Dream Telepathy With Awake (And Worried) Person

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As much as I am very unsatisfied with my fruitless attempts to gain lucidity or any 'exits' lately, my non-lucid dreams get more and more exciting again. Seems there is always a kind of balance or compensation for loss in the other field respectively.

This one is a clear and for me a very unequivocal case of precog or (more likely) simultaneous telepathy. The sending person awake with me as receiver still asleep at the same time.

Due to lack of income and the necessity to move out of my last flat I am temporarily living at my childhood / parent's home again. Which has also its benefits by the way. Here's the 'last' dream of this morning that took place immediately before I awoke (better: was woken up):

I am driving through a nearby greater city. But I am not the driver. My mother is. And she is driving up a well-known street in the city center in a great hurry. She complains that there are so many cops / patrol cars on the streets so that she cannot even drive faster. Since I know this city so much better than her, I know where we should park the car and so I try to give her directions. I also try to slow her down a bit. She crosses some junctions at too much speed and I tell here on two occasions that we should have turned right here for a parking place - but she was just too fast for it or did not react properly.

So, after two missed opportunities to turn left we are finally at another crossroad and she has to stop as there are traffic lights or we do not have priority to this main road. I remind her, as we are standing uphill, to put on the handbrake, as we were rolling slightly backwards. She otherwise also seems to be not the best driver. I seem to know this in the dream.

I should say at this point two important things: 1. I never dreamt before that my mother was driving a car with me in it. 2. (which might explain 1. pretty well) My mother NEVER drove a car in her life and does not have a driver's license! Maybe I somehow "knew" this in the dream subconsciously, so I helped her even more. The dream went on like this:

I look back, there is a huge tractor behind us. A guy is sitting on the tractor seat and I notice that he has an adhesive plaster (as a 'gag') sticking over his mouth, but he seems okay with it and greets us by a nodding of his head. My mother pulled the hand brake just in time so that we did not bump against his front. My mother seems still a bit worried that we will not get to our destination in time (which is not known or revealed to me in the dream).

Then the dream stopped because I was woken up immediately. It was my mother's voice. She entered my room (by way of exception because she never does during sleeping times!) to wake me up. She calls my name and says that it is already past 8 or almost 9 o'clock and that I might be in danger to miss my appointment at the job center. I (rhethorically) ask her which day it is. She says "Wednesday". Indeed, I have an appointment with the job center, but tomorrow, Thursday morning at 9:00 o'clock. I explain to her that she confused the day. She thought it was today and so got worried as I still was sleeping (I usually sleep til 10 here, as said: it has its benefits ). My mother usually worries about a lot of things. She is a caring but also anxious person, easy to worry.

So it seems she literally / emotionally wanted to 'drive me to the job center' personally lest I might be too late. She mistakenly thought my appointment was today and I might miss out on it by oversleeping.

I already had some projections that seemed to mingle with the dream or emotional state of my mother somehow. This is another firm proof for me. And it even works when she is awake! Her caring emotions seem to spread out in heavy waves to me, as it seems.

All in all, a nice experience. For this one, it was worth being woken up in vain. It could also have been a precog telling me that I'd be awoken in a few moments by my rushing mother, but I think it was simultaneous telepathy with my mother's emotional worries for me.