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HI lucid,

i had a similar question a while back on the old forums when robert first told us about CIR. I'll repost it here;

I have a few questions i want to ask, and a few thoughts to share as i ponder my own questions.
Having tried the Core image removal technique a few times i am wondering about a few things. I actually caught myself *wanting* my core image to be hard to turn over (thus implying it was an attachment) because of my ongoing experiences with inorganic beings, and my *need* to get rid of them and feel *cleaner*. This technique seems to be of quite a high/deep level (IMHO) and i think it could definitely have some very beneficial affects on one's personal psyche etc. but how many people will be able to tell from a real CIA (Core Image Attachment :) talk about secretive eh? lol) and a *desired* one?

Forgive me if a ramble but i am trying to write this stuff down quickly before i lose track. In the book "Transcendental Magic" by Eliphas Levi (he was a 19th century Catholic priest turned Occultist) he says in chapter IV -- "We have said that there is no personal devil. It is a misdirected force, as the name indicates*" --there is a footnote to this statement which says---

"* Should, however, a decision of some future council affirm that the devil exists personally, i should defer because of my principles. I have said that the word creates that which it affirms. Now, the church is depository of the authority of the word: when it shall have affirmed not only the real, but personal existence of the devil, the devil will exist personally; *the Roman Catholic Church will have created it* "

Now, of course, Levi knew that certain beings did exist, but what i think he is getting at here is the creation of "Thought forms" or "artifical elementals", either by oneself, or collectively as a society.
Dion Fortune mentions this in her book "Psychic self defense"(Ch. 4- Projection of the Etheric Body) to quote a part-

"The next type of psychic attack which we must consider is that coducted by means of artificial elementals. These are distinguished from thought-forms by the fact that, once formulated by the creative mind of the magician, they possess a *distinct and independant life of their own,* though strictly conditioned as to nature by the concept of their creator. The life of these creatures is akin to that of an electric battery, it slowly leaks out by means of radiation. and unless recharged periodically, will finally weaken and die out"

The question i have in my mind right now is-- "Just how much of an independent life of thier own do these humanly created beings have?"-- are we 'ourselves' responsible (collectively) for some of the nasty negs that seem to be lurking 'out there'? If they are somewhat independent, are they able to realize their impending doom due to loss of energy and thus become 'thought created energy vampires' to prolong thier own existence? (for some reason i just had a thought about the film 'Bladerunner').
Dion then goes on to tell us of one of her own experiences where she inadvertantly created one of these beings herself, she says--

"I myself once had an exceedingly nasty experience in which i formulated a were-wolf accidentally. Unpleasant as the incident was, i think it may be just as well to give it publicly, for it shows what may happen when an insufficiently *disciplined and purified nature* is handling occult forces.
I had recieved serious injury from someone who, at considerable cost to myself, i had disinterestedly helped, and i was sorely tempted to retaliate. Lying on my bed resting one afternoon, i was brooding over my resentment, and while so brooding, drifted towards the borders of sleep. There came to my mind the thought of casting off all restraints and going berserk. The ancient Nordic myths rose before me, and i thought of Fenris, the wolf horror of the North. Immediately i felt a curious drawing-out sensation from my solar plexus, and there materialized besides me a large wolf. It was a well-materialized ectoplasmic form...... I had had enough experience of practical occultism to know that the thing i had called into visible manifestation could be controlled by my will provided i did not panic; but if i lost my nerve and it got the upper hand, *i had a Frankenstein monster to cope with*"

Now Dion had done this accidentally through the state of her mind at the time. My question now is, how easy is it for this type of thing to happen even to those not familiar with the occult?
I read a couple of weeks ago about a young woman shouting abuses at the Pope, it was reported that she was possessed, and the Pope blessed her etc but she just shouted back in a deep voice "See, not even your boss can control me"
I am also wondering about the "Speaking in tongues" phenomena of some of the more bizarre Churches. People will roll about on the floor talking in strange tongues, then after its over the congregation treat them like a celebrity because "speaking in tongues" is supposed to show you have been favoured by the Holy Spirit. Mass hypnosis, hysteria, self delusion, touched by spirit (what kind?) fake or a combination of these??
On a light note (sort of), Dion Fortunes materialization of the beast she thought of, reminds me of the film "Ghost Busters". Near the end they are on top of a Gothic building fighting the dark forces etc. my memory of it is fuzzy but for some reason they all have to "NOT THINK OF ANYTHING" keep their minds clear ("disciplined and purified nature"?). Unfortunately one of them fails in this task and thought of, what to him was harmless, Mr Marshmellow Man. And sure enough, a giant Marshmellowman comes stomping down the street. Do ya still think Ghostbuster movie was just for fun?
To continue, Dion had to re-absorb this created Wolf form before it severed itself from her, which she did manage. But how many times may this have happened to people, and they had not been able to control it and it went its merry way?

How does this relate to core image removal? Well, i have had a LOT of psychic disturbance over the past few years, i need not go into details, but this would make me wonder how many Image type attachments i may have. The main question i have is- how much does the persons state of mind affect what they find while trying Image Core Removal? What if someone believes they have an attachment of this kind, when actually they dont? Will one be created by thier belief- similar to Levi's devil? Or created in thought form similar to Dion's Wolf? How much of a mysticly trained mind does one need to recognize a real core image from a desired/illusary one?

This may just be me, but i *did* catch myself *wanting* the core image to be hard to turn over, because then i may be able to attack my attached entity, whether imagined or real. I hope this is taken in the way it is meant, as feedback not necessarily criticism, i know i have a lot of questions :)
One more thing for Robert. I have read that one of the highest reasons for Adepts that study the Kabbalah to use the Tree of life, is to enter the darker realm of the Qlippoth (sp?) to help release the divine sparks imprisoned there, and eventually bring about the Messianic Era. Could this and CIR be of a similar nature (as well as the Soul Retrieval by Shamans that Chromed pointed out in his/her post)? Are these also similar to delving into the dark recesses of our unconscious mind, or maybe even at the collective unconscious level? How much knowledge and training is required for such feats?
Migene Gonzalez Whippler says in her book "A Kabbalah for the Modern World"---

"It should always be remembered that all Kabbalistic work takes place in the Astral world, which is the realm of *imagination*. The Astral World is formed of the astral light which is the malleable energy used by kabbalists to *build his images*. Everything that happens in the material world is first formed in the astral. That is why *careful hold should be kept at all times on the imagination*, because every stray thought is building-material in the Astral world, and we can unknowingly surround ourselves with a slew of potentially destructive vibrations if we do not take proper precautions".

Those precautions include some of which you have mentioned about before Robert. Fasting and purification-- and also, "refraining from impure thoughts, avoiding contact with dead matter and refraining from sexual activities at least 24 hours before the *Ceremony* ".
The word Ceremony seems important here. If core image removal is working on a higher level, similar to working on the kabbalistic tree, is it not also a magical ceremony? If so, maybe some basics for casting a circle and/or Banishing rituals should be done before and after CIR, what do you think?


Hi Lucid-

I have had numerous successes w/RB's core image removal techniques- freeing up energy, breaking mental patterns, removing attachments etc. I dont think you will have trouble in the beginning, some of the images that might come to mind may be created by yourself but still useful as a "handle" to remove something.

On a side note, ill share an unusual CIR related story (this was my first attempt)- I turned off the lights, relaxed my body, went into a light trance/mediative state and began the exercise. As I was going through the process (finding/severing/destroying the image) I began hearing the sound of papers rustling on the other end of the room. I continued with it and shortly after heard the sounds of heavy furniture sliding . I still continued doing the CIR and lost my concentration when a poster loudly fell off my wall and landed on me. Once my nerves were settled, i finished the CIR process and an angry/hateful childs voice screamed obscenities into my left ear.

Come to think of it, my only advice to anyone is to leave the light on or do it during the day. Good luck to anyone interested in this techinque, take care


lucid dancer

Hi Mike!   That's your first post, but you hardly seem new.  I still haven't practiced this technique. I'm working through my fears, and want to have a few religious things memorized.  Your post made me think twice about practicing at night.  I didn't believe anything like that could happen on a first try.   Wow!

lucid dancer

I'm still reading the book.  I think I'm taking my time, because I don't have any other good books to read. Anyway, I was curious about core images. I understand the concept, but haven't actually went through the excersize.  I'm wondering if I'll have trouble in the begining. Now that I know that I might see  symbolism of negs, I might create the image myself.  How can I distinguish what's real?  Has anyone had trouble getting started?