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Developing Psychic Powers

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Hello everyone,

I have today launched a new set of books dedicated to Developing Psychic Powers.

A copy of the newsletter is attached below.

Kind regards,


Those who have Our Ultimate Reality, and many of you receiving this
newsletter today, will have read my chapter on "Psychics".

Many of you who know me, or read the forums, will already know of my
considerable and increasing concern at what has become nothing less
than a disgrace, and probably the biggest single scam on the
Internet today. I am referring to the so called "psychic hotlines".

10 years ago it was very difficult to locate and verify a person
with genuine psychic powers that could be reliably and accurately
used for others, and who would actually be willing to provide a
"psychic reading".

Such a quest would involve the making of many enquiries in the
right places, obtaining the names of psychics by referral and
recommendation from others, following up references and finally,
only after everything is confirmed as genuine, contacting the
psychic and booking a "sitting". Even then the wait for a sitting
could often be weeks or even months for an exceptional psychic.

Then along came the Internet and all of a sudden there appears
thousands of "psychics", usually with mystical sound names like
"Clairvoyant Clare", "Tarot Tom", "Psychic Sue", "Mystic Maisie",
or even names like "Family Speciality Psychic", not to mention
numerous other totally contrived and very pretentious names.

These people can be found on "psychic hotline" web pages, listed
with their premium rate telephone numbers costing up to $5 per
minute or more, along with a mystical looking photograph, which is
often fake, and tempting you will all manner of claims and promises.

Can this situation be real?

The answer is; absolutely not! There is no question about it.

In my view, from my own research and analysis, many of these so
called "live hotline psychics" are nothing more than opportunists,
con people and charlatans who have discovered the perfect scam. It
is the perfect scam because it is the only scam that cannot be
conclusively proven one way or the other.

I have discovered during my extensive research into this matter
that many of these people are out-of-work actors and similar who
have been trained in the art known as "Cold Reading".

Here is the official dictionary definition of "Cold Reading":

"Cold reading is a technique used by salespeople, interrogators,
hypnotists, psychics, graphologists, palmists, astrologers, con-men
etc. to convince another person that they know more about them than
they actually do. Generally, the cold reader will make a series of
vague statements, will observe the subject's reactions, and then
will refine the original statements according to those reactions.
The technique is sometimes applied in order to falsely convince an
audience that the reader possesses psychic abilities".

This is a very accurate reflection of Internet "psychic hotlines".

Others are people who simply register with a psychic hotline
service, give themselves a glitzy name and fake photo, and simply
answer the phone at home whenever it rings for another client.

Here is how it works: the dollars per minte premium rate telephone
numbers listed on Internet websites are automatically re-directed
to the house of the psychic reader, who will then simply pick up
the call whenever a client phones.

Very often these "psychics" are totally unprepared, because they
really do not know whether it is a client phoning, or simply a
friend or relative.

So these so called "psychics" are often doing the housework, making
meals or even tending to a very young child when the phone rings
from another psychic hotline client. How can anyone, even with
genuine psychic abilities, suddenly, at a moments notice, switch
from doing one of these,often stressful tasks to providing an
accurate, thoughtful, and sensitive "psychic reading".

The answer quite simply is they cannot. Yet the client is still
expected to pay dollars per minute for the privilege with
absolutely no recourse when the "reading turns out to be a total

Worse, the "psychic hotline" industry has become so huge, with
billions of dollars at statek, that the operators of the "psychic
hotline" services have sometimes become little more than pimps.

They recruit teams of "psychic readers", without any verification
of their psychic abilities, and then put huge pressure on them to
"perform" and make money. They use all manner of tactics to ensure
their "team" makes plenty of money for them, much of which is
similar to "vice", including the "client" being a secondary
consideration, only existing as a source of profit.

Underperforming, in terms of profit, "psychic readers" are
punished, often financially or by being placed down the "ratings"
where they will receive fewer calls from clients, and getting paid
less for the calls they do receive.

So there is always considerable pressure on "psychic readers" to
place the emphasis on profit raher than the needs of the client,
many of who are vulnerable, desperate and often grieving for a lost
loved one.

These so called "psychic hotline services" are nothing more than
modern day, electronic "fortune telling", but instead of being
treated as light entertainment, they are taken very seriously.

Of course, if they are approached from this perspective, for
example for pure entertainment, or just to have a chat with someone
to make you feel better when you feel you cannot speak with someone
close to you, then that is fine; providing they are used in that

These psychic hotlines often offer a few minutes for free. During
these minutes the "psychic" will hook the client by making
statements designed to make the client want to know more.

Many of them use tricks to get people to keep telephoning. For
example; they will state that something important to the client
will happen by a certain date. When it does not happen the client
will anxiously phone back to find out what happened, only to be
given a plausible explanation and yet another date.

And so it goes on.

I could continue with similar examples for pages. Instead however I
have prepared a 38 page document entitled "The Psychic Report",
which details the entire psychic hotline scam, how to thwart a
psychic every time, and how to proceed safely.

The Psychic Report can be obtained from:

It is not only psychic hotlines, it seems that many of the high
profile "television" or "stage" psychics are using similar cold
reading methods with large audiences.

For example, a very well known television psychic, when asked by an
often distraught member of the audience as to the whereabouts of a
missing person, always says words to the effect of "I see water,
lots of water"; implying the person had drowned and never been
found. This of course sounds plausible and cannot be disproven.

On one show she said "I see water; lot of water" to a grieving lady
in the audience who asked if she could tell her the whereabouts of
her missing son. The lady in the audience then said; "but he was
last seen in a burning building". The "psychic" then replied "he is
with me now and tells me that it was due to the fireman's hose".

This really is totally unacceptable. These are real people with
real issues, often having lost loved ones, who are being cynically,
used for popular entertainment and cynical sensationalism.

The Psychic Report, which I wrote after considerable investigation
over two years, will reveal everything you need to know about the
"psychic industry"; again the page to obtain your gratis copy is:

Many people have asked,and continue to ask me whether psychic
powers are genuine, if anyone can develop them, and if so how.

The answer is a very emphatic yes!

This is one of the most unfortunate aspects of the psychic hotline
scam industry. The participants, most of whom have made zero
effort to even understand what psychic powers really are, much less
taken the time to learn and practice them, are causing generally
people to lose faith and belief in the existence of psychic
abilities. People are totally disillusioned and understandably so.

The fact is, psychic powers really do exist and anyone at all can
learn how to develop them with the right information. Everyone,
without exception has latent psychic abilities, which, once
developed, can be totally relied upon, and can be used for your own
purposes at any time and anywhere at will.

Two years ago I came to the conclusion therefore that if I am to
show people the truth about "psychic hotline" services, it is also
equally important to show people how to develop your own, natural,
psychic powers, powers which everyone, without exception possesses.

I have therefore prepared the "Developing Psychic Powers" course,
which has been very carefully constructed to give you the very best
possible opportunity of developing your own, natural psychic powers.

Again, full details at:

The Developing Psychic Powers course leaves absolutely nothing out.
In this series of three books absolutely every possible aspect of
Developing Psychic Powers is encompassed in considerable detail.

These same methods have been used for decades by people of all
ages, circumstances and general abilities to learn a wide range of
psychic powers, and I guarantee that there is no better, more
extensive or more comprehensive course for developing psychic
powers available anywhere.

Those who have acquired my other books and book collections will
know that I never compromise in any way, and that the books contain
everything I state they contain, and numerous testimonials are a
witness to that fact. Plain and simple, if I did not sincerely
believe this to be absolutely true, I would not offer them at all.

Soon I will be making each book in the series available separately,
but to celebrate the launch I am, for a short time, offering all
three books for the price of two.

Further, by purchasing soon you will also receive, absolutely free,
two additional books that compliment the main books perfectly;
these books alone are normally worth $74.

Not only that, but anyone taking advantage of this opportunity
will, again for a short time only to celebrate the launch of
Developing Psychic Powers, also receive three further mystery
gifts, not mentioned on the web page, worth an additional $111.

So in summary, here is what you can receive for a short time only
to celebrate the launch of Developing Psychic Powers:

Psychic Power Secrets
Clairvoyance Power Secrets
Telekinesis Power Secrets


Psychomancy Power Secrets
Mental Power Secrets


Three additional valuable mystery gifts.

Plus: a $30 discount from the ongoing price.

A total value of $326 for a short time only.

I will not take anymore space today in this newsletter telling you
about Developing Psychic Powers, but I am delighted to have finally
reached the point, after much work, I can tell you about it.

You can obtain your free copy of The Psychic Report and read the
full details of the Developing Psychic Powers course at:

By subscribing to the Developing Psychic Powers newsletter not only
will you receive The Psychic Report, you will also each day receive
a detailed description of the course, and also receive, from time
to time, a completely separate Psychic Powers Newsletter.

Until next week when we will return to discuss other important

In Peace, Light and Truth,

Vincit Omnia Veritas


Well that's definately another one to add to my list. Every book I've ever heard of that's written by you has looked and sounded pretty amazing, so I think I'll just go out and get everything you've written. Do you have a webpage or anything like that with a list of your books? Preferably in paperback that I can order from my local bookstore?


I just wanted to let you know that I have talked to
three different phone psychics that gave me very
good information that turned out true on all accounts.
I don't think you should just have a blanket idea
regarding all of these people.

Two of the psychics I never heard from again. The third one
is also a reiki healer and sends emails once or twice
a year with special pricing she offers for this.


This is an extremely interesting article regarding something you may not respect as having any spiritual significance...........I believe it definitely has a lot to do with psychic ability.


Sounds amazing, but one I will have to save my money for!


Pharoah, I've felt this aspect of the hair to be so for a very long time. I recall the feelings of loss of intellect and awareness when I cropped the hair that I had grown so long that it was almost half way down my back. Many times since, I've grown a beard when I've known that a difficult coding or programming task was due and soon felt the boost in relevant abilities.


The Nazarenes had some kind of policy about cutting hair, and there was that old story about Samson. I think it has to do with the way hair picks up resonance


Has anyone tried these? Review? Helpful? Just curious


Quote from: pharoah21 on July 21, 2011, 09:17:09
This is an extremely interesting article regarding something you may not respect as having any spiritual significance...........I believe it definitely has a lot to do with psychic ability.
This is quite interesting. The Native Americans also believe that their "headdresses" are used as an antenna. The bigger the headdress, the bigger the antenna. This could be why the chiefs and shaman usually wore the largest ones.
I had to reply to this because of my personal bias here. I have long hair as well, lol.


What happens when age removes most of your hair?
Thats a question to research Im interested in. Lol
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


I was actually curious had anyone read or used the info offered in psychic development rather than the hair thing. Szaxx, I can fedx you my hairclippings ?


Quote from: Szaxx on September 18, 2012, 03:14:30
What happens when age removes most of your hair?
Thats a question to research Im interested in. Lol
By then, the psychic nature is definitely part of your personna. You live it, you breathe it, it's who you are!  :-)


That goes without saying anything else lol.
I'd love more control and if these books become available in an electronic format for my tts engine then its a sale.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


What is the first step in developing the Psychic powers of a person? Because I like to develop my Psychic powers.


It's interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Definitely worth a geck from me at some point! :) it's also good that you're showing up such a massive scam, it would explain all the skeptics and trolls out there! :D
This world's Captain Falcon; A title I will pass down to a chosen one when I leave this dimension.