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dear mindseye,

please...don't talk about this like you understand it. what you are saying is not a truth. you are in fact telling the person that what is happening, isn't really happening, and that if it is happening...they brought it upon them-self by invitation.

we need to leave that aspect of it behind.
these things CAN enter your life without invitation.
and you are correct in a sense, but it is a much different level than what you think it is. many people that are under attack...have asked for enlightenment. have asked for a connection to something higher, or asked to learn more about the astral, etc. depending on their level of intent it comes. WE ARE HEAR ON THIS PLANET IN THE PHYSICAL TO LEARN AND TO EXPERIENCE THINGS WITH OUR SENSES. when the student goes to school they are asking to learn. some subjects may be enjoyable, some not!

a lot more people are getting some very heavy lessons now, and more to come. it's very important to STAY OPEN TO THE INFORMATION> learn.

we've given everything an invitation in this life. now we have to deal with it. stay focused on the lesson. stay flexible!!!

peace & wisdom

Silent Shadow

Well, the last I saw of these shadows was yesterday...

I recall Souljah333 saying that they like "sexual energy" or something like that? Maybe its the same with "love-ish" "happy" actions iono

Well, I hugged my bf, and i sensed it like running into my room, and then I looked up and saw it *yeah, I can see these things* and it stood there watching or something...

Was it just gathering more information or something?
May the force be with you. Always


sexual energy is usually more deviant, and like i said it's like candy to them. they just can't get enough of it. period!  however genuine love (not the marketed happy-happy/joy-joy...fluffy teddy bear...i love everyone love), but the real simple exchange of love....fascinate them to no end. much like you might react if you actually saw the easter bunny. i think it mesmerizes them bcuz they don't understand it...they have no idea what it is.

Silent Shadow

Not good... they are asking for an invitation now *long story*.. but they are....

... apparently they are done collecting info, and are ready to strike... aiya... and I KNOW they can do damage...
May the force be with you. Always


and now begins the long, arduous battle of rejection. it's probably not the type of "popularity" a girl hopes for...but stand your ground. one thing that might be beneficial about these times is that they have stepped up their mission. they have a quota to fill. this might in fact cause them to move on in a sense. no time to waste on the stubborn! too many people to sway.
i'm here if things get rough & you need to talk. you can always PM if things get freaky!!!




threaten the negs...

try to drain their energy until they disappear..

get some sage...

move to another house??


You know, I actually found this site because it was referenced in the book Practical Psychic Self-defense by Robert Bruce.  It said this was his website.  So, why hasn't anyone suggested any of the defense mechanisms listed in the book?  Hmmm.

I haven't finished the book, but so far a good reference manual.  It does suggest blessing symbols such as crosses and places them in various places around your home will help.  Hide them under your bed, draw them on the back of pictures etc.  Get ahold of the book as there is much detail.  Obviously I haven't tried yet.

Actually, I'm convinced my ex is possessed.  I'm not sure how to assist him from a remote location.  He will be unwilling to participate, but he needs help.  That's why I bought the far I haven't found anything to help that situation.  Any thoughts?

Silent Shadow

Hm... possession... well I'm not really an expert on any of it.. well.. I mean.. hes the one who really has to fight it.. I think that maybe you can just help him fight whatever possessed him...? ^^;;; sorry its probably not much of a help.... maybe you can ask what he wants to do.. and once the thing that possessed him finishes what it wants to do... it'll leave? who knows.. I guess it depends on what possessed him.... *I'm no expert so...*

Anyways...  concerning the shadows, they aren't leaving; still watching me and stuff.. and now they seem to be looking through some of my things at night.. which is a bit... annoying... but eh... and I'm seriously convinced that... that spirit really is... er... interested... which is sorta creepy.. *caught him watching me the other day x.X*...

so.. now what do i do.... er... *sorta lost* I mean... having spirits stalking you and stuff is one thing.. but having one of them... like... you?
May the force be with you. Always


you can see them right?  wait till you are alone and call them to you.  let them surround you.  kick their sorry butts... any questions?  Think of a way to exploit their weakness, find the point within them that they cant hide, find what will destroy them without fail.  This is the end, they are swarming to attack, take them out.  Possession isn't an option.  Are you willing to give up your life????  You are stronger than them, they prey on you because they think you are weak, let them believe that.  Become the warrior they cant beat and end it.  Start with propaganda.  Read "The Art of War" in front of them and smile like you know something.  Play with them.  Finish them.  This is my advice.
Profound Impatience makes the blind struggle in Stupidity.


QuoteYou know, I actually found this site because it was referenced in the book Practical Psychic Self-defense by Robert Bruce. It said this was his website. So, why hasn't anyone suggested any of the defense mechanisms listed in the book? Hmmm.

Ah well, Robert caused something of a conflict a while back, quite unexpected, but result is he doesn't really come here any more nor does Nita, so it doesnt get so discussed any more. But I do know from experience that the methods in his book do work. With respect to your ex - you might be able to give him some help but I doubt you will be able to do that much without having him onboard (ie participating in trying to free himself).

(!!!Formerly known as Inguma!!!)
You are the Alpha and the Omega. You are vaster than the universe and more powerful than a flaring supernova. You are truly incredible!!

Silent Shadow

Ok.. say I do confront them....

There isn't a 110% chance I'm going to win.. I know that I am strong.. and I know I have a really strong will *and I'm really stubborn... even annoys my friends how stubborn I can be XD;;*

But... what if... I lose? then what?

I'm like skrewed for life... and I don't know exactly.. how to "kick their butts"...
May the force be with you. Always


either you confront them and die or sit around and let them tear your life apart and then die.  THe choice is yours.
Profound Impatience makes the blind struggle in Stupidity.


WOW, not to offend anybody, but a lot of these responses are totally ridiculous.  I doubt any of you have had a real experience with shadows.  I think that MAYBE 1 in the lot of you would have the courage to make fun of an evil spiritual being if it was standing right in front of you.  It's easy to say that now, but when it's actually standing in front of you is another story.  If you don't become paralyzed from fear, hyperventilate, or pass out, I highly doubt any of you would even be able to think.  A person can be the toughest guy in the world, but when you come up against something thats so mysterious and supernatural, the tides turn.  Trust me, if you ever witnessed somebody being harassed by one, or have yourself, you'll know how EXTREMELY scary it is.  Some of these responses disgust me, because of the little knowledge that the people actually know of the subject (and people have no real experience).  After you witness somebody almost die by one of these things, tell me if you'll be as upfront.
Aim: xShadowXSpecterx

Souljah333, pats on the head, and blindfolds don't work in this realm. neither do crystals, sea salt, candles or tearful prayers. i've pretty much come to the conclusion that there are two types of people. those that know they're under attack, and those that don't know they're under attack. things are picking up and we're going to start hearing a lot more about neg attacks and abductions, etc. it's part of the awakening. a lot of people are still too busy trying to fit in...they're too DISTRACTED to pick up on anything that involves the high senses. plus a lot of people are sucking down sodas, and fast food/on their cells or plugged into television, games, etc/and on med's. there are a lot things out there that are/were developed to NUMB & DUMB down the populace. if someone is coming under attack...i believe it is bcuz they are waking up and tuning in.

it's funny that that was the huge cultural slogan thirty years back...
tune in/turn on & drop out. people started waking up in the 60's and severe steps were taken to shut them down! it's happening again, and it's overdue...but right on schedule at the same time...and don't doubt that the methods of dis-information are keeping in step to keep you feeling crazy about what your sensing!

confront them! you'll find you have to anyway. it's something inside that'll drive you. a survival skill. i feel that it can be a godsend in a sense. that although the challenge is drastic and nearly life WILL make you stronger! think of it as a virtual training bootcamp. use it to find your inner strength. i can't give much advice as "how to", bcuz i've been under attack for 30 years. i can't use that as the basis for what is happening now. it's constantly changing and increasing in complexity.

i suggest watching 'the matrix" series a few times to get a sense of the "program". although just knowing the basic premise is enough. neo is the chosen one. we are all the chosen ones. the "smith" program was out to destroy him (negs). they don't go into his life prior to "contact" from the other side, but it would be safe to say...he FELT it. the presence of the neg's...lurking all around him. he was aware. he was probably also anti-social and drained, and confused by the world around him. the idea that on one hand it was all so simple. get up/work/make money/spend money/eat noodles/sleep. on the other hand something FELT wrong. the truth...where was the truth? then he has to come face to face with the negs and all he can do is run. his new friends even tell him this. "if you see "them" do what we do...and run your butt off"! but there was morpheus who guides him...and he learns that his mind is in the way. he has to let go of everything he knows and keep his mind open. the only thing that keeps neo ALIVE in these encounters is that his so called "free-will" keeps him UNPREDICTABLE. the negs have a very sound idea of human behavior as a whole, but one on one...they have no clue how you will REACT. (reacting NORMAL is a death sentence). as neo opens his mind more and more...he begins to understand his immortalness in this realm.

when you're plugged in you can die if you're killed in the matrix, but neo questions that. why? my physical body isn't really "there" so why...even if i'm shot, or my head is cut of, or i'm under water without oxygen...why would it effect "ME" physically...when it is only my mind that's involved?!?
this is the huge turning point for neo. when his chi expands to encompass him and his presence becomes UNLIMITED. this is the point where the tides turn and you free yourself from the program...but it's not suppose to be easy...not mentally/physically/emotionally/etc. it's a crash course in waking up and getting in shape for what is to come. in the end neo is able to apply the same open-mindedness to his physical life as well. that no matter where you "think" you's just another level of the matrix, but that's for later.

right now...find yourself. find your inner strength!!! the physical world you are in now is "designed" for nothing except making you weak, confused and compliant. that's why it seems so drastic...these experiences. bcuz it's not easy to wake up from this sleep! anything that makes you feel weak, tells you to close your eyes, or live in light-fluffy-bunny not your truth.

be cautious of the "solutions" that will use up your vital energy in distraction. the reasons these are so key is bcuz you will spend countless hours, weeks, years attempting them, and each time they fail...they will make you feel weaker and more alone. sure love is a great concept, but in the program "truth" & "love" and all those things are implemented to keep people wanting. in the matrix these things are NEVER ATTAINABLE. they're not written just keep searching and searching. the flaw in the program is that that searching if open-minded enough...will being the awakening process. there are little side programs developed to curtail this, but once you find your path...IF YOU STAY FOCUSED & DON'T RUN AWAY FROM IT/FROM YOURSELF...SOMETHING BETTER THEN ANYTHING YOU KNOW HERE>>>IS WAITING FOR YOU!

this is all about you. how you handle it is your choice. get plenty of rest, eat well, spend as much time with the elements as possible. water, earth, sun, wind...are the most incredible healing powers that exist. i am not saying it's going to be isn't. again, you are in a crash course for waking up and GROWING UP, and it isn't a growing up that has anything to do with age...only wisdom.

i'm still here if you need to unload.
sister soul :wink:

the word NEG is a label. becuz on the surface that it what it seems to be about. "pointless negative attack"...however under the surface it is all beyond words. these are not NEG's. they are the greatest lessons you could ever hope for...becuz they lead you to your truth! IF YOU STAY FOCUSED ON THE BIGGER PICTURE. don't get sucked into denial, don't get sucked into the battle, don't get sucked into anything

Nay, pats on the head, and blindfolds don't work in this realm. neither do crystals, sea salt, candles or tearful prayers. i've pretty much come to the conclusion that there are two types of people. those that know they're under attack, and those that don't know they're under attack. things are picking up and we're going to start hearing a lot more about neg attacks and abductions, etc. it's part of the awakening. a lot of people are still too busy trying to fit in...they're too DISTRACTED to pick up on anything that involves the high senses. plus a lot of people are sucking down sodas, and fast food/on their cells or plugged into television, games, etc/and on med's. there are a lot things out there that are/were developed to NUMB & DUMB down the populace. if someone is coming under attack...i believe it is bcuz they are waking up and tuning in.
I'm not quite sure what you are meaning here.  Do you mean the reason why some people do not experience all these "neg" attacks are because they are not quite tuned in yet?  Tuned into what?  The darkside? *insert Darth Vader breathing* :P  I'm allowed to say, due to you using the Matrix as a learning tool.  

I've had only a handful of negative experiences, the worst being a Incubus.  I believe this is due to my fuzzy bunny mentality...:lol:  I just do not have time or patience for this darkness in my life...period.  So, I don't experience it very often at all.

Yet some people thrive on the feeling, (the rush if you will) that being in danger causes.  To some it might even be exciting allowing them to be drawn into a vicious cycle.  Feeling the victim yet not able to turn away from it.

I've always found it very peculiar when someone has been attacked over and over again with no relief.  IMO, that will only happen when someone really doesn't want to get away.  

For they are not only getting something from the negative experience's themselves, but the gratification from the attention and sympathy of others whom feel their plight.  Hence the vicious cycle ;)

I couldn't agree more when you said "don't get sucked into the battle, don't get sucked into anything" Very wise words indeed!



I have been face to face with a shadow being before and I will admit, at the time it was just about the scariest thing I have ever encountered.  That was when I felt powerless to neg forces and scared to death of anything supernatural.  I feel confident in the fact that the original poster has enough experience with them that they can stand strong or atleast make a good effort.  When all else fails pretend you know what your doing is my motto.  Even if your about to wet yourself you can still stand tall and act strong.
Profound Impatience makes the blind struggle in Stupidity.

Silent Shadow

I'm not sure what this was... but my friend said that he saw the shadows following me.... he described them correctly, but.. one thing.. I'm extremely puzzled about...

He said their aura was.. pink!? How the heck does THAT work? I mean.. pink aura is usually associated.. with good things... I asked him "are you sure it wasn't like.. red or something?" cause that would have made a little bit more sense... but PINK?

I'll try to open my mind and stuff... but it is a little difficult when three of them are watching your every move... especially when I'm in my bed about to fall asleep.. not a very comforting thought knowing and sensing they are there watching you...

See... I've been thinking lately.. and there is this... spirit or something that seems to be... controlling these three shadows... like they are his henchmen or something... This... "spirit" (I'm actually not sure what the heck it is...) Seems to.. er.. taken some kind of interest in me.. I don't know what type it is, but apparently I fascinate him... I saw him a couple times in great detail, other times.. just sense his presence or his outline...

Basically what he looks like.. is.. hes tall, red eyes, jet black hair, pale, wears black.. hes good looking, but creepy at the same time....

I think he has something to do with these shadows... *I KNOW something weird is going on with these shadows and this guy.. I think they are somehow connected...

I'm trying to think.. how do I fend them off.. scare them.. if they.. well.. they aren't really afraid of me...

and then I think... hmm make them scared? Does that mean I just imagine things about them.... make them.. 'feel' my thoughts and stuff, and scare them off.. or do I actually have to fight them.. as in try shooting a psi ball at them or something...

They have done some very odd things.. and have made hints about trying to harm me.. and are becoming more aggressive... but I'm still thinking about how I can get rid of them...

The advise I'm getting is great.. but if one thinks about it.. its like you said..

they aren't of THIS world...

In a way its like... you look in the mirror and see your reflection. How do you hurt the reflection?

You can't break the glass or go through it to reach it... so how can you do anything to it?

Trust me.. I want them to leave me alone... but they are like.. drawn to me or something...

And still I wonder... pink aura!? what the heck?
May the force be with you. Always


hello nay.  :)  first let me say that i'm flattered that you read my post. it was unexpectedly long, and yes you got my meaning correct, and no i'm not putting anyone down for being too busy or absorbed elsewhere. for those under attack...that distraction or ignorance (if you will) can cause a good deal of envy. you know me...i'm just always trying to change the mood of the 'victims' to something a little more creative and efficient; keep them moving in their thoughts so they don't get stuck on any one belief or idea. keep heading down the path. there's always a way out of everything, and where it involves also involves just as much non-focus (for lack of a better word). sometimes walking away from that math problem for a the only solution. i also want to make clear that no one is "immune". that people aren't being singled out and attacked bcuz they're bad, or weak, or special or crazy, or whatever.

i know what you feel about me being under attack for so long...i can sense it, and it's okay. you are very correct that people can get addicted to the high of victimization and the attention and sympathy it garners. it is a very detrimental position to that people can't wake up from until they completely bottom out or worse! this was very likely my position in the early stages (i think the mentality is hereditary :?), but i never talked about it with anyone, not at all really until a few years back. so attention from outsiders was never my goal. it was more of a self-sympathizing thing...still detrimental none the less.

it's a funny place to work from, but it seems to be my path for now...and that is why i still walk the beat in the astral ghetto. like a cop sees a lot of crime, disturbance, death, attacks, and negative elements...and i suppose one could question their motivations, their mentality for subjecting themselves to that, but it's a calling. they might be putting their life on line everyday, but it's that one person they save or help out of the dark that makes it all worth while. that is how i have come to deal with my attacks. i figured i was in it. so i might as well try and accomplish something in the process. you can think what you will of me...i don't blame you for being suspicious. it's only what works for me. i'm just a soldier.

knightlight made a good point. sometimes pretending you know what you're doing is more important than anything else. project the energy and the rest will come/fall into place. neo had to believe he was the one in order to be the one. it's still another belief system you can get trapped in, but for now that is not a factor.

q: (without having to read through a bunch of posts) do you AP or lucid dream?

i am all too familiar with the "masters" of the shadow tribes. they can be very intoxicating and passionate...and don't doubt their intelligence. they like young rebellious girls and strong-minded women. they love a challenge, and if they've 'picked you out of the crowd' you're gonna have a hard time turning them off. they see the real you, not the persona or act that everyone else gets. they might even/most likely see something that you don't even see yourself. you've got your own personal 'stalker' that works outside the rules. this is what can easily break someone down. the stress of being watched, being hunted. the only thing you have to work with at this time that might be of comfort is the obvious. with all his abilities he is unable to physically manifest for a long enough period of time to take you. it's impossible! neither can his minions carry out this bid. so in that...although it doesn't seem like much compared to all the mental abuse...know you are ultimately safe.

the only way to harm the reflection in the mirror is to harm yourself. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION! they may plant ideas in your head that it is a way out, but as i mentioned above...that's bcuz you would then no longer be in the physical...and you would be trapped for sure. i believe this is the direction for many people under obsessive type attacks where there is a bidder. that each and every move is made to break you down. make you more and more depressed and unable to cope. and eventually out of sheer terror and frustration...end it all. i am mentioning this only bcuz it is important to look down this path and see that two paths are actually super-imposed upon one another. one ends nowhere, the other leads to a higher function and freedom, and for a long time you may not sense a separation. you're mission is to do whatever it takes to sense the patterns and subtleties between these two paths. it's not always a higher and lower road. sometimes the dead-end path will appear most attractive, make the most sense, and seem easiest. you have to feel it!!! you can't see it with your eyes...only sense it with your heart and you eyes wide shut!        

where your intentions lay is key. if you want to get will. and as nay so wisely pointed out...if you get off on ANY OF're trapped!

i have total faith in your heart.
yes it sucks, yes it's hard as sh*t, and no it's not fair...but just think that you are one step ahead of all those that haven't begun this trip yet. when you get through to the other'll be there to help others and take their hand. once you have come out the other end you will have learned to let go of fear, doubt and will have freed your mind.

this is what i mean when i say there are two types of people. it only makes sense that those who are not under attack will push slightly away form those that are under attack. they will throw out antidotes and labels and work to define dysfunctions of the mind...but this is where the line is drawn. the ones who are under attack are dealing constantly with fear, and utilizing everything they can to dispose of it/avoid it/fix it/make sense of it (it consumes them) the end the solution is simple. let it go and you are free of it. the people that have not yet experienced these attacks in full have their trials ahead of them, bcuz instead of truly knowing fear, and that there is nothing to fear except fear itself...bcuz they avoid it or are too busy. they're only postponing the inevitable.

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path :!:


couldn't find much on the pink auras. all searches kept mentioning "immaturity" and i my experience that would make sense. a lot of shadow negs hold very low positions, and carry out bidding to raise their status on the ladder. not sure of course.

here's a link to the only site i could find that offered definitions of aura colors in both the positive and negative.


Hello Souljah,

Nice post. :)  Yes I both project and lucid dream.  I'm not familiar with this shadow tribe you speak of.  Not quite sure what to make of it.  I will call myself lucky for being oblivious. :P

Take Care,


sorry, that question was for silent shadow. i wanted to know how experienced she was at projection & control in her dreams.



Quote from: Souljah333sorry, that question was for silent shadow. i wanted to know how experienced she was at projection & control in her dreams.


Ahhh...  Understood. :D  


Silent Shadow

I've been trying to project.. no such luck yet though... I've had a couple lucid dreams... some dreams that tell me the future.. but other then that.. no  ^^;;; I'm just a beginner..
May the force be with you. Always


And having dreams that tell you the future equals no luck for you?  Don't cut yourself short Silent :)  

Dreams unfortunatly are at the end of the totem pole for most. Not for me though.  They, to me are the most direct flashes of what is going on.  No matter if you remember ever little detail....what matters will come through, and if it doesn't ....then it wasn't meant to. :)

Of course I'm biased, I love my dreams. ;)