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Inner Voice/Neg

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I think what you are "talking" to is not this higher self that Peterson is talking to but rather your "lower self".  There is a part of you that wants to fail and do these bad things. You need to work through this part of you so that you can grow and get in touch with your higher self.

Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.


Yes i am also very curious about this evil "lower voice."  I'm very curious about the fact that i have done all this energy work and what not and all the sudden there is an evil lil imp voice in my head!

 It doesn't seem to follow to me unless it is deep down residual stuff that needs to be worked through or something along those lines.  This voice also sounds suspiciously like the voice i've come in contact w/ while incredibly high or tripping on acid, and that has always been accompanied by a feeling that i lowered my defenses and something is now able to talk to me that doesn't normally have access....

So what exactly is the point of this "lower voice" and why does it now have a mic and how do i take it back?  WHat is your idea of "working through it."

Like i said i would buy that it is some sort of subconcious shenanigans or something but the stuff seems totally and completely 100% off the wall and not stuff that is normally a part of my being whatsoever.




When I first started reading what you were saying, I was thinking "Oh, he has a subconscious self hatred that he needs to clear, or something like that."  That could still be true, but...  

After you replied to Fallenangel77, and mentioned what appeared to be an implied history of taking LSD and maybe other drugs sometime in your life, it made more likely in my mind  both the possibilities of long term or even permanent brain chemical change, which could cause strange things to be in your head, as well as the possibility of negs, who from what I understand are renowned for taking advantage of such things.

If you did have problems with negs maybe because of drugs and have since made positive changes, there may be some trying to keep you.  If you left some nasty things in your life, they may still have an active in, despite everything you've done, to get at you, so look at that too and see if you need to change some things yet.  Look for hatreds, grudges, ill will that you may harbor for someone,  objects with questionable histories (or personal associations that you have with them) that are in your posession, etc.  Do you obsess about things that make you angry or sad?   What kind of people do you hang out with?   Movies, TV, music (note mode of melody, beat, lyrics, etc.), etc.  

Note on music: Music is powerful stuff, for good or bad.  Hitler, e.g., knew this and used its power.  It would be a great mistake to underestimate it.

One thing might be to try some defenses that make sense for your situation (you would have to bent your research according to what you perceive about your situation) and see if they make any difference.  

EITHER WAY, it seems to me that consulting a good physician and getting good, qualified, and reasonably open minded psychiatric or psychological help are in order.  It may be that you will want to pursue this thing in both pysical/physiological/mental as well as spiritual modes.

How vivid are these "horrible images"?  Do you see rough shapes in your mind that your imagination might be turning into, say, vague images of human skulls with sinister faces?  Or do you have vivid nightmares or visions of say, blood rivers and severed heads floating in them, or stuff like that (as some persons have described)?  Those were just examples.  Insert your experience as appropriate.  But the first situation and the second are different, and the subject matter and degree of vividness, etc., may be clues to take note of when considering the possibility of what you may or may not be dealing with.  

Don't run wild with conclusions, but don't ignore even subtle clues either.

Best wishes for better things.



seekenergyaz, gives some good advice about what to work through. I have had a similar problem before, atleast it sounds somewhat similar. Though this never came about because of drug use. I think my bad thoughts came about because I opened myself up to such things. I over came this by meditating and building up my consciousmess and awareness. Still or quiet your mind, clear it so that it does not think on stray thoughts. The best way to overcome thoughts you do not like is to have a strong mind. In the mean time do not fight these thoughts, do not dwell on them as this makes them stronger. The best thing to do is to not get upset about them, do not think about them, do not fight them, but instead think about things that you want to think about. Think about something positive when a negative thought comes to mind.

Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.



I have to apologize because when I replied I had mistakenly read RainyDaze's reply as a reply from KP.  Since, however, they are two different people it tends to change the picture.  

I hope I said something helpful to someone all the same.



KP:We have both the good and bad sides to ourselves. Seems that for ome reason you're at the moment hearing the bad side more clearly.
The thing to remember is that we have the choice of which side to listen. For me the bad side tends to become more assertive when I get spiritually out of balance for one reason or another.
If there are issues relating to the specific suggestions given by the voice deal with them. Put the problems or adverse experiences into perspective as a part of your history.  For me the negative urges are almost always conneted to something that I need to clear out of my system.




Hey guys thanks for the advice!  What you say rings true to me.  

When i first started thinking about projection, lucid dreaming and whatnot, almost the first thing that occured to me was that now instead of thinking and acting in negative ways just being an abstract not-*directly*-applicable concept there was now reason for me to see how once you began attempting to cross the boundary one would be  held back by direct and concrete manifestations of their negativite thoughts and drives.

I guess what i mean is that i could never understand the christian concept of being punished in an eternal fire for wrongdoing but then once i started thinking about the idea of thought manifests reality it all made sense to me.

So in essence what you are saying is that some negativity has still not been flushed out and as my consciousness is raised and as I progress towards that boundary the negativity begins to manifest?   The first part of that form that i am aware of is the voice and if i kept going it would gain more and more substance?

Or the other possibility is that my negativity is drawing some other negativity towards me and allowing that to latch and whisper in my ear?

I guess all of that is fine and makes sense to me and surely it is true that i have stuff to flush out still.  The thing that makes me actually nervous is doing NEW and having this definite feeling of actively pulling something into my legs and into my chakras and whatnot and then all the sudden there is an occasional different voice in my head.  It hasn't happened often at all but enough to make me raise an eyebrow.

Robert talks about the legs being the most vulnerable point of attack and that if the legs are attacked that they will pulse and twitch on you and such.  But then in the next breath he says that the same thing will be expected to happen with NEW.  He also says that with NEW and attempting to project you will feel the incredible heart chakra pulses which i have definitely felt with great vivactity, and then he also says you will feel this if you are possessed.  So i am a little leary when there seems to be this duality of experience being described;  one being energy raising and the other being possession, and both entering through the legs.   Any thoughts?

So anyways, I am just keeping my inner eyes peeled for any signs of nonsense and i figured a random naughty voice would count. :)  

Thankyou for the help!




Well,I got this problem during so many years... I cannot count them, so I woulid remind you something very important and very simple against all Neg manifestation in order to reinforce and strengthen your aura ( I think you may have holes inside your aura , ok ?

Take salt baths, before going to sleep
put at least 5 kilos of sea salt in your bathtub
put hot water and stay 20 minutes

do not forget to put your head under water times to times

( If you are really under psychic attack, you can add a pinch of sulfur in the hot water, for your soul .)

I recommend you to light a small white candle and pray for your self - protection.
After taking this hot bath, take a short shower during you visualise yourself (your aura) shining like a sun and expanding around you

Repeat this operation 3 days

If you do this pratice, that comes directly from sorcerers, you will see results very queekly. I fyou have any questions, feel free to ask.


(A student of Evolution)

Demande a Dieu et il te repondra....Cherches et tu trouveras....Frappe et l'on t'ouvrira.


I have these things too, since ive been working with psi. But i found out how to fix it. Its been going on for about 4 months now. But about 2 weeks ago, i got feeling that something wanted me to hit this guy with a crowbar. But i am a very calm and mannered kid, 15 yrs. So i calmed myself down, blanked my mind, and thought, That would be wrong, i would never see my family and friends again and i would be put in jail. And now, these things havent happened for 2 weeks. And now the occasional time it does, blank the mind and think of what will happen to you and the people if you do it. Then the feeling almost or does go away completely. Thought Id just tell yous how i fixed it.

Every man has their fear of dieing, whether it be of pain or not knowing where you are going, however, mine is the family, memories, and good times i leave behind.


Btw, KP its your mind, if I was able to fix it this way, it cant be a spirit.

Every man has their fear of dieing, whether it be of pain or not knowing where you are going, however, mine is the family, memories, and good times i leave behind.


Hi all

I recomend that anyone interested in the evil that resides in man do a web search on Freuds 'Thanatos'. The theory is that inside the subconscious mind exists two polarities the eros and the thanatos. The eros consists of survival urges such as eat, mate ect. The thanatos is the evil component of the mind, it contains urges to harm yourself, kill, rape and tourture ect.

Man is never black and white, every holy man still has an active thanatos, like everything in nature the mind strives to maintain equalibrium or atleast has the capasity to do so.  Anyone who desides to live a life of pure good is adapting their mind (superego) to not acknowledge the thanatos. The fact that people who are involved in energy work and meditation experience such strong urges or guidences by the thanatos is perhaps because they are more attuned to their subconscious mind in general, just an idea.


Veni Vidi Vici


Hi Everyone
  I think the most important thing here would be to learn to identify your energy. Everyone has a energy signature. if you notice a different type of energy say it is not me and push it away from you.
  It solves a lot of these problems and learning yourself is the best way to advance in any mental discipline.

James S

I think this might tie in a little with what Nita just wrote -
if you want to look at this from a metaphysical view instead of psychological, it might be a problem with one or more of the lower chakra's being out of whack, and maybe the crown chakra also

I'm thinking along the lines of the root chakra, being it is resposible for your more instinctive, primal drives, and the solarplexus chakra, which is the seat of the emotions. The crown chakra looks after you connection to your higher self which does influence your day to day perceptions. A bit of cleansing energy work here could help. Otherwise Reiki would definitely help here.

As Nita put it, this is to do with your energy body, and getting to know it will really help.

James S

- You don't choose the belief, the belief chooses you!



I've barely started to look into NEW, and one impression I do get is that the work isn't always happy-go-lucky comfortable.  If you have read that similar things can take place in posession, or attack, and  then you start feeling nervous or uncomfortable while engaging in the energy work, then I would wonder if the fears and subtle expectation can cause your mind to create things to go with it.  There is danger that such a situation could then invite negs, but I don't know if I'd be too quick to conclude that that has happened.

From where I sit now (and that isn't in a place of great experience by any means), it seems that what you have in mind to do, namely, keep your eyes open as you continue to go forward, is a sound idea.  Of course that's the observation of a pretty inexperienced person NEW-wise, so take it with a grain of salt.

Best of wishes whatever the nature of the challenge.


After reading Robert Peterson's e-book i've been interested in communicating with my inner voice.  I've ask it questions and it's given me some strange answers.  
It seems to always want me to do evil things like "kick that dog" "tell her you hate her" rather than Peterson's voice which tells him to help people and help him get around easier.
It tells me to do things like "cross the road now, go on it's safe" but if I would've listened to it and crossed I would've been run over.  It somehow puts horrible images and thoughts in my head of things i'd really hate to happen like close friends/family dying.

Is this a negative voice in my head? A psychic attack? My fears building up? A spirit? Am I meant to be evil/suicidal?