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Finally PPSD in Our Library!

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I think, that I have made my little share of the work too (Actually as an error on my account, but that is another story).

I ordered the books from a Danish bookstore, and didn't hear from them in over 3 days. So i finally ordered the books from amazon, and once they were shipped to me, I got an email from the Danish bookstore, that Astral Dynamics were on the way to me *LOL* ....

So now i have 2 copies of Astral Dynamics, and one copy of PPSD. But hey, I think it will make a great gift to a person I care about at some point in the future ;-) ...

So Robert - there are currently at least 3 books of yours in Denmark that I know of ;-) ....


--- One thing at a time, be in NOW, and be gentle to yourself ---

--- One thing at a time, be in NOW, and be gentle to yourself ---

--- Your biggest obstacle is most of the time also your most powerfull startingpoint ---


My library had a copy of Astral Dynamics (Iowa City, IA, usa). It was checked out over a year ago and not returned. A bill was sent to get money to replace it. Maybe some day I will get a signed copy as a gift to myself after I learn to project and then give my copy to them which is not signed. Until then, maybe I could print out what has about Robert Bruce's books and take the printouts to the library.


i live in england and my local library did not have AD so i asked them if they could get a copy. i waited a few weeks and asked again but they said they couldnt get it. (sounded a bit strange to me)

as luck has it my friend's mum is a librarian so i asked her to find out about it. shortly afterwards it was in stock.

so good news for anybody in my area.



Yee Haaa!
Quite a while ago it was suggested that we ask our Local Librarys if they would be able to get a copy of Roberts Latest Book it would help boost sales and people who couldn't afford to buy it would have access to a copy, Well I made a request shortly after it went to print to the Butte County, Oroville Branch Library in (USA) and asked if they could get a copy of PPSD well  they are a pretty small Library and they said they would try but they would probably might have to borrow one from another branch Library. Well quite a bit of time had passed and I had just about given up hope when I finally got the letter in the Mail yesterday and when I went to check it out they had received the book as a gift from the Oroville Friends of the Library.

Well thats one down" border=0> anyone else had any luck getting it into their Library?It can't hirt to ask, lets see if we can boost Roberts book sales a bit." border=0>

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