Alien abductors are negative spiritual entities...

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Interesting stuff. One of the things that stuck out was the use of bright lights to ward them off. Robert Bruce also suggests the use of bright lights to ward off "negs". There seems to be a connection of sorts. If i am not mistaken, i believe RB went on radio a while back and said something similar to what these people are saying i.e. abductions could be explained by beings somehow taking these folks OOB.
I also found this article;

of interest. I wonder if negs find it harder to manifest in UV light, hmmm. I need a sunbed.


I haven't gotten my hands on Robert's new book, but for those of you who have, does he mention alien-like beings at all?  I am interested to hear what he has to say about this phenomena.  

THanks for the link Mc Arthur...and by the way, you know the individual who wrote that "Noonday Devil" thing?

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I have thought about this a lot.  If you were to look at all of the abduction stories you would find the 2 common threads that decide real or not.  I would be more likely to believe that the actual number of abuductions is close to say 3% of all reported cases.

This train of thought started because of an experience I had.  It ran as a basic abuduction story and I could very easily turn it into one but I do not feel as if I was abducted.  I will not believe that one.  In fact a couple of the people I have told the story to have also said that I was abducted.  Again I state that  I DO NOT think that is the case.

I did not go to a ship but it was more like a research facility, and I just woke up there.  I didn't see anything until I got up and stated stumbling around.  Then I saw one of the things that was there.  To me the are recalled as just being extreamly non-descript humaniods.

I believe that the vast majority who have been "abducted" or rather claim to be have similar dreams/experiences and given the hoopla of space and all the shows and every thing, the "people" in it are turned into aliens for the sake of the dream.

David Rogalski
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Originally posted by PeacefulWarrior:
THanks for the link Mc Arthur...and by the way, you know the individual who wrote that "Noonday Devil" thing?

No. I just happened to stumble on his website while doing a search on Jinn Beings.
As for Alien-like beings, i think that negs (astal entities) seem to be able to shape-shift into whatever form suits thier purpose. Maybe it would more correct to say that they project thier image into the mind of the observer... ?


Some info on the book "Grand Illusions" by Greg Little:

Issue 3, Summer '95

Grand Illusions
by Dr. Gregory L. Little
reviewed by S. Miles Lewis

Dr. Little has done it again! Subtitled "The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual UFO Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancient Sites, and Other Enigmas," this book covers a lot of ground.
With this book Little has completed a sort of trilogy detailing the mechanisms of manifestation behind UFOs, angels, demons, and other apparitions. Far from debunking these encounters as simply hallucinations of the mind's eye, Little proposes that the witnesses often interact with physically real entities whose origin lies in Carl Jung's conception of the archetypes within humanity's collective unconscious. This is the kind of hypothesis which typically infuriates American UFOlogists because it undermines their hope and expectation for an extraterrestrial origin. But Little goes a long way to show he is not a psychological debunker by detailing his thorough investigations of specific Fortean cases. From apparent falls of worms from the sky to the "mysterious" disappearance of the Mississippi's Iron Mountain tugboat. He points out the shortcomings of purported government documents like the Majestic-12 papers and their researchers.

In Little's first book, The Archetype Experience, he brilliantly and succinctly illustrated how Jung (in Dr. Little's paradigm at least) conceived of archetypes as physical entities of psychic energy which have interacted with humanity for centuries. He also showed how the bulk of UFO reports, the 95% haystack, are intimately linked to Jung's concept of synchronicity which arose from his ideas about archetypes.

In People of the Web, Dr. Little extended his hypothesis into the realms of Native American studies. He examined stone circles, Indian mounds, and the ancient rituals that are linked to these sites. He presented a rich tapestry of Amerindian experience exemplified by the annual Massaum ceremony. It was during this 56 day ceremony that the Indians called down and communed with their gods.

With Grand Illusions, his third and most recent UFO book, Dr. Little has rounded out his theory, which could be called the "GeoPhysical Manifestation of Jungian Archetypes." In his first book he briefly mentioned the geophysical theories put forth by Dr. Michael Persinger and he has continued to reference Persinger's ongoing psychotronics research. Yet Dr. Little has strangely avoided any mention of British research into the Earth Lights Hypothesis.

Little presents a sober hypothesis integrating earth energies, brain chemistry, fairy lore, Jungian psychology, and journalist John Keel's ideas of UFOs as ultraterrestrial shape shifting entities of energy.

He details several American flap areas including the notorious Gulf Breeze hot zone. He astutely suggest that it is the perfect stage for a sociological experiment in civilian reaction to UFOs. A telling proposition considering that areas history of psychotronics/navy communications research. Particularly in light of Vallee's revelation of similarly proposed experiments suggested by the now infamous Battelle University memo he cites in his last book Forbidden Science.

Again Little provides much food for thought in his analysis of the near death experience as it relates to UFOs and the NDE Osiris cults of Egypt. He links the use of the pyramid to out-of-body-experiences induced by the cults' priests as a rite of passage to the Great Pyramid's alignments with Orion.

My only "gripes" about this book are these:

-Firstly, Little holds to John Keel's humorous explanation of the Roswell debris as the remains of a Japanese Fugo balloon. While I admit to having no clue as to the "true" nature of the wreckage I feel safe in keeping the fugo explanation far down on the list of probabilities.

-Little is a big fan of Keel's and references much of Keel's works. Yet when it comes to explaining possible links between unmarked helicopters and the modern UFO myth he writes it off as pure coincidence. It was Keel who proposed that certain phantom aircraft were direct manifestations of the UFO phenomena within his book UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse. And Dennis Stillings has utilized a Jungian perspective in his fantastic articles detailing the powerful symbolism of the helicopter in connection to UFO events.

-Lastly, Greg Little dismisses cattle mutilations as simple misidentification of predator attacks and satanic rituals. While I am convinced by some of his arguments (specifically the documentary/experiment where a surveillance camera caught natural predators "creating" a carcass identical to the typical cattle mute within a 24 hour period) I must wonder why an immanent scientist like Jacques Vallee would spend his valuable time on such misidentifications. And what about pre-modern era accounts of mutilations in connection with paranormal manifestations? Are we dealing with living folklore here as well? Thomas Bearden and Dennis Stillings both wrote fantastic articles about the inherent symbolism of these mutilations and the fear generated within our collective consciousness by these terrors. [see The Anomalist #2 ] I still think the possibility remains that some agency could be perpetrating at least some of these horrific mutilations in order to scare ranchers off their land and out of business, perhaps as part of an AgricCorporate Conspiracy or as an attempt by the government to "discredit the ufo phenomena, instilling doubt as to the beneficence of the aliens."

Despite these remarks I highly recommend Dr. Little's latest book. He is a fine researcher who will open many people's minds to the incredible possibilities that are evident within these strange phenomena.

The book is replete with fancifully shocking artwork by John Michael McCarthy as well as photographs and diagrams that help capture the subject matter detailed within Dr. Little's well written text.

Greg Little can be contacted through the fabulous magazine:

PO Box 9972
Memphis, TN 38190

by Dr. Gregory L. Little
271 pages, 6 X 9 trade softcover, color cover
Line Illustrations by John Michael McCarthy
Foreword and Afterword by Brent Raynes
Extensive Index, highly illustrated
Retail Price: $19.95; Published 1994
ISBN: 0-940829-10-X
In Grand Illusions Dr. Greg Little continues to solve and piece together the most profound enigmas into a comprehensive and understandable theory. Grand Illusions is Dr. Little's third book on bizarre phenomena following his earlier The Archetype Experience (1984) and People of the Web (1990). Profusely illustrated, Grand Illusions takes its readers on an adventure through reports of crashed saucers and alien intervention, conspiracies in government and ufology, solving mysterious disappearances of ships and strange appearances of glowing objects and apparitions, through ancient and modern sexual abductions, and into the world of science. Sacred Native American sites and ceremonies, the Cult of Osiris, near death experiences, Satanic rituals and the core of Masonic belief are all explored. Following the writings of Dr. Carl Jung and author John Keel, Little shows how abductions, apparitions, and UFO phenomena are phenomena stemming from the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Grand Illusions is not all pleasant reading, and the implications of the electromagnetic spectrum manifestations are profoundly sobering.

In Grand Illusions:

The Disappearance of the Enigmatic Riverboat Iron Mountain Is Solved

Images of the Dead Emerge From Mirrors

Haunted Houses Come Alive Scientifically

The Scientific Search for the Soul Is Revealed

Native American Visions of the Little People Are Detailed

Ancient Incubus and Succubus Reports Are Explained

Sexual UFO Abductions Are Explained

Cattle Mutilations Are Explained

Rituals That Interact With The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Satanic Rituals Revealed

Brain Chemistry and the Electromagnetic Spectrum Made Understandable

Near Death Experiences Explained

The Real Use of the Great Pyramid

Shamanic Powers Explained

The Reality of Heaven and Hell

The Core of Masonic Beliefs

Reviews —

"His intriguing beliefs for me have melded science and spirituality into a rational and understandable theory. If he is right, it is the greatest discovery in the history of the world." —Mike Masterson, Editor, Northwest Arkansas Times, November 17, 1996

"...a new big step at confirming the incredible. 'The answers to UFOs lie not in the visitations of beings like us. Something far deeper and profound is going on.' ...presents systematic but provocative ideas about UFOs that include expansion of Carl Jung's ideas. ...Little surveys abductions through the ages, the biochemistry of the brain, the zealous search for God by some, and tales of little people. A rational, convincing and scary clincher."— The Book Reader, Summer 1994

"Fortean writer and psychologist Dr. Gregory Little continues his quest begun with People of the Web: a quest in search of crashed saucers, glowing apparitions, sexual abductions, government conspiracies, and more strange goings on. ...looks at various phenomena as stemming from the electromagnetic energy spectrum... Heaven and Hell, haunted houses, near death experiences..." — Adventures Unlimited, Fall 1995

"the culmination of a trilogy of works by one of America's most freethinking ufologists. ...Words are not minced and punches not pulled. ...You should add this instant classic to your bookshelf." — Strange Magazine, 1995

"...clears out some of the dross that holds back and devalues our work...he sets an example of what more of us should be doing." — Kevin McClure, Promises & Disappointments, 1995

"If it's insight into the human condition you're after, you want this book." —Bob Girard, Arcturus Book Service, 1994

"...a thought-provoking book ... devoid of tedious jargon... Highly recommended." — Leading Edge Reviews, 1994

Termed one of the six best UFO books ever published. — John Keel, Fate Magazine, 1998
To order by fax (901) 785-7592 by mail send to:
Eagle Wing,Books, Inc
P.O. Box 9972
Memphis, TN 38190

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Originally posted by PeacefulWarrior:

Brain Chemistry and the Electromagnetic Spectrum Made Understandable

Sounds like an interesting read, shame its out of print. Must be a popular book, it sold 800,000 on amazon!
I would be interested in what he has to say about EM & Brain chem.


I remember a little bit about what he said in regards to that....he talked about some element that is found in the human brain that has to do with electricity and magnetism---magnite or something?  Anyway, high concentrations of this same element have been found in the top of the Aztec pyramids and in the middle of Native American medicine wheels (places of supposed great spiritual power, etc.)  

I found the book at my local library.  I bet it's still available somewhere, maybe on the net.

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We shall not cease from our exploration, and at the end of all our exploring, we shall arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T.S. Elliot
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best things to do regarding negative beings.
use protection.
use your intuition. does the being make you feel uncomfortable.
use symbols of protection
place a symbol of light or protection around the beings neck. if the being is truly negative it will flee. if it is not negative the symbol will make it stronger.
if you know how to use protection and symbols to ward yourself, these negative beings will leave as soon as you see them. Some symbols can be used to destroy them. Negative beings have no compassion, nor will they show mercy. It's too bad that there are beings including humans who become negative.
i believe astral projection is the key to greater strength and awareness.
if something looks like a person tell it to identify itself. if it doesn'tidentify itself then you should call upon your spirit protector as well as use a symbol of protection
The idea that fairies are evil comes from the days when this world was conquered by the chirstian religion. Religions bred intolerance.


Hi all,
I'm an abductee/experiencer. Have been in the grey breeding program for about 20 years. Have had contact with all sorts of off earth beings, future earth beings. I'm an active obe'r and the experiences are different. Aliens are here and interacting with us on all sorts of levels. they do come as positive and negative beings just like we do...sometimes a mixture of both. Most of the time they're just curious about us.
I'm here to tell you that they are here...there's not doubt about it.


For those of you whop may have thought I was coming out of left field with this, or thought it really didn't have much practical application towayds p. defense, check out what Robertwrote recently under his post regarding the show he is doing tomorrow:

"The interview with Whitley should be very interesting and I'm really looking fwd to it. We share a lot of similar experiences, including ET abductions and Neg attacks, etc. If you read his books, especially 'Communion' and 'Transformation', and change the word 'Visitor' to 'Neg', you'll see its clear we are talking about the same thing. However, not all of Whitley's 'visitor' encounters have been negative, as you will see if you read his books.

As for ET's, well, I have been physically abducted twice that I know of. I have also encountered some ET types during OBE's. I also once encountered what could only be called 'The Men in Black'. We'll probably discuss some of these on the radio show. I'll write up the stories on these one day when 'I have time. I have not so far written of my ET encounters for various reasons, but feel more comfortable talking about it after talking with Whitley and his wife, Anne.

Oh, I have written to Jeff Rense, offering to do a radio interview. But people like Jeff and..."

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We shall not cease from our exploration, and at the end of all our exploring, we shall arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T.S. Elliot
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This post goes along with the "Noon day devil" post and regards negative entities that take on the guise of advanced alien races when they psychically attack individuals:

I used to be curious about the chance that other beings were traveling to our planet from far away.  I would go to the library and check out dozens of books about UFO's etc and then skim through them and read about the various accounts and experiences people have had.  Then about six months ago or so I came accross a book entitled "Grand Illusions", the name of the author evades me right now, but I believe his surname is Little, anyway, this man- a renound scientist and writer extraorinaire, studied UFO's and aliens for decades and then wrote this book which explains what he calls the EMT- Electro-magnetic [Spectrum] Theory.   His basically explains how our reality, what we can physically see, is only a small peice of the larger electro-magentic/vibrational spectrum (something we all understand despite the different terms- whether they be new age terms or scientific).  Anyway, in his book he looks at the various classification of negative beings that have reared their ugly heads throughout history and in different cultures (ie. the elves, the incibus, witches and fairies of the middle ages, the creatures and devils of the native americans and then finally the aliens of our present generations).  He basically says that these are negs that take on whatever guise they feel is best suited for the current generation.  For the most part today people have progresses beyond the typical archetypal images that plauged mankind in the past (not to say these images/symbols, etc. are no less real or valid), therefore people are less likely to see/believe in and be "tricked by these type of beings.  Now a "neg" would appear as some advanced, technologically superior being in order to threaten and attack a potential victim- sometimes even "floating the unsuspected person" out of his or her body, all the while the individual not being familiar with OBE, etc. thinks he or she is being abducted by an alien...and not knowing he or she has the power to stop it they don't and WALLAH we have negs doing horrendous things to these helpess people.  Luckily most of the time they don't even download the memories back into their waking conscious---but sometimes they stumble upon them through hypnosis, etc.

Does any of this make sense?  (and please excuse my prose, I am typing fast and not giving much heed to the grammatical and mechanical errors I am no doubtedly making)

I copied the following info from   This site itself and the number of hits it and similar sites are receiving is proof enough that many people are being "attacked" and/or "abducted" by negative entities.  Anyway, take a look for yourself:

Alien Abductions, How To Prevent

We will not spend any time at all discussing "are abductions by aliens (or something that
resembles aliens) real", because, if you are currently being abducted, you know it is REAL!

Is this below happening to you?...

You are being abducted often by what seems like aliens. They come after you go to bed and soon after
(or just before) you begin to sleep, paralyze you and float you out of bed, maybe even through your
solid wall!

This free site presents, without hype and nonsense, methods that have worked for others in stopping what
seems to be alien abduction. This site is free. No fees, no membership. It's biggest use is as an
"idea-center" or "brain-storming" arena, but first...

If you are expecting another abduction soon, maybe tonight...
What you may not realize is chances are very good your "abduction" is of an "astral" type or spiritual
type, not real flesh and blood extraterrestrial aliens. The real aliens DO exist, but they really have no need
for this nonsense; they are not responsible. Okay, answer these questions quickly:

    Does the abduction begin with you waking up paralyzed and maybe with some kind of buzzing or
    other weird noise?
    Do impossible things happen like being floated out in any way?
    Are you floated through something solid like a ceiling, wall or closed door or window?
    Do the "aliens" seem to "fade in"; that is, materialize?
    Are they "classic aliens", that is, light grayish or maybe, bluish, small, spindly, have large heads and
    large slanted eyes? [They might also look like reptiles. OR... they could even be good looking
    blond-haired people (Nordic characteristics)?]

If you answered yes to even a couple of above, your abduction is not by actual UFO aliens (even if you
see a ship (UFO); another one of their tricks) it is being done astrally. Don't ask how or why, just follow
the emergency methods below to stop your abductions NOW!

                    - Emergency Anti-Abduction Procedures -
     Do not question why or how, just do them! You may be able to stop further abduction!
 Don't argue! Just do as many of these as you can! ...

      Leave bright light on; in your room, hallway, and other rooms where Children or others sleep. Or everybody sleep
      in same room. If you have a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for use with computers, plug the lamp into that.
      (In case abductions include power disruption)
      Hurry and buy or rustle up fast, before tonight, some kind of warning buzzer that will alarm you if the power goes
      If you have floor fans and/or table fans, bring them into your room and turn them all on, air-stream directed away
      from you of course. It would be great if one or more fan could be plugged into a UPS.
      Keep a flashlight with fresh batteries beside you in bed (sleep with it!).
      If you have an attic fan, turn it on.
      Spread salt all around your bed; surround it entirely.
      If you have access or can buy quickly (by tonight) the essence of an herb called Yarrow (achillea millefolium),
      spread it around your bed-room.
      If nobody is pregnant in your house, also buy essence of an herb called pennyroyal (hedeoma pulegioides) and
      spread it around your bed-room.
      Sleep with iron bars nearby or preferably, next to you. A crucifix made of iron would be good too.
 Additionally If you believe in God or Allah or other Spiritual beings...

      Pray to God, earnest prayer, to stop the abduction. Get quiet, clear your mind and pray in a room by yourself to
      God who is unseen.
      You could also pray to an Angel, like St. Michael
      Sleep with a Bible or Quran next to you.
      Sleep with a big picture of Jesus seemingly watching over you. [Something like the "Sacred Heart" would be great!]
      After laying down to bed, go ahead and close your eyes then visualize:
      A source of White Light, coming from the heavens and concentrating, like funnelling, into the top of your head.
      Direct (imagine) the White Light filling your head, proceeding into your neck, into your shoulders, down your arms
      into your hands and fingers. Then direct the White Light down your torso, into your legs, and on into your feet and
      toes. Then "over-fill" and push the White Light outward. Finish up by picturing yourself surrounded by a cocoon of
      White Light the surface of which is a few inches out from any spot on your body.
      Keep this in mind: The beings doing the abduction are deep in sin, and you have a God-Given right, an Inalienable
      Right, to be left alone. ASSERT IT!!!
 If all else fails, or you fail to implement the above in time and end up abducted, retain this bit of knowledge and use the
 procedure below...

      When you are abducted, it is your energy-body that is taken, not your physical. This is similar to out-of-body
      projection except that it is forced. Out of body travelers get back simply by thinking "Go physical, now" or "Return
      to physical body" or similar. Return is always instant...
      If you find yourself in the middle of an abduction, remember above then think (say if you can) forcefully to yourself
      (not them; you don't care about them) with all the conviction you ever have mustered:

      The abductors (the greys, Nordics or whatever) may respond with "We don't care about your God! Resistance is
      useless!" or something like that.
      You could retort, "Aw shaddup! Who asked you!?"
      Be MEAN! Be a bad-butt mother-****!

      But anyway, best to just IGNORE THEM! No matter what they say or what kind of high-pitched noise they
      make; continue saying it or thinking it to the exclusion of everything else until it works. Say it ten times, a hundred
      times, a THOUSAND TIMES! DEMAND IT!!!

The rest of this site will first expand on the ideas above and introduce many other "Resistance Methods"
that are effective but require mental preparation.

Consider these a set of "starter" ideas; think of this site as a brain-storming center; an "idea repository" on
ways to combat abduction. This and following parts are merely a "starter-core". Many methods presented
             are based largely on Ann Druffel's book, How To Defend Yourself Against Alien

             This book is refered to often.

             From here, it is hoped experiencers will write in with methods they have tried and their
             experiences in general. (Serious ones only, please. We are not fooling around here.
Superfluous or silly entries to the discussion page (below) will be deleted.) Hopefully, those that wish the
abductions to stop can do so.

The following kinds of entries are most welcome:

    Any kind of resistance method (and how did it work for you if you did try it yourself)
    ANY kind of abduction situation... AND...
    Self initiated (controlled) Out-Of-Body experiences. (Which is relevant to discussion here, details
    The posting of dates and locations of any kind of Alien-Abduction-related meeting, workshop or any
    other function is welcome!


 1.Introduction to Out-Of-Body experiences and the "Second Body" (also called Energy-Body or
 2.Just what are these creatures? and Jinns? (And Fairies, Brownies, Medveds and a host of other
 3.Methods of Resistance to Alien Abduction!
 4.Yes, there ARE real extraterrestrial aliens, their ships, and even a handful of actual physical alien
    abductions. Read about what my Father saw!...
 5.Okay, so the alien abductors are Jinns... but are some of THEM extraterrestrial?

 6.On to the User input page! This is where you can share your alien abduction resistance method,
       alien abduction experience, out-of-body experience or date and time for alien-abduction-related
                               meetings, workshops and other functions.
                                          CLICK HERE!

 7.More Resources; Books, Websites or Radio shows that may have more material about Alien
    Abduction phenomenon


LINKS to other related or related-interests sites
(Email us if you have a related site and it will be added here)

    Explore and Explain the Alien/UFO Enigma!
    (Old site, will soon discontinue) Zo's Lit and Artwork OR
    (New Site) Zo's Lit and Artwork, A fascinating site with accounts of out-of-body, encounters with
    non-physical Beings, UFO-related, reincarnation and more!

    Alien On The Run is a no-nonsense site actually dedicated to "Taking Back The Night!" from
    invasive... what-ever-they-are.
    It IS interesting to note, that no matter how much this phenomenon is ignored by just about ALL
    "news services" and laughed at by many common folk, it persists simply because IT REALLY
    HAPPENS! I guess the only way one can get serious about it, is if it is happening to YOU, or
    (usually) to someone close to you.
    Just what ARE those things!?!? Our site, the site below, and many others are a-buzz with just that
    question. It is anybody's theory!
    YESTERNITE is a site dedicated to intelligent discussion of unexplained phenomena.
    YESTERNITE tries to strip away the hype, the wild conspiracy theories, and the sensationalism of
    unexplainable stories to try to piece together explanations of what's going on around us.
    What can be said about the alien and UFO phenomenon that hasn't already been said thousands of
    times? Not much. The bottom line is that, no matter the belief system - religion, science, or
    superstition - countless individuals (author included) have seen bizarre objects cross our skies. Click
    here for and begin exploring!

    The Antenna Conspiracy...
    Covert Government Experiment or Alien Invasion? Check out:
    I have been working with 4 investigators and 15 abductees. My device works. My site tells you how
    to make it with 22 photos and step-by-step instructions, where to buy the materials and the tools
    Michael Menkin

    The following article "The Jinn From A Scientific Viewpoint" by Chris Line issued by FSR Vol.34
    No.4 is quit informative, check it out...
    It is at: here

    Please visit and check out:
    I have just started directing Project Resistance Texas so I am trying to gather information.

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We shall not cease from our exploration, and at the end of all our exploring, we shall arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
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