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Got a Pest- Need Help

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Hi Leyla

There's an article online here somewhere about countermeasures describing it, by Robert.

Have you tried the Core Image Removal? That is also in the article. It would prolly be the first route to take.

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Hi Donni
  Good advice! The same article also has the rapido energy methods. It will help clear them out also.


There is another post in the Energy Development Forum, titled "How to do mole removal?" ... it has the details listed therein, for mole removal, side effects and cautions.  Click on the link below, or cut and paste it into your browser address window.

Greg Taylor :)


Thank you all sooooo much!



Have been using it for over a week- and my neck/shoulder area  has _freaked_out_ the whole side has tightened up so that I can't turn my head and I'm having to take painkillers and sleep with a heating pad.
I'm hanging in there, because at least I know it's having an effect. I think I've ticked them off. If I keep it up they'll be forced to leave.


Hey Leyla I was curious how you knew what the creatures actually looked like.  Also what was the visible marking on the skin?

Also thanks for the update, I am interested to hear how it ends up.



I had been having trouble with the area for a while, and while drifting off into into sleep (body deeply relaxed and mind quiet) I saw them there buried in my shoulder, under the skin. This happened twice.
What I've drawn on is the circle with a equal armed cross in it, all four sides touching the circle.
It's much better now- two days after the flare up. I think I have them on the run.


Two little moth like creatures have buried themselves deep into my right shoulder. I've tried everything, they're stubborn. I heard about a ball point pen meathod- anyone know how to do it?