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Experience with spiritualism

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The 'swastika' is a Bhuddist symbol, it is used all over the Bhuddist world - it is a symbol that represents peace and spirituality.
The Nazis stole the swastika design and used it as their own party symbol, it is just the people of the western world who automatically think Nazi and evil when they think swastika, in the Bhuddist world it is still a symbol of peace.
I think when she said use a swastika he meant to use the Bhuddist one, in other words the original design.


Could be. But whenever I think of a swatika the only thing that comes into my mind is the image of the Nazi flags,and that is only because of the amount of WW2 history that I was taught in highschool.  It's pretty hard not to think of the nazi association with the swastika when the media and schools still continue to talk about the nazis.
I do know that the swastika comes form some other civiliztions as well, but it's still a symbol I refuse to use.
If those were my true guides telling her that I should use that symbol then they should have kown I would not use that symbol to begin with, so I doubt if the message came from my real spirit guides to begin with.


Symbols are supposed to work with our subconsciouses as well as with external entities. This is why we have to use the symbols that strike true with us and that we can place our values in.
If you feel the swastika is not acceptable to you don't use it. I feel the same as you and don't see the symbol restored to its original meaning of luck and protection for a very long time, if ever.

as for spiritism I don't have anything to add except to proceed with caution and and wiith guides you know well.




A while back, I read of using runes reflected in mirrors and projecting into them to visit a world described by the chosen rune. In Robert Bruce's interview on the Art Bell show he said that tarot cards could be used. A mirror does not have to be a bad thing.


Tom's right. A portal is a portal. Where it leads is another matter.
What determines the destination? Our intention? The subconscious?
If anyone has information I'd be interested in learning even if the inside of my head is hard enough nut to crack at the moment" border=0>

2 cents


QBall: aren't you one of the ones with lots of negative spirits around and lots of portals to negative places around? if so, then that may be why you shouldn't be opening portals; because they may not be to the place you want them to be.

where i am, a mirror could be used as a neutral tool for whatever is going on. but i have been in places where i felt really strongly that i shouldn't use energy or even think of bringing in objects that are enchanted in some manner, because the place just felt as though such things shouldn't be done.

i have also been in some places where i get an almost overwhelming desire to start using energy and enchant things and just do SOMETHING, just whatever comes to mind, to just DO something. pretty strange i guess, but some of the places i have been are rather strange on the non-physical.


Secret of Secrets


I know it is safer to use water to communicate with spirits.
I am not the one saying that mirors are dangerous tools to use. It was my guardian angels and guardian spirits who told me that mirrors are dangerous tools to use for communicating with spirits. Just like ceratin symbols of power and runes should be handled with care.
There are only a small amount of symbols that a person will see, which have to do with that person's inner mind.
I have done many spells in this house with no negative problems. I have even contacted certain pagan gods and goddesses with no problems.  I am amazed that I can contact  them since I don't worship them, nor do I worship any  other Gods.
I know there are other tools that can be used to open portals to pleasant peaceful dimensions. I always calll my guardian angels to me whenever I do anything. Even if I'm only meditating.
When I had the problem with the mirror I wasn't told by these spiritualists that I should ask for protection. I was just starting to meditate aroud that time.
The more negatives that bother me just means that there are more to defeat.


QBall, if you wanna contact gods/goddesses try contacting the God Hephaestus, I consider him my invisible indirect protector and teacher.


When i went to a number of spiritualist churches around this area, I was taught a few things that I now know are very dangerous to use.

The most dangerous thing I was taught was to use mirrors to contact the spirits.  After I had been using a mirror for a short time I felt like something on the other side of the mirror was trying to pull my spirit body into the mirror.
My guardians pulled me out of thiis portal, which is what the mirror had become.  It was a portal to a very negative place.
Later my spirit guides and guardians told me that when mirrors are used to see spirits the only spirits you will see are negative ones who usually try to hide their true faces.
My guides also taught me how to seal portals to negative places. This is how I did it with this mirror.I called my guardians for protection plus I wore some symbols of protection. I took the mirror to an open field, and I faced it up so the sunlight would strike its surface. Sunlight closed the portal. Then I dug a hole about three feet deep , and I placed some herbs of protection in the hole before I put the mirror in the ground. After the mirror was in the ground I placed some herbs of protection and purification on top of the mirror. Then I buried it.
My spirit guides told me a  mirror is much more dangerous to use then ouija boards, but both items open portals to negative dimensions when they are used to communicate with spirits.

I was also told some other crazy stuff at spiritulist churches. A spiritualist reverend told me to use a swastika to call my guides to me. A very corrupted negative symbol. About as bad as using upsidedown crosses.
I asked her if she was crazy before I left that church for good.