Kakkarot not behind Global weather manipulation

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Hey Alchimiste.

That is one of my favorite quotes, always wondered where it came from. Thought it was Benjamin Franklin, but it was an older source I guess.



ok, first off. i just recently got back from my vacation. it was nice and i had a great time.

next off. alchimiste. me thinks you misread the meaning behind my words. when i said 'ha ha', i wasn't laughing AT you. i was laughing because of the perception you have of me and how WAY OFF it is.

now, allow me to defend myself. do you truly believe that my life is only about power? power is merely one aspect of a path in life that i have chosen to follow. power is not what i am about, power is merely a tool. and regardless of whether someone is powerful or weak, they can still be a good, 'evolved' person or a complete jack@$$.

"If you had actually evolved your Guardian would most likely have shown itself already". really, so the only time a guardian will ever show itself is when someone has evolved to the point where you were when yours showed up? i doubt it. everyone is different, alchimiste. some people have some things to learn, others have other things to do. why must i be a carbon copy of you, or my life be a carbon copy of yours?

"The reason you are stuck is that your suitcase is full"? how could you possibly know such a thing about me? you know nothing of what i have been through and of what i am still going through, and of what i am still set to go through in the future. you act like you know me better than i know myself, but guess what, you only know about me what i have let you know about me. so quit judging me until you truly do know me.

and do you really believe that just because there are different 'vibrational levels' to existance that it makes any difference at ALL to the meaning of existance or the reason for existing? you have put a veil over your eyes when you started thinking that reaching a higher vibrational level is the meaning of life. reality hasn't changed just because you realized that there may be more to life than just living and dying, right? what makes you think that anything has changed just because THINK you have life all figured out?

from your posts it really looks like you also need to spend more time pondering unconditional love, or even just regular love. i never came on this site to brag about my power or my abilities, to put others down because i didn't agree with them or because i didn't like them. i didn't come here to boss others around into believing what i believe. i came here to try to find some people who are more like me than i have ever found before, to help people where i could, and to try to find some help myself. and i have. ides, cainam, fenris, and a few others are all people who i respect greatly because what they do here.

and as for insulting winged wolf, what did he do to raise your ire so? did he say some things you didn't agree with? did the 'truth' he speaks not 'resonate' with your 'truth'? ya know what, i find that you new-age types who use such stupid catchwords really need to open up and UNDERSTAND, rather than just think you understand.

and finally, if absolute power truly corrupts, then what about God? do you truly believe that mere human philosophy compares anything to the truth?


Secret of Secrets


Oh! most venerated Kakkarot, psionic soldier and adepte of involution,

You seem to be getting a bit wound up about what I'm trying to get through to you, you should calm down, take a few deep breaths then read on!

" and do you really believe that just because there are different 'vibrational levels' to existance that it makes any difference at ALL to the meaning of existance or the reason for existing? you have put a veil over your eyes when you started thinking that reaching a higher vibrational level is the meaning of life"

It was Darwin I think that once said 'all species must evolve or they are doomed to disappear'  Well the same goes for you and me, we must evolve or we are doomed, doomed to return to the collective soul of humanity that is the spiritual equivalent of the social security line.

You can ask Fenris, Cainam, Ides or anyone else, you can look at any energy raising technique you can check out most magical systems and you'll see that the raising of energy operates mainly (there are exceptions) on the vertical plain. You pull down celestial energy, you raise up earth energy into yourself then you can open your charkas in a certain order etc etc, infact you can do pretty much anything with it. I know I'm explaining this rudimentarily, but you raise energy, you raise Kundalini etc, you raise energy upwards through you and for what purpose???
Apart from the side effects such as psychic powers and other amazing things it is primarily to RAISE your conscience! If you don't understand this basic principal you are either phenomenally stupid or just plain ignorant and you should just give it all up.
When are you going to wake up and realize that all powers gained from energy work or magical work are SIDE EFFECTS and not the goal. You are looking at everything from the wrong angle, change your angle of perception and you will see for yourself. The whole shooting match is about the raising of consciousness. Just go back and look at all your posts, they are all power orientated, manipulation orientated and your recent ones in this thread show an ego the size of Kansas. I've not read many associated with personal evolution!!!

"why must i be a carbon copy of you, or my life be a carbon copy of yours?"

The only similarity that your life could ever have with mine is when we will both be going in approximately the right direction, the road you choose is yours, the way and speed you walk it is yours, but the destination is ultimately the same.
Signs can appear on the road to help you, you can choose to follow their indications or you can march blindly onwards to your own personal doom. I am a student of evolution and we are all students in our own way and you should never ignore help when it is proffered, even under the guise of insult or condescension.

As for winged wolf and her group, I'm sorry but psionic work and energy manipulation in that form is NOT evolution, it is just turning in circles with the ego being fed more and more as your energy sensations and influences increase. And as for soliciting people to ultimately increase their group egregore's strength is for me frankly unacceptable.

As to when your guardian shows up?.......that's totally personal, it can show up anytime, my personal experience is no reference in the field so you thinking I compare all to myself is misplaced and in fact totally irrelevant.

You may well ask why am I doing this, speaking to you in this way? I ask myself the same question each time I post here but if just 10% of what I am saying gets through to you then it might just have all been worthwhile. All I wish for is that you evolve, without feeling the need for groups or pseudo powers, to be a totally self sufficient person with a DIRECT link and contact with the Divine through the divinity within you. I can't  tell you what to do. I can't nor wish to guide you on your road I just wish you to be totally independent of all exterior influence, and it's then that you will see what power IS and ISN'T.  Try it?!!!!

I'm sorry but you can ask your friends here if I'm talking bulls##t or not. If they agree with you I'll shut up.

(a student of evolution and a thorn in the side of all who deserve to Evolve)

ps Happy new year

(A student of Evolution)

Demande a Dieu et il te repondra....Cherches et tu trouveras....Frappe et l'on t'ouvrira.


From the topic of this thread, I'd say this is about either Kakkarot or about changing the weather. If it was about weather to begin with, it hasn't been for some time now. Are we now supposed to choose between two of our members and split off into distinct sides on the matter and see how far we can go with this?


This isn't written to insult anyone but shouldnt someone want a mentor or at least ask for one?  I dont know either of you well but alchimiste you may be right.  Everything you're saying may be where kakkarot will be in a few years (or you may decide on a different path yourself) but why is it so important for him to agree or see this way.

You may say you're trying to help and I understand that viewpoint.  But maybe where you're at is a place he isn't supposed to be.  Enlightenment shouldnt be forced on someone (if it is indeed that).  The only reason I see it's being done here is ego.  The need to be seen as right by someone i think you probably respect, but just disagree with on certain points.  

Also its hard to see views objectively when it seems you're being attacked for being unevolved or wrong in your thinking.

This is just an objective perspective I dont know either of you well enough and am obviously to new to know the reasons this turned into a who's path is right topic.  I see a lot more comparing of how evolved one is over the other instead of the step of evolution where i'd think the need to be proven right would be taken away.  


no tom, i am not expecting others to jump in this conversation on either side, and i hope alchimiste isn't either. but if you want to add your own opinions, then it is up to you.

so, back to the weather change topic for a bit: i don't believe that humans are able to use machines to manipulate the weather with any degree of accuracy. at least not yet. and really, if it comes down to some people having the power to destroy others (and using it to do so) then war will break out. not everyone will just stand around and let themselves be blown up. i certainly won't.

and now back to my and alchimiste's conversation.
alchimiste, i don't do "energy work" for the spiritual evolution that people claim comes with it. i evolve spiritually on my own, not through the energy work. and my powers are not a side effect of that evolution. i have trained to get most of my power, with only some of it coming as a result of my becoming a more spiritual-based person than i was before.

i just don't get why you put so much importance on this "personal evolution". you believe that if we aren't spiritually evolved enough, we go back into what you called the collective soul of humanity. but that is your belief, and it is a belief which i do not share. and even if people do "evolve" enough, they are still doomed to die physically anyway. and after that, there is no proof as to what the after life really is. i've read many people who believe many things, widely and radically differing things that couldn't possibly co-exist just because most of them are mutually exclusive. i believe that when we die, we go to heaven or hell, based on the life we have led. and if that is right, then our "evolution" NEED only go as far as being able to do the right thing, and anything further is just good times.

i'm sorry if i sound like a prick, but this whole evolution thing doesn't concern me because i am already doing what i want to do, and what i am happy with doing. why should i do something that someone else is telling me to do when they have given no good arguments as to why i should?

i guess this is what i am really getting down to: i don't like others telling me i should do something because it would be better for me without giving me proof as to why it would be better for me, or without giving me proof as to why they are right.

"All I wish for is that you evolve, ... with a DIRECT link and contact with the Divine through the divinity within you". i had a direct link with God once. i choose to get rid of it because at the time my power was going to my head. i don't know how you are reading in my posts that my power is still going to my head, but i would like to tell you that it is NOT. i know the difference between what power is and isn't. i choose to keep my power because of what my life will entail later.

we all have our own lives to live alchimiste. i thank you trying to do what you think was helping me out, but it really isn't required. i am not saying this because i think i am just so great that nothing you could say to me could ever possibly match up to my level of evolution, but because my spiritual evolution is already underway and it would go a lot worse if it were interfered with by other beings. if you want me to expand upon this, please ask and i will.

"And as for soliciting people to ultimately increase their group egregore's strength is for me frankly unacceptable". well, then please allow me to point out an area of weakness in yourself since you have been so helpful in pointing out my areas of need. perhaps you should learn to NOT give your opinion sometimes. especially when what winged_wolf and his do, doesn't concern or affect you.

and as for darwin, he is a complete [explitive]. there is so much wrong with what he did in his "science" that most scientists i know make fun of him.

winged_wolf is a girl? i thought his personal bio said he was a guy. i'll check that in a minute.


Secret of Secrets


I agree, please don't feel like you have to take sides Tom, your own opinion is always of interest though.

"i choose to keep my power because of what my life will entail later"
This statement interests me a lot as it implies you have seen your own future in some way, is this true? or is this just a logical extrapalation you have made from what you are doing now to what you will probably be doing later? Please expand on this; but only if it is not digging too deep into your personal agenda

You are right! without proof one must remain sceptic although I still insist that this evolution thing does effect you, will effect you and the day when you get your own personal proof you will see it all in action.

"i just don't get why you put so much importance on this "personal evolution".
without it kakkarot the humain race is doomed, the collective consciousness of humanity is possessed by money, greed, destruction and morals as low as you can get. If people like you and me raise our level of consciousness then there is always hope, maybe you or I will be the drop that overflows the vase...................who knows?

As to groups such as winged wolfs, we are all effected by this, the control of people through collective manipulation in a group environment is like religion, you do as they say, you practice as they practice, look at the Raelian sect.  They lobby the govnt. they play at the scorcerers apprentice with this cloning scandal........You are far too intelligent to need that sort of stimulation kakkarot, it's better to have you as a loose cannon than under the control of a group!!!!
It's just that I value my independance above all else, it's as simple as that.

Anyway to close this post I would just like to say that I notice your last post was much less like all the others, you explained your point of view less aggressively, with clarity and concise argument based on your opinions. You should write all youir posts like that one, it was a pleasure to read.

(a fellow student of evolution)

(A student of Evolution)

Demande a Dieu et il te repondra....Cherches et tu trouveras....Frappe et l'on t'ouvrira.


I find kakkarots fantasies of power interesting whenever i read them.  Where are these powers supposed to exist in the real world.  are you talking about powers when you project?  I think its cute... most things you read on the internet aren't true especially false claims of power and everyone accepting some place where he supposedly blasts entities and everyone fears him.

Its classic delusion but on the internet and on message boards you see a lot of it.

Alchimiste is the person who decides who's evolved what evolved is and who deserves to evolve.  They're two sides of the same coin accept alchimiste thinks his powers lie in how much he's "evolved" and how much he knows.  True evolved individuals wouldnt' waste time with either one of these two.

You're both deluded people and although i find it amusing when i read both your posts since you're both such full of yourself classic internet "new age" type people.  

why dont you two take this argument to email already and spare the rest of us your "my penis is bigger than yours" crap. I dont speak for anyone else but personally im sick of reading both of your verbal bragging and delusional portrayal of both your "powers".

sincerely and with warmest regards..


yes, alchimiste, i have seen a possible future for me. i hope it never comes to pass, not for fear on my behalf, but in concern for others. the reason i have my powers is to help and protect others if it comes to pass. i'm sorry that i can't really tell you at this time what it is.

as for winged_wolf, i apologize: she is a girl. (i hope she doesn't kill me for that  ;P  ). and yes, i agree that people shouldn't be told that they have to do things the way another person sets it out for them, but i don't get the sense that winged_wolf is forcing people to join her group. i have been to her site, and i have read their disclaimer that anyone joining their guild is forbidden from using any form of energy other than psi because it would be 'dangerous', but if someone wants to join they are not forced to, and they always have the option of quitting. well, maybe you have some different info than i do about them, but i really don't see much harm in their guild.

ok, this next part might sound like a contradiction to what i said earlier, so i am going to tell you now that i am trying to clarify something. when i said that i am doing what i want to do, and i am happy doing it, i meant i am changing who i am in the way that seems most right, and i am (usually) happy with how this change is coming about. sorry about my bad explaination last time. it's not that i don't think i need to evolve, it's that i am 'evolving' in the way that it seems like i am supposed to.

up until a couple of years ago, i strived toward perfection. i never settled for anything less than the best qualities in myself. and i worked very hard to try to become perfect as God is perfect. i did not do so on my own, but i had plenty of help and guidance from God. unfortunately, i failed. big time. and as i have heard said 'how much higher seem the mountain peaks when viewed from the valleys', so to 'the fall is much farther the higher up you go'.

i am not rejecting peoples' help for me because i can't use it, but because my life is in such a state of complete change, at almost all times, that any advice is either not appropriate at the time, or becomes outdated fairly quickly. once my life becomes more settled, which i can't see happening for a number of years in the future yet, then i will be able to start really taking other peoples' help.

and finally, i am terribly sorry about going way off topic from the, uh, topic, but i was in a rush the first time i read through your first post, and i thought i got what you were trying to say, but i really didn't. and i hadn't read it again until tom posted about us getting back to the original topic, when i finally got what you were trying to say. sorry.


Secret of Secrets


Hey all.

Just a thought, kakkarot. How many times did you fall learning to ride a bike? Did you quit learning because you fell once, or did you learn from the fall and not do that again? Don't learn the wrong lesons from life, or you will repeat them. Of course that is my thought system, which may or may not agree with yours ;-)

And let none of us forget anyone can teach you something if you choose to learn. (There is no "target" for that statement, it applies to all of us).

Best to all


well, true ides, when you fall off the bike once, you shouldn't just give up. but when you fall and REALLY hurt yourself (or someone else) perhaps its time to hold off a bit and let the wounds heal. and that's kinda where i am at. but i think i may be near to done healing. so YEAH!  :D


Secret of Secrets


A while back in some thread kakkarot , myself, tyrone and others talked about using magic to change the weather and Kakkarot said he would try to send some snow to tyrone (or something like that)
Well if you want the lowdown on weather manipulation type "haarp" into your search engine and you'll get official haarp sites (we are doing research blah blah blah sites) and you'll get the anti haarp sites (global weather control nightmare blizzard white hell death sites)
It makes for interesting and scary reading.
Post up what you think folks................it's conspiricy theory into reality.


(A student of Evolution)

Demande a Dieu et il te repondra....Cherches et tu trouveras....Frappe et l'on t'ouvrira.