in cities, in houses, in locations which did not correspond to anything earthly etc etc, and I have been absolutely gob-smacked by the beauty, quality and detail of what I was seeing. I have stood in bustling city streets and observed the bricks and mortar in minute detail, the shiny shop windows and the wares on display, the appearance of people walking by, their clothes, hair and faces, the cars and buses gliding by, signs and adverts and so on and so on. I have walked through markets which don't exist on earth, with innumerable wonderful items on display.  Every corner I turned would present new delights to view.

If I were to sit at an easel with paints and canvas, even after a YEAR of imagination, I couldn't create even a tiny fraction of the detail I see every second whilst LD/APing.  If this is all created by my subconscious mind, then the CREATIVE power of that subconscious mind is INFINITE compared with my conscious creative mind. Either that or it's real.  For those reading, who have yet to experience an OBE, LD or AP, the visual feast is awesome.
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Agreed, catmeow. I'm an artist, and I went into this as an attempt to expand my creative abilities after having had just the tiniest taste of what was out there...or in there. It seemed like an awful shame to have a universe of potent creativity bubbling just beneath the surface of my waking mind without dipping a toe into it now and then! On my travels I tried not to judge what I was seeing...if it was generated by the wet sponge in my head, then fantastic! If not, then...fantastic! Either way it's valid and hugely important. Either 99% of the population live their lives without knowing a fraction of the potential inside them, or 99% of the population live in total ignorance of the cosmic setup surrounding them!

On the way though, these little validations kept popping up, pointing to some common reality behind everything. For years I'd had heavy 'false awakening' experiences, where naturally none of the light switches worked. If I'm wandering around an environment of my own creation, why would the lights not work as expected? If I looked carefully I could see a faint red glow in the bulb filaments, but that was all. So I just happened to stumble across an article written by another person who experienced exactly the same thing. And another, and another. Either we all had the same neural circuits in our heads, and those circuits applied the same rules to something invented only about a hundred years earlier...or we were all stumbling about the same environments.

Then the time travel experience happened, seeming so carefully constructed to show me something verifiable (right down to the very specific date), and now my position is 'well...there's something going on there!'


Hi spacewrangler, well expressed and also now you`re spooking me! I too have had the exact same light switch problem. In LDs (or APs or whatever they are) I am unable to operate light switches. I can flick the switch, but nothing happens.  At best I get a dim glow from the filament, just as you described. This started happening to me when I was very young, maybe 9 or 10 years old and before I started having LDs. Occasionally when I was a kid I would have `strange` dreams in which I was walking around my house. The atmosphere was eerie and I had difficulty moving, like wading through a thick fog. When I tried to turn the hall light on it would glow dimly. In these `fog dreams` I could never get a light to turn on. A few years later I discovered I had the identical problem with LDs. I have read accounts from others who have had the same light switch problems. So either there is more reality to these things than just subconscious ramblings, or else we are all wired that way, as you say.
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


The 'thick fog' you describe is spot-on as well. Moving around is like dragging yourself through treacle (sugar syrup...molasses...depending on where you're from.) The eerie feel is often there as well. I've heard it described as 'etheric' projection--a different grade of subtle body between the physical and astral. (I can't say if that's a 'real' concept but the experiences are all very similar, so as a shorthand it works for me.) I have a rough 'working theory' of that state--imagine a close duplicate of the real world where time slowed to a crawl but you could still move around--the lights would dim (lazy electrons, slow photons!) and the air would feel thick as you pushed through it. I've tried turning on the TV--it just gave out a low hum.

Have you ever tried looking in a mirror in that state? I've seen some pretty horrific/twisted versions of myself.


Yes, I've heard of the etheric projection idea too. It's a little out of fashion these days but what I experienced as a 9 year old many years ago is no respecter of fashion! Yes it was like walking through treacle EXACTLY as you described and everything seemed 'grey'. So there may be something in the etheric projection idea.  My LD/AP experiences which started when I was about 15 are much more sunny and upbeat, but I still can't turn a light on!

With regards to looking in a mirror I have done it many times. I usually see a slightly younger version of myself (idealised self image?) although I have occasionally seen a person who bore no similarity to me at all which comes as a shock when it happens. On one occasion I saw a very nice looking female (I'm male). I have occasionally seen no person (I didn't cast a reflection).  So I guess I usually see an idealised self image or else whatever I happen to be thinking of!
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


Just wanted to ask: does science actually aknowledge that validations from OBE's do actually occur? all the tests I read about with people attempting validations under labratory conditions seem to just fail but do validations really ever happen? its hard for me to believe that all the claims of OBE validations are false or fabricated. 

I am actually trying to find things on mainstream scientists talking about the whole thing but not found anything.


Quote from: Gummage on February 28, 2012, 08:44:38
Just wanted to ask: does science actually aknowledge that validations from OBE's do actually occur? all the tests I read about with people attempting validations under labratory conditions seem to just fail but do validations really ever happen? its hard for me to believe that all the claims of OBE validations are false or fabricated. 

I am actually trying to find things on mainstream scientists talking about the whole thing but not found anything.
Validations are not proof- if you read some of ours you will see that they are isolated incidents that show us we received information that was not available to us by any other way.  So logic dictates that it must have been acquired in the way we experienced it.
Scientific proof is a whole different animal- it requires falsifiability- that is, to follow a protocol that works 100% of the time under controlled circumstances- and if there is one fail it means it is not proven.  I can't imagine how AP or even RV can be held to such standards- therefore it cannot be scientifically proven.
And of course, since science does not acknowledge personal experience as proof, the theme is moot, IMO.


Quote from: Gummage on February 28, 2012, 08:44:38
Just wanted to ask: does science actually aknowledge that validations from OBE's do actually occur? all the tests I read about with people attempting validations under labratory conditions seem to just fail but do validations really ever happen?
There are no scientifically controlled experiments in which OBE validation has occurred to my knowledge. There have been studies conducted with Bob Monroe and Ingo Swann which were scientifically inconclusive. Swann was also investigated by the SRI in a series of remote viewing experiments which produced statistically very positive results. Pat Price was also tested at the SRI, by Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, and produced better results. However, the nature of ESP makes it difficult to repeat these experiments over and over again with the high levels of success required by science.

However, the best validations occur during NDE. These are almost always highly veridical, on those occasions where the NDEr describes events which can actually be verified. NDEs pose problems for mainstream science, since they appear to `prove` that powerful veridical lucid conscious experiences can occur whilst the physical brain is free of blood flow and electrical activity.

The most famous case is Pam Reynolds (youtube it). Pam Reynolds was on the operating table, fully instrumented, when the blood flow to her brain was shut off, the temperature was lowered and electrical activity in the cortex and brain stem stopped. When she was brought round she described people, procedures and instruments which were present/occurred/used, during the period when she had a completely non functioning brain, as confirmed by the instrumentation. This case can not be explained away as a hallucination occurring whilst she was being revived, since the information she provided was only available at a time when her brain, according to the instrumentation, was dead.

Most reasonable scientific commentators, admit that this case is inexplicable using mainstream scientific concepts. An actual change in scientific theories regarding the interaction of mind and brain is required. Pam Reynolds isn't the only case. There are more and more.  Hardened skeptics try their best to explain these away, but the truth is their explanations do not stack up. I am not saying that I am convinced that the mind can operate without a physical brain, but there are NO current scientific models which explain Pam Reynold's case.

So if it's strong validations you want, and veridical descriptions of events as seen from an OBE perspective, look into NDEs. There are thousands of cases!
The bad news is there's no key to the Universe. The good news is it's not locked. - Swami Beyondananda


Just wanted to know also......has there been any fairly recent tests trying to get validations? seems no one does it.